Fresh Floral Summer Wreath

July 25, 2017
You know by now that I am really into growing flowers particularly zinnias and sunflowers. In fact my ultimate goal along with being an organic gardener( 2nd year!), is to have the official title of flower farmer. 
So far so good on the goal of becoming a flower farmer, I have been tweaking my fertilizers, fungicides, pesticides and watering methods.
The flowers have responded well but I am searching for some outlets for these zealous zinnias and sunny sunflowers besides decorating our home.
This year was also a test to see how my crop rotation went and it seems to have been a solid schedule.


That is when a light went off...
I have missed making a wreath with you!
I am also searching for other creative ways to use these beautiful blooming flowers and save them from the blazing Texas sun.
It seems natural to me that making a floral wreath is a sensible solution.
So today let's  have some fun with this pretty project and make an impromptu Fresh Floral Summer wreath.
It's easy, economical and pretty.

This really began as an experimental wreath and the supplies are minimal, so if you are searching for a creative way to add flowers to a certain space, a party, or brighten up the patio for a few hours this is a sweet wreath to make. If you are looking for a longer lasting wreath I suggest that you use
floral water tubes.
Water tubes come in various sizes and colors too, so you can bet I will be grabbing up some this week to extend the life of my Summer floral wreaths.

Jemma's Summer- Wreath-DIY

Supplies For Fresh Floral Summer Wreath

1. Fresh Flowers
2. Garden Clippers
3. Scissors
4. Grapevine or floral foam wreath base 
5. Floral water tubes or foam wreath base saturated with water
6. Floral wire


Instructions for Fresh Floral Summer Wreath

1.Cut fresh flowers from garden or purchase them.
2.Clip flowers to desired length to be inserted into Grapevine wreath.
3.Depending on the strength of the flower stem you can insert the stem directly into the Grapevine wreath or wire onto the wreath.
4.If using water tubes cut flower stem at a diagonal and insert to tube which has water in it.
5. If using floral foam wreath base dunk wreath in water to saturate
6. Refresh the floral foam wreath by dunking the base of it in a container of shallow water.

Without any water source this Fresh Floral wreath lasted between 4-6 hours in the house.
I would imagine if you used water tubes or a water infused floral foam wreath base you could easily have this wreath around for 4-6 days.
Isn't that just so amazing!


Thank you for joining me!!

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  1. Good morning, Jemma! I adore zinnias so I adore this wreath! I actually have a few growing at the farm...was a little disappointed in the yield but considering they don't get much attention, I'm happy they are growing. They are such cheerful flowers! Thanks for sharing your pretties!

    1. Hi Cecilia!
      Zinnias and I just seem to see eye to eye! I truly think it is because I baby them along, and they get plenty of sunshine. The biggest problem was the powdery mildew after all of the rains earlier in the year. But I had stripped the damaged leaves (wear gloves) then sprayed with neem oil, soap and water. The foliage is looking much healthier now.
      I know your farm is looking great in preparation for the Wedding!

  2. That's just beautiful, Jemma. Wouldn't a flower wreath be perfect for a shower or girlie party? I love it!

    1. Hi Stacey!
      Yes, these would be perfect for an afternoon tea or ladies luncheon!

  3. Your wreath is so lovely. Oh, I would love to enjoy some cut zinnias from your garden. I yearned for some this year and planted seed but the rabbits ate them. I also planted some in pots and it rained so much they didn't do well. Loving hearing about yours and seeing your pretty blooms.
    Your arrangement in the aqua ball jar is delightful. Zinnia's remind me of my mother because she grew them. Wish I had paid attention.

    1. Bonnie,
      Your gardens are magnificent and I have gone back to your beginning gardens and I am in awe of your hard work and the beauty that you have created. I am learning to accept the garden that I have been blessed with and making it thrive in a very challenging climate and soil composition.
      Thank you!

  4. Dearest Jemma, HELLO! What a lovely idea for a flower farmer! I have no access to an abundance of flowers, so I had never thought about doing something as such, but you definitely have farming and gardening in your blood. Lovely my dear. And you are as ambitious as I am....I'd love to talk about that....

    1. Hello Talented Anita,
      Well, I am longing to farm and grow! What I really would like to grow is Lavender in Colorado. But while I dream about that, I will grow what the Texas soil and climate will allow me to grow. I'll send you an email and we will talk!

  5. Your wreath and jar of flowers are just beautiful!

    1. Thank you Penny! I found that jar on a junkin trip with my youngest daughter while she was living in Oklahoma.

  6. So cheerful and pretty. Love this Jemma.

    1. Thank you Kris, zinnias are happy flowers and suitable for our Texas environment.

  7. Replies
    1. Very simple and I think that is the best part! Hope you are doing well!

  8. Very pretty and would be great for a quick/temporary decorative touch for a luncheon, etc. Love it- xo Diana

    1. Hi Lovely lady!
      Absolutely, just sweet, simple and no-nonsense. Streamlining Summer over here at Jemma's!

  9. Very pretty, Jemma. I will be very interested in your journey as flower farmer, and the sustaining methods you end up using, documenting as the years go by in terms of what you're finding successful, not so successful.

    1. Thank you Rita. I am really taking my time this year and focusing on the process, materials, environment, soils, water levels and documenting it all to see what works and what doesn't it. I have finally tapped into my Farmer DNA and it feels good!

  10. Oh Jemma, you make the most beautiful wreaths. I love this one. It's so pretty with colorful Zinnias gracing it. This flower looks like a sturdy one. Your wreath looks so nice sitting there next to your statue. You're really enjoying your gardening this summer. Keep it up, as wonderful things come from a planted garden.

    This is a sweet quote, thank you, Jemma.

    love, ~Sheri

    by the way, your key lime pie looks amazing. : )

  11. That's really pretty, Jemma. I wonder if you used one of those chicken wire wreath forms (or maybe you have to make those -- with the coated chicken wire) and used oasis covered with moss and put the flowers in there if you could get away without the tubes and maybe last a little longer. Of course, it might be to heavy to hang but could be really pretty as a table centerpiece with something tall inside. Hmmm. This is really stunning and so darned happy!

  12. I love unique fresh floral arrangements so a wreath is perfect for that. Your zinnias are so pretty in the wreath.

  13. Jemma, the Flower Farmer,
    Zinnias are happy, happy, happy and even more so in a heart-shaped wreath.


  14. Absolutely beautiful!! What a lovely accent...and zinnias are my summer favorite. But don't tell the tulips. ;)

  15. Very pretty wreath, Jemma. I wonder if you've ever tried drying zinnias in silica gel? It's supposed to be an excellent method for preserving their color, and the dried flowers last up to a year. Good luck with your flower farming.

  16. Great post! Thanks for sharing.

  17. A flower farmer; fits you to a T....what a wonderful idea to use all your flowers in a wreath. It's gorgeous and what a ray of sunshine it would add to any room.....


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