Kendra Scott Giveaway and Making It

August 07, 2018
Good Morning from Rockwall Texas! Here I sit with my coffee, puppy, embroidery hoops and a pair of Kendra Scott earrings. Such an eclectic mix and yet I am discovering that this is what Makes me most happy! I am Making It everyday in a plethora of ways. Variety, diversity, challenging the everyday norm of aging, moving, exercising, creating and loving. So here I am today sharing a few photos of the past week and thanking you all for joining me in the journey of Making It all Count. As a happy thank you I am having a Kendra Scott Giveaway. Just leave me a little comment on how you are Making It to be entered!

I hope you all enjoyed the first segment of Making It! Isn't it pure delight and can you believe what these Makers can make?? So much talent, humor and kindness in this hour long show. I am not going lie it was a bummer that I had to leave so soon, but no worries from this crafting Texas Grandma. In fact I am right back at creating and you will see my keepsake heirloom embroidery hoop quilt on my blog very soon!

I spent premiere day with my own Crafty Texas Girl.

We met at the Shops of Legacy for a premiere party with Kendra Scott and they even gave me a free pair of earrings in honor of the premiere! So, I am just passing the love along in this fun giveaway today. Let's give this giveaway about a week to go and I'll announce the winner via email and of course next week on the blog too.

We had the best time and even found the NBC peacock at Kendra Scott!

Thank you to the great staff over at Kendra Scott at The Shops Of Legacy .

I had the very best time on Making It with Amy and Nick!

Keep it crafty, fun, real and love your people!


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  1. I am "making it" with oyster shells.....wreaths, candle holders, ornaments and anything else i can dream up.
    I live on a river in Virginia, and my brother in law owns a large oyster business. The shells are plentiful!
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  2. I’m washing my hair today, so that’s something. Kiddding. Kind of. Anyway, I head back to work tomorrow after an amazing summer with my boys. So, tomorrow will be straight making it and avoiding breaking out into sobs hourly. I also am making my almost 2 year old a new quilt. He only has 1 and that is simply not enough for someone his age. Thanks for the chance!!

  3. Oh, sweet friend! I was so sorry to know you had to leave so soon, also! But, what an amazing and neat experience to add to your interesting life! You are such a blessing to me and to so many others. Thank you for the chance to win the giveaway ~ to be honest, I am making it only by the grace of our Lord and trusting in Him always. Life is an adventure, & He is my tour guide. That is my current life quote. The Lord gave it to me in prayer one day, and I just love the thought of looking at life as an adventure with God Himself as my tour guide!! He is so faithful!!! Sending love and hugs your way today. :)

  4. Oh Jemma!!! Isn't this so fun! I know that your happy spirit is a welcomed component to this creative community. How am I "making it?" Well as you know by now, I'm "making it" by words and photos. I will be a contributing "Romantic" for Romantic Homes on-line magazine. During these last few weeks left before I go and "make it" as a classroom teacher, I am pulling my dreams together into my first draft to submit for a fall issue. I'd love to enter your giveaway!

    OK, I have to find you on Making It tonight!

  5. I have been crocheting for a long time and I make scarves, hats and other wintery items!! I have been inspired to branch out though, and my boyfriends grandmother is giving me her vintage Singer sewing machine because I really want to get into quilting! Thank you for sharing your craft with us, and I look forward for your future posts :)

  6. Oh wow! Love all of this and the amount of creativity and ingenuity that all of your family has to offer! Everything sounds so pretty too:)

  7. Well sweetie, I'm making it honestly hour by hour. Without my legs I find that life is so much harder than I could've imagined. Financial devastation without the ability to work is crippling on it's own. I have a motto too. Its tattooed on my arm with Eeyore ... it says (it can't rain all the time"). I try to believe that things can't always be bad, so I say that to myself over and over all day long and fight the urge to lay down and quit. It's women like you that have now started giving me strength to find a hobby to get me busy so God bless every one of you. You're saving my life literally. Thanks for the chance to win anything for the first time. All my love ladies.

  8. How fun!

    I am MAKING IT by surviving every day with my kiddos. Haha. Just kidding. I’ve been trying to get Tucker into art lately with painting (rocks, paper, wood, himself, etc.). I loved the days I was an art major in college. It’s a fun way to relax and unwind.

  9. You are an inspiration to everyone who aspires to be a maker.

    I’m making it by forging my own path on my own terms.


  10. I'm home from the lake, Jemma, and plan to watch the replay tonight. Can't wait to see you on telly. Sorry it didn't move ahead and maybe saying "just getting there" is an honor ("it's such an honor to be nominated!") But it IS! All those who could have and didn't are wishing they were you and so do I, even though I wasn't part of that.

    Love the sampler and how fun to share the joy in the drawing. You really are the best, my friend!

  11. You look fabulous Jemma. it was so much fun watching you on the show. Looking forward to seeing your precious finished heirloom. Kudos to you for being selected. xo

  12. Anita,
    I can't wait to read and to see your Romantic contributions to Romantic Homes. Your work has always been romantic with a dreamy quality in both words and images.


  13. Jemma,
    Thank you for sharing your experience so we can all be part of your journey. Plus, knowing someone who has had your experience gives hope to all of us for finding ways to make it in our own ways.


  14. Loved watching you in the show and so sorry you left so soon! Im a photographer so I’m Making It by creating portraits and art for people to have In their homes and on their walls for years to come!

  15. You are the cutest little gal ever! I can read in your voice that you are a happy lady. You are such a creative lady and there is no doubt that you put love into all that you do. Excited for you Jemma. You embrace life in such a way that makes me smile. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  16. I posted an arrangement I made last week but I don’t have anything I’m currently making. I did enjoy the show so much and knowing you were on it made it even more special! The earrings are very pretty!

  17. I’m “making it” by pulling out my mom’s sewing machine. She taught me to sew years ago, but I let it drop. Watching the show has made me realize that I don’t want to let a long line of female sewers in my family stop with me! Once I get my skills back up, I can start teaching both my daughter and son!

  18. Jemma, it was fun to watch you on Making It! You really inspired me to continue crafting. I am a mother of 3 and sometimes I am always “making it” for my kids. The last thing I made was a Christmas stocking for our 7 month old. I made it from my husbands old button down shirts. I hope that it is something that she always treasures and Christmas time.

  19. You are so cute and so talented too!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  20. You are too cute! I felt like they were sad to see you go too. It was fun seeing you on my plane trip back from England. What fun. Congratulations on Making it.

  21. I also was super sad to see you go because we were all rooting for you! I absolutely love the show just wish you was there! This morning I was Making It with some plants that needed new, roomier homes. I found a beautiful hanging ceramic pot that i arranged them in and it looks beautiful. I'm also making a small latter with old wooden spoons and twine for my vines to grow up on. Thanks for being an inspiration for us, i always look forward to your newsletters!

  22. Christy Peeples DuBoisAugust 12, 2018 at 5:21 AM

    I do not see a date on your list so I don't know if it has been a week but anyway I will comment.
    You are truly an inspiration. Thank you.
    I am making it joyfully with my one month old first grandchild. He is so precious and sweet. My daughter and her husband just fell in awe of their gift. Though life is always perfect, perfect should be taken out of our vocabulary IMO, when I practice gratitude it is ALWAYS so much better.
    And I love Kendra Scott jewelry.


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