Modpodge French Terracotta Pot for a Spring Vignette

April 17, 2020
I am so glad you dropped by today and I truly hope you’ll stay a spell.
Today I am sharing a close up look at my DIY modpodge french style terracotta pot for a carefree Spring Vignette. 
Also, I have one small request would you mind sharing with me what you have been making too? 
Now friends, when I say making, it can be anything from a pot of stew recipe,  a new flower bed or whatever you have been doing to keep yourself engaged and vital while we wait just a bit longer to re-enter society.

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I was on FB live this past Monday on Craft & Chat Live, sharing some really fun tips on aging paper ( future post on that project,) as well as a live tutorial on how to make this french terracotta pot and the materials needed.

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I believe a resonating theme with all of the Makers on Craft and Chat Live is this:

There is no such thing as a good or bad project.
Now, our project may not be up to par, or we may have struggled with a certain process so then we will rework the piece or start over.
We don't call it quits, we just figure out another way of going about it...sort of like life.

There is absolutely no way to label what is artistic or creative, right?

For some strange reason I used to think there was and I found this concept to be rather intimidating, I have let that notion go and I am much happier and find creating much more enjoyable.

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Being a Maker, the maker you want to be, all depends on what excites you and do you know what else, it changes with time, and that’s cool too.
As creators we are always evolving.

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I figured out that I tend to lump Making into one big over-sized compartment, sort of like my refrigerator.

Which is; cooking, painting, gardening, writing and making and such....
Each one of these topics takes a whole lot of creativity, vision and ingenuity, so if you have a recipe  a gardening tip, a journal entry or making it idea please leave it in the comment section.
I’ll compile them all up and share them in an upcoming post, naturally giving credit where credit is due.

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I have done a significant amount  of crafting during this time of stay home and save lives, because if I had cooked as much as I crafted well…this household would be in big trouble.

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In fact, I hate to even tell you this, but I feel like I have to, this is sort of a true confession post.
Sadie (our golden retriever has put on 15 pounds.) and we walk everyday except when there is a blizzard.
I blame it all on the jelly beans…the ones I have been addicted to, the ones that for every one I had she got 6.
Now, I don’t weigh, I just determine my girth from how tight my pants fit… but what I want to know do sweat pants count as pants…. 😊

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Okay, I have rambled your ear off and I am thankful you dropped by!

Tutorial, links and supply list below for Terracotta Pot.
If you love, love modpodge check out this blog...Modpodge Rocks Blog.

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Supply List for Modpodge Terracotta Pots
1.       Modpodge
2.       Paint brush
3.       Paper towels
4.       Scissors
5.       Napkins
7.       Etsy digital downloads- I love Paper Sphinx
8.       Terracotta pot
9.       Acrylic paint
10.   Graphics cut out from seed, gardening, decorating magazines
11.   Sealant (optional)

Directions To Modpodge Terracotta Pots
1.       Paint terracotta pot desired color with acrylic paint and allow to dry for 3-4 hours or overnight.
2.       Decide on the theme of your pot.
3.       Download graphics or use napkins, paper, cloths etc.
4.       Apply modpodge to terracotta pot with paint brush and then apply graphics adding more modpodge    to top of graphic.
       DO NOT over-saturate or graphics will become gooey and fall apart.
5.       If desired work out wrinkles with brush or gently with fingertip.
6.       Allow to dry overnight and spray with sealant if desired.


The Making It Guide To Crafting

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If you like the show Making It, then I know you are going to love this guide to crafting.
Liz and Sam The DIY Sisters are the authors of this fantastic book and they blog over at Pretty Life Girls.
I may not be one of the featured Maker's but I sure did enjoy participating!

Also a great big thank you to Joan from My Cookie Clinic, for including me in her feature.
Joan is an incredible baker and designer of cookies and cakes, please stop by and see what is popping out of her kitchen.

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  1. This is super duper cute. You have me thinking about Mother's Day gifts. I do not have any mod podge and all the stores are closed but I am wondering if I can order it on Amazon? Hmmm? Might try that. I love the napkin idea too. I will have to look online for some pretty napkins too. This is hard when you do not have these supplies and want a little crafty project to work on. Happy Friday. I think it is Friday lol! Have a great weekend.

    1. Good Morning Kris,
      I think this craft would be perfect for Mother's Day.
      I am going to send you some links for supplies.
      I don't know if you have a Michael's near by. They offer curbside pick up and our Dollar Tree and Walmart are open if you feel like you could venture out. Thank you for the sweet visit.

  2. Very sweet idea. There are so many cute napkins out there. Staying busy with cute crafts is a blessings. Enjoy your mini makeover. Happy weekend. xoxo

    1. Hello Dear Linda,
      I LOVE my blog make-over. You are the sweetest and best blog designer in town.
      Thank you!

  3. As always, Jemma, you are the queen of cheerful. These are just so darned happy! I love them. (And I have a huge napkin collection!)

  4. Jemma, your vignette is so pretty and brings cheer. I love the modpodge pot you made. And I like how you put ribbon around the hyacinths pots. All the colors create a joyful mood.
    You are too smart to be on FB live with chat and craft programs.
    I don't have a crafting bone in my body but I love seeing what others do.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

  5. Lovely. So pretty! I enjoyed the demonstration!!

  6. Jemma, Modge Podge is truly a gift from heaven. :) It performs all kinds of miracles! I keep a bottle on hand in my craft room. Your pots are darling and certainly brought a smile to my face!!

  7. Good morning sweet Jemma! Where do I's been a week of too much stress, once again.This teaching from home is exponentially more intense than working at school and it leaves me sitting, staring into space and asking myself, "What just happened!" But this is where I thrived:creativity.Like you, I dabble into many things. Writing, photography, at one time playing my harp, dancing and any other creative outlet to keep this passion within me harnessed.

    I LOVE your jellybean story! Dear little Sadie dog....she is jellybean now! Well my friend, all we can do is trust in our God and participate in His commandments and do what we can to survive. I don't know what else to think.

  8. Your spring vignette is so bright and cheerful! I like to mod podge, but I need to keep practicing to master the craft.

  9. Well, I did stay for a spell, and caught up on your wonderful posts. This French Terracotta Pot is so cool. You did a great job on this, Jemma. I know what you mean about the jelly beans....I can eat a bunch at a time, but I have to watch my sugar intake, so can't overdo. I couldn't help but notice that gold tea cup, it's gorgeous. I am a collector of tea cups, so I see things like that right away. Those bluish purple flowers look beautiful and are a special touch to your mod podge.



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