How To Dress Up Your Valentine Table

January 20, 2017
If I told you that I met Cupid and he shared some Valentine tales with me would you believe me?
How about if I told you that Darren Gygi and I have partnered together to offer you a Valentine Art giveaway would you believe this to be true?
Well one of these statements is true....well, maybe both.
After all it is the season of love and there is a certain magic in the air.
However only Cupid and I will know for certain...

In all seriousness I am delighted to be able to share the kindness of the talented artist Darren Gygi.
Darren is generously offering this darling Candy Heart Giclee Art Print. 
It measures 9x9 inches and would make a lovely addition to your home decor or to pamper a loved one this Valentine's Day.
To be entered in our giveaway please leave us a comment below on how you show your loved ones you love them.

Valentine-table-conversation hearts-cake-tablesetting-jemma
So here are some love tales from cupid on how to show that special someone you love them and you'll be happy to see how simple these tips and tales really are!
1. For the texting person in you life how about a little message letting them know that you are thinking of them.
"Hi I was just thinking of you today and I hope you are doing well!"
2. An honest to goodness sincere conversation letting the people in your life know how important they are to you and what a difference having them in your world makes to your life.
3. It is true, some folks love for you to show them love through cooking for them.
You know at lot of love goes into baking in this house.
Try making your true love a heart cake or really any cake, cookie, pie, muffin or a special dinner.
Cupid and I are 100% certain that this will put a smile on their face and a song in their heart.
Candy hearts-tea-cup-Valentine-ideas-Jemma
4. How about making them their favorite cup of brew or giving them the gift of a teapot and teabags.
Perhaps a one of a kind tea cup or coffee mug with a special saying on the vessel.
5. You can never ever go wrong with a bouquet of flowers and often time simple is the best.
I made these little bouquets from two bunches of flowers. (Total cost for the two $15)
I used pink carnations and baby's breath, trimmed them down, tucked them in pink and blue milk bottles.  (Hobby Lobby on sale for about $2 each)
Both of these flowers will last for weeks, just make sure you keep the water fresh and clear.
6. Always, always follow your heart.
conversation hearts-candy-decorating-table-jemma
7. A little dish of candy goes a very long way. Use your imagination and customize your candy giving. Find a darling and unique dish (antique store would be a great resource) and fill it with your true love's favorite candy or even something as whimsical as conversation hearts. 
8. Teach your love how to do something that you love.
9.Tell them something about them that you absolutely love.
10. Make them a handmade card and enclose a letter telling them how much they mean to you.
Last but not least ask them to be yours, what a clever and darling way to do just that with this 
Giclee Be Mine Valentine print.
Now it is your turn to leave your comment on how you show the love to those special people in your life.
Our giveaway will run through January 28th, winner will be determined by random.org and announced by email at 9 p..m. on the evening of the 28th.
Print will be sent directly from Darren Gygi Art Collection prior to Valentine's Day.

If you are feeling crafty and want to make your own gift bags just follow this link to DIY Valentine Gift Bags.

Here is a little Valentine jar inspiration.
Thank you for joining me!

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  1. Love this and we're on the same page here, Great suggestions! For me sharing love is through action and words.... which basically I just say it and open or close with a hug. However flowers, little bits of awesome sweets I like that too. So this weekend it's banana muffins for the hubby and a nice home cooked meal with a surprise dish of Hershey Almond Toffee nuggets, his favorite. You know me keeping it simple...
    As always enjoyed!!

    Carole @ Garden Up Green

  2. Your table is so cute. Love the flowers- they're so cheerful!

  3. Your table is beautiful! Love the post, Jemma. Enjoy your weekend.

  4. Beautiful photos & venues! These ideas make for a festive home! I love changing things out seasonally, even the small touches. It makes looking forward so much more meaningful & with more anticipation! It is all about savoring life, to me! Chocolate covered strawberries are our go to Valentine's Day treat! Yum!

    1. Oops! Meant vignettes-not venue! Oh well! Love the blog & the beautiful painting too!

  5. These are all wonderful ideas! Don't enter me in the giveaway - I won your last one and want to spread the love around :-).

  6. What a adorable print, that is sweet but not overly sweet Jemma. And your photography is so colorful...a feast for our winter white senses. I am so looking forward to Valentines day and hearts and flowers after a long cold winter.


  7. Jemma, I first want to thank you for visiting my blog and leaving the really inspirational comment. Second, I have to say I am absolutely BLOWN AWAY by your photography. Just beautiful, and I am such a visual person and I am being drawn into the photos. Good job.
    I love all your suggestions for little reminders of our love for others. My husband leaves me a little note most mornings on the kitchen counter, short but sweet, and I have saved every single one. Someday I'm going to arrange them on a wall in the shape of a giant heart. I try to do little things to let him know I'm thinking of him as well. Once I put on a ton of hot pink lipstick, made a kiss onto a piece of paper, cut it out and slid it into his wallet where his drivers license would show when he would open it up. He loved it and has it there still, all these years later. Beautiful post, thank you. And by the way, tell Darren the candy heart is absolutely wonderful. Julie

  8. So, so lovely my Friend! I adore everything about this post including the pretty art! Pinned! Have a great weekend!

  9. Ah...love is in the air! ;) Have a great weekend!!

  10. What a lovely post...full of beautiful Valentine's Day inspiration! I share my love with my family by being there for them...sharing, loving, and helping.
    Beautiful giveaway...I would love to win!

  11. Jemma, this is such a delightful Valentine post, and I would love a chance to win the giveaway. What a darling print. Well, in addition to doing all the usual ways to show loved ones we care, I think the main one I do is loving them unconditionally. It's easy to love someone when they are good to us, but how about when they do things that puzzle us, hurt us, and make us want to scream hahaha? I think that's the highest form of love when we can forgive and keep on loving. Your pictures with the conversation hearts and pink vases and carnations are so sweet. The way you set up your pics is truly charming. I must get out my Valentine stuff!

    Jemma, I want to thank you for the e-card. I loved it so, and you are such a blessing in my life. And I want to tell you how much I really do appreciate you.

    love, ~Sheri

  12. Oh sweet Jemma, I love that heart art!! :) Made me smile because it rhymed. I adore Valentines Day. My middle son was born on Valentines and he has always been a tender hearted love showing kind of boy. Even now when he'll be turning 35. Growing up mom always gifted each of us kids with a little "I love you" something and I carried on that tradition with my kids. It can be as simple as a cookie. Hopefully they know that they are the loves of my life! Thanks for offering this wonderful give away! Just wondering? Are you gals no longer hosting Thoughts of Home?

  13. Handmade items are my favorite way to show my love. A simple card or hand painted sign or hand sewn doll are all gifts I've given to loved ones.

  14. Great inspiration and ideas. Beautiful and colorful photo inspiration.
    I set a festive Valentine tablescape and cook a nice dinner for my husband. I send cards and slip a little money in the card for my grands.

  15. Very sweet tips for Valentines Day. A very nice giveaway too!

  16. This is such a sweet and pretty post. :)

  17. My husband has a brain injury so I wrote notes on the mirrors,on our chalk board,on the fridge,even leave them on his tv,the arm of his chair just to let him know he is loved.We leave him coffee cake and snacks on his tray so he always has something he loves with his notes.He is slowly disappearing mentally.Yet every time I look over I still see the young 25 year old man I married nearly thirty years ago.Im so grateful that he is just still physically with us.He is so loved.

  18. What a SWEET post, Jemma! That is a really cute print and there are some great ideas here. When my grandgirls were little I used to sew for them. I would make them skirts for every holiday---heart ones for Valentine's Day--shamrock ones for St. Patrick's Day- Red/white/blue ones for the 4th of July, etc. However, it would no longer be "cool" to do that. Some of my grands have cell phones now so I text them a "I love you" message just about every day...and I always end my texts to my own kids with a heart.
    I will bake banana bread for the son that loves it....and I pick my grands up from school to run them to their practices/classes while mom is working. I think a lot of little everyday things we do say--I LOVE YOU!
    Have a great weekend- xo Diana

  19. What an adorable print and your table is gorgeous. I like to show love with hugs.

  20. Please do not include me in your give-away.

    I always enjoy visiting your blog it looks so colourful and inviting.
    So lovely to see and read this post, with some excellent suggestions.
    I always love flowers and a special meal ...

    Have a good week

    All the best Jan

  21. Love your beautiful table setting! I have been following him on Instagram and just love his work! What a great giveaway! Love and hugs!!

  22. Jemma, such a lovely post with beautiful ideas! I make my husband's favorite dinner including his favorite desserts and we have a nice romantic evening at home!

  23. What a sweet post! You shared a lot of lovely ideas to show our love to family members and/or friends. I hope I show my love by making good meals, sending cards in the mail to friends that need a pick-me-up or to those who are ill, or even just a friendly smile to a stranger. Thanks so much for the chance to win this beautiful artwork!

  24. Jemma,
    Lovely post for Valentine's Day. Darren's print is such a great way to include Valentine decor in your home. Best wishes for a beautiful Valentine's Day.


  25. The giveaway is wonderful (please enter me) but the real gift here is all these wonderful tips on making Valentine's Day special. Of course, I'm inclined to think Valentine's Day should be every day -- and every one of these has a life outside of February 14! What a wonderful post!

  26. I always make sure to send Valentines to my friends and family that don't have Valentines to share the day with--never married, divorced, widowed, single--whatever the reason. Sometimes it's the only Valentine's card they get and it really makes their day.

  27. Love this giveaway! I make sure to give them lots of hugs and kisses. I actually still make little valentines treats and cards for my children, husband and friends. It includes baked goods, a little printable card and then write in there something special I remember about them.

  28. Love the colorful and vibrant table setting. Simply gorgeous! I do take some time to make the day special for my family of three and we have all our favorite foods and watch the Charlie Brown Valentine movie.

  29. Beautiful post Jemma! When we were first married we said we would tell each other I love you everyday. When we had all the kids we carried on our tradition. We still celebrate birthdays and we all get together for the holidays. We try to make a lot of special times together. Have a beautiful day. xo

  30. Love, love, love that I was linked to your post because of a print I purchased from Darryn Gygi. Your website is beautiful! The cup of tea is a great idea, I'm going to use it this year. How do I show my loved ones that I love them? I want to say that I shower them with treats or surprises and love notes in their lunch boxes. In my heart of hearts that what I would do if I were the perfect mom and wife but alas, that is not me. I buy the paper for the love notes, I pin the quotes I'd love to share with them and then I go about my day. I show them that I love them by literally showing up for them. By coming when they call because they locked their self out their car. Staying up with them helping them with homework or to study for a test. Doing the endless amounts of laundry just because it has to be done. At the end of the day sitting and listening and praying with them is how we show our love for one another. Some days it doesn't feel like enough and some days it all feels perfect.

  31. P.s. love..💘 that pink clock 🕙


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