National Craft Month| Wooden Ampersand With Handmade Paper Flowers

March 25, 2020
Hey crafty homemakers did you know that March is NATIONAL CRAFTING MONTH?
I am sort of late to the party but I suppose with everything that is going on in our world it's better to be late than never.
My thoughts are that staying connected in one way or another is the best therapy for us all. Thank goodness for technology! I will be using technology today to go LIVE with a tutorial on Facebook on how to make a paper flower garden bouquet.  Here is the link, paper, flowers, craft, diy, handmade, project easy, weddings, showers, birthdays

I have recently joined a group of talented creators for a Facebook Live Crafting and Chatting session.
Just click on the link above to join in, we'd love to have you!
There are crafts and chats all throughout the day and weeks ahead.
Today I will be live at 4:00 p.m. Eastern time to share a tutorial on how to make Handmade paper flowers. Love for you drop by and say Hi!

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Statistics tell us that 56% of households craft a minimum of one time a year, I really thought it would be more, but I am still super pleased about this percentage.
Crafting  is a cool family activity and a very productive way to pass time.
As for me I have a stash of Winter craft projects that are begging to be shared, so lets start with a wooden Ampersand; we are going to paint it, frame it, add some handmade paper flowers and then hang it!, home, decor, handmade, wooden, projects, craft, diy, paper, flowers


* I love handmade projects like this one because they can be customized for home use or as special event keepsakes.
* This wooden Ampersand can be painted any color and used as a permanent piece in home decor or it can be just as functional for a wedding, birthday or engagement or birth announcement.
*Great project for all ages. (If doing this project with a child please supervise the scissors and hot glue.)
* Great project for teens too.

handmade, craft, diy, wooden, project, home, decor, weddings, birthdays, athomewithjemma

Such an easy project to customize simply stencil names, dates, weight etc...

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Are you a seasonal or year-around Maker/Crafter?
I find that I am more of a seasonal Home-style Maker, Winter is my season to craft.

Love the Hen's Nest Treasures. Great Etsy Shop and great prices.

Guess I am following in my Mom's footsteps, because Mom's most artistic and prolific season; quilting, embroidering, and painting.
Summer time were flowers, farm, and garden time and honestly she was pretty much an expert in all of these areas.
She passed down her valuable and lovable ways of embracing home like no one else could and I thank her for that. handmade, paper, flowers, crafts, holidays, easy

Paper flowers are an inexpensive way to decorate and add color to spots in our homes that can be a little well,  blah....

decorating, handmade, paper, flowers, decor,


1. Cardstock
2. Scissors
3. Hot glue gun/glue sticks or tacky glue
4. Homemade flower pattern
5. Pencil
6. Decorative beads

If you do not have these supplies in your home, Michaels is offering curbside pick up.
I know that Amazon is overwhelmed with orders, but that is also another option for placing an order.

paper, flowers, handmade, homemade, crafting, simple, easy, economical,

I hope to see you today on Face Book Live where I'll show you how you grow you own Paper Flower garden too!

A big shout out to Chloe from Celebrate and Decorate to organizing our Craft and Chat Live Facebook Group.

Stay Calm and Craft on friends.
With love,

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  1. Hi Jemma. I have been watching your video's. You are just so adorable and love all the fun you are sharing.
    We all need some distraction and fun in our lives right now. Bravo! You go girl with your crafty self.
    xoxo stay well and safe!

  2. Good morning darling Jemma! I saw your IG video about the glitches that occurred on FB but you still delivered. The happiness you spread is the art itself.This is a learning curve for all of us in so many ways!! Love the color and your attention to careful detail to make all the colors work so well!

  3. I missed the live. But I love the flowers. They're so darned bright and cheery, just like you! Love it to pieces!

  4. Jemma, I LOVE the paper flowers. Chloe's new group on FB looks like a big success. I will definitely check yours out. I am only a seasonal crafter, but really enjoy watching others' creativity.


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