Homemade Valentine Fun for Every Homemaker

February 02, 2020

Friends, the month of Love has arrived and just in the nick of time too! Truly, if January had had one more day in it I would have jumped off of a snowdrift!  I was just done with the lingering moments of the Holidays. So, in celebration of February, longer days, more sunshine, family Birthday's and cupids love I am sharing some easy homemade Valentine fun for every homemaker. Five simple ways to add just the right amount of Valentine Love to your home and mine! πŸ˜Š

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How to dress up your Valentine Table using flowers and Art Work

About two years ago I made up my mind that I was never giving up on decorating for the Holidays no matter how old I am.  I mean all Holidays! St. Patrick's Day, Mardis Gras, May Day-you get the picture. Life is just too short not celebrate it!
Not to be a Debbie-downer, but my family of origin just had so much sickness and death around us. Way too much, so I've learned that we have to jump into this big old world like we were jumping into a pond.

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Easy Farmhouse Valentine Vignette in our Breakfast Nook.

Like most homemakers with young children I used to craft and bake like crazy. Oh I would get carried away with decorating and fun with my kids; Girl Scouts, Sunday School, and volunteering as a Room Mother and such. But you know those kids of mine all took flight.
( how dare they spread their wings and fly away so competently and nonchalantly!) πŸ˜‰

"Children maker your life imprtant"~ Erma Bombeck

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Handmade Fabric Valentine Garland and Dollar Tree Sign For Our Upstairs Guest Room.

So now it’s just Dave, Sadie and I. I not only feel like we all need a little boost of color and whimsy, I know we do and I am going to deliver!

Valentine, decor, handmade, garland, hearts, fabric, tulle, diy, athomewithjemma

Friends, one of my most biggest scariest of fears is that I’ll become a curmudgeon. So to keep the curmudgeon virus away I am just going to be the crazy craft lady that makes Holiday dΓ©cor even when I am 80, God willing that is. πŸ˜Š

handmade, maker, homemade, craft, valentine, garland, decorations, athomewithjemma
Easy Handmade Tulle and Fabric Garland For Valentine Decor

As you can tell I really enjoy colorful fabric! I thought you might find this interesting. The fabric garland is cut with regular fabric scissors and the rag wreath is cut with pinking shears, so there is no wrong or right right to make either one! However, I personally prefer the pinking shears, as I like a more finished edge.

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Easy Handmade Rag Valentine Wreath Made with a Clothes Hanger!

I think these DIY candy jars just might be one of my favorites! Can you guess why? Yep, I fill the jars with my favorite candy and I eat my fair share along the way!
So what is your favorite Valentine candy?
Mine is Dove Chocolate, caramels wrapped in chocolate and peanut M&M's

Valentine, Valentine's Day, mason, jars, candy, gifts, handmade, homemade, maker, craft, athomewithjemma
DIY Valentine Candy Jars

Thank you for joining me today. I so appreciate your sweet comments!

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  1. Jemma - I needed this and completely agree if there would have been one more day in January I may have jumped too. What a hard month, it is every year and I'm always glad when it's over.

    I miss you friend... Your zest for life and how you create your way through the holidays is fantastic. I really enjoyed this and love all those bright colors too.

    You've inspired me to embrace the word, "love" this month and live it to the fullest.

    My favorite valentine candy would be - See's ... and I could down peanut m&m's in an evening because they're another favorite.

    Glad I stopped by this was just what I needed before I called it a day.

    Hugs, Carole

  2. Hi Jemma. Love your sweet valentine's decor. I was like you too when my daughters lived at home. I would bake, make valentines and decorate all over the house. Now it is just Terry and I and Buddy. I still like to do some decor just to brighten up the winter days. I can see you decorating well into your hundreds!
    Happy Monday.

  3. I have my M&M jars ready to roll and I'm loving your sweet garland. Now I have to power through making some valentines! Lots of pretty eye candy here, Jemma!

  4. Oh that E.B. quote....that's how I feel. Yet sometimes, I feel I just don't have the time (due to my job) to fulfill all that I think God has put in my heart to explore. I'm with you my sunshine, let's celebrate in whatever way we can muster because we need to be different. I too grew up with loving parents but who did not know how to celebrate - I know I'm different from them so in my later years, I want to GO FOR ALL THE GUSTO, in sensible measure, of course, and just glorify God in it all. HAVE FUN!!!

  5. I love your spirit! I said the same thing about decorating for every holiday. It brings me so much joy and life is too short! Keep it up and keep posting , love it. God bless!

  6. Such cute ideas, Jemma! I love that ribbon garland....and the candy jars! Peanut M&Ms for me pretty please!!

  7. You could never be a curmudgeon!! I just don’t believe it! Nor will I let you! Heehee You are one of the most anti-curmudgeon-y people I know! Keep up the crafts & baking. It makes life fun & feeling like a celebration of every day life! It is worth the effort & I subscribe to the same theory! Maximize what time, talents & gifts we are given! Including the people we are given as gifts! ❤️

  8. Jemma, what a wonderful and fun post. You could never, ever be a curmudgeon! So no need to worry my friend. I love all of your great ideas, I am not a DIY’er but I think I could make the lovely ribbon garland and the cute heart wreath. I love visiting with you and feeling the love you share in each post.
    Blessings always,

  9. Happy February Jemma! You have some great Valentine ideas on here today. You know, I smiled when you mentioned peanut M&M's. They are one of my favorites too. And I'm curious where you get the caramels wrapped in chocolate, cause I looooove caramel. The candy jars are so cute and festive, and I really like the garland with all the bright colors. I chuckled with your words today cause my kids are all grown too, and I still love to decorate for all the holidays. I noticed your sweet angel that I admire every time you show it. The Erma Bombeck quote makes ya think, doesn't it? If only we used all our creative talent every minute of every day. You always have such cute Valentine posts, Jemma. I hope the February days are good to you, and Happy Valentine's Day, dear friend.

  10. Delightful Jemma! You are the DIY queen and your enthusiasm is refreshing and inspiring. I enjoy seeing all the things you make and how you decorate. Most of all I love your heart which is so endearing.


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