ModPodge Easter Eggs Three Ways

March 30, 2020
Good Afternoon and Welcome to At Home With Jemma. Today I am super, super excited to share with you a creative, easy, fun and beautiful way to Modpodge Easter Eggs Three Ways! You will find the complete supply list right here, as well as on Facebook at Craft and Chat Live and on IGTV.

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athomewithjemma, handmade, homemade, diy, craft, easy, Easter, Eggs, modgpodge, glue, glitter,

Supplies Need For ModgePodge Easter Eggs Three Ways!

1.Plastic Eggs
2.Mod Podge
4.Glitter Glue
5.Paint Brushes
6.Paper Plates/Towels
7.Skinny Ribbon
8.Glue gun/sticks
9. Pinking shears and regular scissors
10. Fabric
11.Paper Napkins
12. Crushed Egg Shells
13.High Luster Raquel
14. East Egg Dye

To Make Mosaic Easter Eggs Using Crushed Egg Shells Dye Easter Eggs and peel once dry or you can blow out the egg.

Since we are in the middle of a pandemic and eggs are not easy to come by, I simply dyed my hard-boiled eggs and then peeled them.

Using the dyed shell for the mosaic to create a color and unique egg.
Best part was I had a hard-boiled egg for Breakfast and Lunch! Protein up!
Simply modpodge the crushed egg shell onto the plastic egg and then add ribbon!

mosaic, eggshells, handmade, diy, craft, tutorial.
Middle egg is the mosaic egg made from dyed crushed egg shells and modpodge. Tutorial is on my my Face Book Page

fabric, paintbrush, modgepodge, plastic eggs, glitter,

 Using plastic eggs from Walmart , decoupage, paint brush, fabric, or paper napkins simple apply the modgepodge to the egg and place the textile of your choice on top of the modpodge.

 Using gentle brush strokes in a back and forth motion remove all of the wrinkles out. If desired add glitter to modpodge.

eggs, decorate, handmade, decoupage, fabric, ribbon, hotglue, athomewithjemma.

Thank you for joining me today and I hope to see you on my social media accounts too!

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  1. Neat craft - I use to make these with my kids when they were home. We were always crafting. I like how you used fabric, we always went with colored paper pieces. Also those pom poms around the Easter basket are perfect.

  2. Your eggs are darling! And guess what -- I bet I have the supplies. Just wish I had a fellow crafter to do them with!

  3. These are so pretty. I am looking at that red and white swirled one and loving it. You did a great job on these, Jemma, and that basket is amazing. Anyone would love to get that, especially the little ones. : )


  4. Love, love, love what you did, especially the one with the egg mosaic on top. So cool Joyce

  5. Love the ribbons these are super cute! Pinned!

  6. These are so colorful, love it. Thanks for the inspiration, need to make some eggs.

  7. I love the bright Spring colors! Thanks for sharing your tutorial.


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