Make It Yourself Swag Project

November 24, 2019
Calling all Homemakers and Crafters! It is that time of the year to fluff our homes and bake and craft to our hearts content. So today I am sharing an easy Make It Yourself Swag Project. This project is perfect for mantles, Christmas Trees, Headboards, Footboards, Armoires, Kitchens and just about any place you would like to add a splash of colors.

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Friends, before we go any further your are not going to believe where I am writing this post from, because I can hardly believe it myself.
I am writing this post as Dave and I speed along the byways of life, we just switched driving positions and I hopped into the back seat of our Yukon, plugged in my computer and here I am with my fingers clicking away on my laptop. I must say, this is when I really do LOVE technology! WiFi!! Unlimited!

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Pumpkin and Spice

Now that flower growing season is over I am planning on sharing some Winter creativity with you all here on this little blog of mine. I hope you will chime in on your projects too and who knows where that may lead us...:) Hopefully inspired!
I am thinking about once a week would be good.
I truly hope that  you will  receive a little inspiration from At Home With Jemma and that our communication  will lead you on your own handmade, homemade, homemaker crafting journey.

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Everything I make you can make too, do you know why?
Because I am a home-style crafter and a machine minimalist homemaker with 40 years of experience. I do not want to become overly dependent on machines to do the work for me, I mean wonder if they break down, or the power goes out or I don't have the extra cash to buy a new machine.
 I also like to approach my projects with the mindset that not everyone wants to or has the extra dollars available to spend several hundred or thousands of dollars on crafting machines.

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I guess I'd really rather spend my extra income on our grands and certainly you can see why:)

I enjoy working with a variety of textiles and adhesive products; most recently it has been yarn, fabric, wood, glitter, decoupage, beads, pompoms, card-stock, gorilla glue, hot glue, permanent oil markers, scissors, oh and yes a nail gun, iron and a sewing machine...
So, I guess I do use a few machines after all...hehehe

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I have fallen in love with fabric swags/ garland, I like the richness and yet the whimsy of the fabric and how it softens everything.
I think you will want to make some too!

1. Rotary self healing cutting mat.
2. Rotary Cutter.
4.Fabric, Tulle & Ribbon
6.Ribbon, yarn

Recently I made some blue, white and gold garland for our French Armoire and then after that I made more and then more to take to Holly Fest and then even more for our Christmas Tree! Which is not up quite yet. We have to eat Turkey and stuffing and cranberries first.

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My initial motivation for making my own fabric garland was when I discovered how crazy the price was on these hand made beauties.
Crafter's are seriously charging $35.00 for a 5 foot by 11 inch strand of garland!!!!

To top it off I discovered that I really enjoy picking out my own fabric to accent my own home decor. So, friends, why buy fabric garland/swags when you can make them and trust me you can!

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DIY Make It Yourself Swag Project Measurments.

Cut assorted  fabric into 22" x 1 1/2"  strips using a rotary cutter and self healing cutting mat.
For 5 feet of garland I used just about 65 strips.

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Instructions for Making It Yourself Swag
 (you can also visit my FaceBook Page for a live Demonstration)

Next fold one strip of fabric in half, laying the end of the loop of ribbon over the ribbon. Pull the two ends of the fabric strip through the hoop. Continue until all of the fabric strips are used or until you are pleased with the length of your garland.
It is really a slip-knot of sorts.

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I used Hemp Twine for this project  I positively love it's durability and that it doesn't fray or stretch. So much better than regular twine.

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You just can't beat an open field, a embroidery hoop wreath and some fabric garland to make life just a little sweeter.

So there you have it, a simple DIY Garland tutorial just in time for your Holiday decorating:)

Life is sweet and so are YOU!


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  1. Oh give me that baby! How stinking adorable! LOVING your swags sweet lady! You are so talented. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  2. Your garlands are so darned cute, they make me really happy! Good luck at Holly Fest and thanks for the instructions. (That's one mighty adorable baby grand!)

  3. So pretty, Jemma!!! I might just have to make one of these for my fireplace!

  4. Happy to see a post from you. What an adorable banner. Your grandbaby is so sweet. How awesome to blog from your backseat. Happy Thanksgiving. Xoxo

  5. Hi Jemma,
    What a cutie pie your little grand is with you. Enjoy enjoy Thanksgiving all together. I love the garlands. So pretty.

  6. GOOD MORNING! I finally made it over and I'm so glad to see you back in the blogging community dearest Jemma! How fun to click away and type while you are on the road! I wish I could do that but I am a professional BACK SEAT DRIVER and I just can't take my eyes off the road long enough - I always have to boss my husband around while he drives! I pray that you have a safe trip, with all the crazy weather that is expected for most of the country. Your swags are whimsical and fun for all seasons and I think I'll try one with TULLE! Hugs to you dear friend!

  7. It is always such a joy to visit with you, sweet friend! That grandbaby is just a living doll! I can surely understand why you want to stay indoors with those little ones! I hope you will feel led to share one of your favorite Christmas stories for our blog this season! We will begin sharing them right after Thanksgiving and continue on through Christmas, Lord willing. We would love to hear and share yours! God bless you with a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  8. Oh Jemma, I have to say that I loved seeing you with your grandbaby in your arms, how precious. Your swag is delightful hanging from your armoire, and I love the colors you chose, blue and gold. Blue in the home in so pretty. I noticed that unicorn fabric too and smiled, as I have been getting unicorn stuff lately for my own granddaughters. I really like what you said making things on your own and not spending a lot of money with machines, etc. Homemade projects are simply the best, and I cherish anything that is homemade. The red fabric swag is really cute and festive for Christmas.

    I hope you have a nice Thanksgiving, Jemma, filled with lots of love and good foods. I am thankful for having a blog friend like you. : )


  9. That sweet picture of you with your grandchild is precious.
    Jemma, I so enjoy seeing and hearing about your cute projects. Your enthusiasm is contagious. Love all your swags!


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