DIY French Black and White Stripe Plates

June 16, 2017
Happy Friday and it is just so great to catch up with you all today!
I hope that life is treating you well.
It's been a happy and busy week for me as I have been staying with some precious grand-girls while their parents were on a trip.
I'll write a little bit more about that next week and a recipe for homemade cherry filling.
I mentioned last week about sharing two other posts on how I made the most of my three yards of French fabric so here is the second post in this series!


One of the reasons that I love this project so is because of the simplicity and the potential it has for gift giving.
These plates make perfect little take home gifts for any occasion or could be given as hostess gifts too when given as a set. So many options available and of course fabric too. 
For this project I just let my inspiration begin in my kitchen where all my goodies are seasoned with love!
These nifty clear glass plates can be made in various sizes but for this project I chose dessert plates, because seriously everyone loves dessert!
Just imagine serving your sweet treats on these fun plates and then putting the leftover cookies, pie, brownies or cake on the plate all wrapped up and sending the treats home with your guests.
You know that Paper plates are a drag, they flop, bend, crumble and fall apart, but these plates won't!
So here they are the DIY French Black & White Stripe Plates which coordinate with my
DIY French Table Runner.

Supplies For DIY French Black and White Stripe Plates:

1. Modge Podge
2. Fabric
3. Scissors
4. Paint Brushes
5. Paper towels 
6. Plastic bowl to poor modge podge in
7. Clear glass plates


Your guests can keep them as a decorative piece or pass the love on with their own guests.
Word of caution, they are not washable unless you use Modge Podge Dishwasher Safe.

Just wipe the top of the plate off with a damp cloth.

Modge-Podge-Plate- At Home With Jemma

Directions For DIY French Black & White Stripe Plates:

1. Place clear plates on fabric measuring amount of fabric needed for each plate.
2. Cut equal squares of fabric for equal number of plates
3. Coat the backside of the clear plate with modge podge
4. Place printed side of fabric on the modge podge coated side of plate
5. Press fabric into place removing all air bubbles
6. Trim fabric to edge of plate
7. Coat fabric with more modge podge


Measure your fabric allowing enough to seal the edges of your plate.
Cut into equal squares.
If you have a pattern you'd like to center do that prior to cutting the fabric.


Apply the modge podge on the back of the plate and press patterned side of the fabric onto place before cutting the fabric to the edges.

Work all of the bubbles out of the fabric by pressing and smoothing with your fingers. Once the fabric is smooth and bubble free apply a generous coat of modge podge to the back of the fabric and along the edge of the plate to create a seal.
Wipe off front of plate with damp cloth.
Allow plate to dry upside down overnight.

easy-fast-project-customizing-plates and tablerunner- At Home With Jemma

Presto you now have your own DIY French Black & White Stripe Plates!

See you back on Tuesday for a cool tin can challenge!

Happy Weekend to all and to those special Dads out there we appreciate you!

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  1. This is so cute!! I love the endless possibilities with these little modge podge plates. :)

    1. Well Stacey and it was fun too! A no-sew project and you know that I love those!

  2. I love the fabric you chose and even think I could do this. Thanks for the inspiration. Looks so cute paired with your french runner.

    1. Bonnie,
      It is truly a craft for all ages and skill levels and it was fun!

  3. What a great way to relove a clear plate and give it some character. This is so pretty and fun Jemma.
    Happy Friday.

  4. How cute Jemma. Fun way to spice up some plain glass plates!

  5. Loving this fabric and would have never thought about adding fabric to the underneath of a plate. Neat idea! These would also make a great saucer idea for indoor plants. Sounds like you've been having some fun!


  6. So adorable . Hugs and blessings , Cindy

  7. So cute! What a perfect way to send home goodies with your guests! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Jemma, your plates are beautiful, and they look perfect on your table. My daughter and I made these together one year so that she could give theses to her grandmothers as Christmas gifts. They loved them! I hope that you have a wonderful weekend!!!

  9. Wow, these plates look great, Jemma. You did a fantastic job on them. The black and white stripes are pretty, and the gold dots add something. They really go well with your French table runner. love love love.

    Have a blessed weekend, dear.


  10. Those are really cute, Jemma, and I love the fabric. The gold dots set it off perfectly!

  11. I love these to make with Christmas fabric to give cookies on! Thanks for the great idea.

  12. Jemma... these plates are darling!! Hope that you have a wonderful weekend!

  13. This must have been a lot of fun to do Jemma! So cute and chic at the same time. So many possibilities too! I could see coordinating them with pillows or drapery. The wheels are turning...


  14. Good morning Jemma!!!!!!! That IS nifty! I love black and white and the dotted gold adds just the right amount of Frenchiness. These truly are a sweet notion to send home with your guests, and I can imagine all the pretty fabrics you can use. These are perfect for serving desserts, for sure!

    Ahhhh, isn't summer sweet? Enjoying your garden? You'll have plenty more veggies to harvest and I'm enjoying my roses and the lush greenery surrounding the house.

    LOVE to you!

  15. this is a wonderful idea, Jemma, tres chic, and I love the little name tags as well.

  16. Very sweet plates. Love the fabric choice too. My mom made some for a Xmas craft fair. The possibilities are endless. Happy summer Jemma dear. xo

  17. Great idea! This is a simple question, but how do you actually trim the edge? With scissors or an exacto knife? Thanks

    1. Hi Stephanie!
      I am unable to answer your question directly because you are a no-reply comment blogger so I thought I would catch you here!
      I used sharp fabric scissors and worked the edges of the fabric onto the plate with a generous amount of modge podge.
      Thanks for stopping by!


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