How To Make Glittery and Glamorous Gardening Shoes

February 09, 2018
I am so thankful that gardening season is nearly upon us, just one more day of gray and I might just start to scream! I have just recently discovered that I need some new gardening shoes. My trouble is that I really can't justify buying a new pair of fun and flirty gardening shoes because I have several pair of old faded tennis shoes sitting in a pile in the garage. Those faded and tired old shoes have sat there for an entire season because I just couldn't come to terms with throwing them away. So I am going to share with you all how I turned those ugly shoes into glittery, glamorous gardening shoes for under ten bucks!


You see the way I see it is this; if Micheal Kors can produce a glitter sneaker that sells for $275.00, yes that is correct and ridiculous! I'll share my little secret on how we can make our own pair for under $9.95! Who knows we might just have a proposal for a business venture here...

So today is our monthly Ten on The Tenth !

Whoo Hoo! Bargains galore friends!

Links are at the end of this post and you and I won't want to miss out on a single one of them. I am always just as surprised and tickled as you as to what everyone else is creating and coming up with.

Let us begin at the very beginning of this nifty and thrifty project with this pair of old faded black pair of Mossimo tennis shoes from target. The inspiration for this project came to me when I was shoe shopping with some blogging friends. One thing led to another as we were chatting and laughing. ( I honestly don't think that they thought I'd follow through with this notion!) So today let's take these faded old tennis shoes and elevate them to gardening chic.

I am excited, are you!

Get Ready-this project can be completed in just 6 hours.



  • Glitter.
  • Mod Podge.
  • Scissors.
  • Painters Tape.
  • Paint Brush.
  • Measuring Cup.
  • Spatula/Spoon For Mixing.
  • Paper Towels.
  • Paper/Plastic to cover work space.
  • Tennis shoes.
  • Plastic container for modge podge and glitter.
  • Polyurethane spray to seal shoes.
  • Toothpicks to remove mixture from shoelace holes.


  • Cover work area.
  • Tape off shoes.
  • Mix Modge Podge and Glitter together for maximum sticking power. About 1 1/2 parts glitter to 1 part glue.
  • Remove laces from shoes before applying glitter and modge podge mixture.
  • Apply Mixture with paint brush and let dry for 3 hours and reapply mixture if desired.
  • Use toothpicks to "clean," out modge podge mixture on lace holes on shoes.
  • Once shoes are completely dry spray with polyurethane.
  • Lace shoes.

These glitter and glamorous gardening shoes are all ready to be sealed, laced and worn into the garden!

I think Sadie likes my new glittery shoes too, or maybe she likes the scent of the treat I have in my coat pocket....what do you think!

I think that there are so many possibilities with this project and the real key is to just let your imagination take you on the journey of creativity. Love to hear from you on how you would take this concept and make it your own!

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  1. I feel some glitter coming on! I have a garage of gardening shoes too.... Thanks!

  2. Glitter just makes everything so much better! (even cloudy days;)

  3. $275??????? I almost choked when I read that. You will be the fanciest garden lady in North Texas, no doubt!!!!

  4. Lisa,
    Can you believe it $275.00...I am kicking my gardening game up. Trying to attract bumble bees and butterflies. LOL!

  5. My very first thought was that you would leave a trail of glitter behind you everywhere you walked - I never gave thought to adding the Mod Podge to the glitter causing the glitter to be coated - very clever. Now my wheels are turning with other glitter projects!! These sneakers are adorable. I think MK has a little competition!!

  6. These are so cute!! Little Sadie Mae will be able to see you and follow you anywhere. Next you'll have to do some flip-flops.

    I just love that we both gathered inspiration shopping. Just goes to show you that we can do so much on our own with just a little bit of thought. :)

  7. How cute are these? What a great idea. They are adorable.

  8. They are adorable! I like the list...take off shoes! hahaha! I'm not really a 'glitter girl' but I think I would like these! Such FUN!

  9. Well those are just about the most glamour gardening shoes I have ever seen. Congratulations to you for coming up with such a clever way of recycling old tennis shoes. You have given me all kinds of ideas of what I might do with some worn tennis shoes....Have a great weekend...

  10. These are wonderful!
    I smiled when you mentioned the pile of gardening shoes in your garage!
    We are twins!
    It always feels satisfying to re-do what we have, right?
    Love to you and Miss Sadie this wonderful Saturday morning:)


  11. How fun are these Jemma. You go with your creative self. You are going to be styling with these!
    Happy weekend.

  12. Oh Jemma, isn't this the GREATEST way to get a Cinderella look in the garden! How fun is this! And I see Miss Sadie approves! Hello darlin', how are you today?

  13. Hi Patti!
    The real secret for maximum sticking power is exactly what you made mention of. Mixing the modge podge and glitter together! This "recipe," would work well on canvas bags, hats, etc...the polyurethane seals the deal against weather conditions!

  14. Stacey,
    As you know Sadie is my sidekick and we are working really well in the garden together, well that is until she digs up what I have planted!

  15. Glitter and gardening...a match made in heaven for me!

  16. Good Morning!
    Hehehe...I am trying to attract butterflies:)

  17. Yes my friend always feels good to figure out a way not to throw things away. Twins!

  18. Glitter makes everything beautiful. Great little project to makeover some shoes. You can garden and look fabulous! xo

  19. Thank Kris, always fun to come up with someway to hold on to a few things a little longer:)

  20. Anita,
    Love it, yes Cinderella in the garden and boy she did like her pumpkin! Sadie says goodmorning sweet friend!

  21. Linda,
    Glitter is good isn't it?? Changes up our outlook and I will tell you with our gray days, I sure do need some extra sparkle in my life!

  22. Hey Nanci,
    Great to have you stop by. I agree so many ways to take this "recipe," and be super creative!

  23. Hey, if you're going to dig in the dirt, do it in style! These are fun and cute!

  24. Jeanie,
    That is exactly right...dig, grow, be happy and sprinkle glitter along the way!

  25. Jemma I'm with Sadie on this one. I love how you updated your shoes to give them a fresh and fun makeover that is full of spring.

  26. Oh my gosh! I will have to glitterize some gardening shoes, too. They will probably need to be deoderized at the same time! Such a clever and fun project!

  27. Well you are certainly going to bring some sparkle to the garden! Crafty, inexpensive and fun! It doesn't get any better than that.

  28. Carol @blueskyathomeFebruary 10, 2018 at 3:25 PM

    Jemma, I use my old court shoes as garde shoes, but I’ve never thought of making them look so cute. Thanks for sharing your inspiration.

  29. They look fabulous to me, Jemma! The only gardening shoes that impressed me more than these are when I read that E.B. White's wife Katherine wore her Ferragamo shoes to garden in--with her tweed suit!

  30. So cute and cleaver! I look like a train wreck when I garden!

    Can't believe the price of those MK shoes!

  31. These shoes turned out fantastic & I knew you would try it! I wasn't sure HOW you would do it though! They are adorable super sparkly!!! Don't your granddaughters need red ones? 😉 Love, love, love these! Great fun!

  32. These are just darling, Jemma! Between you and Stacey, I've got a strong desire to add "bling" to something!

    Warm hugs,

  33. Well look at your cute little self with those darling glitter shoes! YES kind of bucks now! If I pay $275 for ANY KIND OF best have a WILL attached to it saying I am inheriting some money from someone! LOL! Happy Valentine's Day dear Jemma. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  34. You are going to be the talk of the neighborhood or should I say garden when your friends see your sparkly shoes. You are so very clever.

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