Prelude To A Pom Pom Wreath

November 14, 2017
As a maker and crafter there are many, many steps from beginning to end of any project. Today I am happy to share with you how to make a a pom pom wreath using the pom pom maker, it is so simple and fun! Along the way we will discover the fabulous shades, texture and joys of beautiful yarns and the joy they bring to a Winter project.

pink, gray, black and blush pompom
Winter Pompoms

Not all Yarns are the same.

There are a vast variety of choices, however for this project a synthetic yarn is perfectly acceptable. All yarns are made from either natural or synthetic fibers. Many times manufactures blend fibers together. If you are knitting or crocheting wool yarn seems to be a popular choice.

Many of my crafting projects begin with some crafting magazines, a little Pinterest perusing and sketches. I always Sketch my projects using colored pencils. This is where decisions are made on colors, placement and dimension. I usually add a little music to the mix and oh a cup of coffee too! This is my happy place. Once those basic ideas are in place it is off to the craft store where I embrace the joy of the search!

blue, red, gray, yarn, Winter, Christmas
Yarn, Skates and Snowmen

As you can see I loaded up my shopping cart with a variety of colors of beautiful yarn. I have always enjoyed wreath making. For more Wreath inspiration you may enjoy taking a peek at this selection, which I made a few years ago. Fall Wreaths

pink, black, gray, winter, wreath, diy, pompoms
Pom-Poms Galore
I tend to believe that this particular pom pom craft is a great doorway into the art of knitting or crocheting. It removes the intimidation factor of handling a new textile or tool.

pom pom, maker, tool, diy, crafty, simple
DIY Pom Pom Wreath
I have been cozying up on the sofa watching my favorite shows, sipping on hot chocolate and making pom poms using this nifty little gadget, Clover Pom Pom Maker. It is such a great tool and makes making pom poms a breeze. Who ever invented this is a genius! I have included a link for you that includes a video. If I don't become distracted or fall asleep (shhhh) I can usually make about 15-20 large and small pom poms in an hour.

cozy, crafting, making, diy, Winter, project, pom poms
Pom Pom Making By The Fire
I guess for me there is something very soothing and special about the texture of yarn and working with it. Handcrafting is not only a gift to others, it is the best and cheapest therapy in the World, it rates right up there with gardening and cooking.
Looking forward to sharing one of the finished Pom Pom wreaths with you this week and also the PERK project.

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  1. So looking forward to your finished wreath. I think it is fabulous you are making homemade gifts. You put a lot of love into your projects. xo

  2. Love that color combination and I agree crafting and making things is great therapy. You might enjoy Fancy Fibers in Farmersville. The owner raises the animals, has them sheered then processed the fiber into gorgeous yarn. Most of it is already died and I think she teaches classes too. Looking forward to seeing your wreath and Hope your day is blessed.

  3. I have considered buying one of these pompom makers for a while now but have not yet made the purchase. When you post the next update with the finished wreath, please share more about how much yard was required for each pompom and/or how many large or small you were able to make out of one skein of yarn. I am trying to get an understanding of the cost to make them for various projects.


  4. You are a busy woman! All those poms! It'll be just darling when we see the final project!

  5. I can't wait to see how this turns out! I'm loving the colors and you make it all sounds so cozy and sweet. :)

  6. I'm all about tools that make a job easier! The Pom-Pom maker looks like it would be worth it! Can't wait to see your wreath! Have a wonderful week!

  7. I just love pom poms. Would love to see the wreath. I love the color of your pom poms too.

  8. Looking forward to seeing it! I used to make a lot of pom-poms using two pieces of cardboard. Then I bought a set and haven't used it once, I cannot imagine why. Now, where did I put it?

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