Homemade Lemon Cake With Lemon Frosting

February 27, 2017
I have a pretty, festive and happy homemade lemon cake to share with you today.
I made it this weekend for the hubby and I, well mostly for the hubby.
I am going to be out of town for a few days taking care of two grandbabies while their parents are away.
Whenever I am away for a bit I always like to leave a little treat for my sweetie!
I am pretty certain that this cake would be a very nice addition to an Easter gathering, Spring shower or just because.
I have changed my format for adding recipes to my blog, as some of you mentioned not being able to pin the recipe, sure hope you'll be pinning and making this Homemade Lemon Cake!
You know how I like lemons...right? 
Well, I infused this cake with extra hand squeezed lemon juice from yours truly and oh goodness it is soo good.
Just look at the texture of this cake. 
This is a take to an event cake that you can be proud of.

You are going to love this cake if you love lemons!!
Isn't this an adorable spatula, a little gift from a sweet daughter.

Now I have a true confession about the lemon frosting.
I took a short cut and you know what, you are going to like it!

I made up the recipe as I was sampling the cake batter, I sort of ran out of steam after I baked this amazing cake and well one thing led to another so here we go!

I think every seasoned baker should have a little cheat recipe or two...don't you??

Thank you for joining me today and if you are into lemons like me here are a couple of other recipes too!
Meyer Lemon Friendship Cookies
Lemon Icebox Pie

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  1. This looks amazing even at almost 7 in the morning. You're like the best wife ever!! I have a recipe you may enjoy - it's for lemon butter. It was my grandma's I haven't packed my cookbook yet so I will make sure to copy it for you. Think you would really enjoy it.

    Carole @ Garden Up Green

    1. Carole,
      If you and your Grandma have a recipe to share and it involves lemons please send it my way!
      Thank you:)

    2. Dear Miss Carole West.I am a crazy lemon lover would you mind sharing your sweet lemon recipe? I would eat lemon anything.If it's a treasured secret I understand.Thank you ladies.

    3. Dear Miss Carole West.I am a crazy lemon lover would you mind sharing your sweet lemon recipe? I would eat lemon anything.If it's a treasured secret I understand.Thank you ladies.

  2. My mouth is watering already Jemma! I'll bet your husband is happy when you leave him these kinds of going-away treats ;) I've pinned this for later, and hopefully that won't be too much later. Love lemons in baking. I'll share a lemon recipe soon that is my daughter's first request when I ask "what would you like me to make". Enjoy your day!
    Wendy xox

    1. Hello fellow lemon lover! I didn't use to be this much of a nut over lemons, but I am a convert now. Love them and they make such a pretty presentation too.
      Love to have you share your recipe Wendy!
      Thanks for your visit too:)

  3. So sweet of you to leave hubby a treat. Your lemon cake sounds so tempting and such a neat trick for the frosting.
    I know you enjoyed your time with your grandbabies. Have a wonderful week.

    1. Well sometimes he actually gets aggravated with me, because he is working so hard to loose a few pounds. But I show my love through food:)
      Thank you Bonnie it will be a fun trip!

  4. I love lemon desserts! This sounds amazing! Pinning it for Easter.

  5. Yummo!!! How delish this looks. Your hubby is so sweet and now leaving him this cake will make him even sweeter! Safe travels to see the grands. Enjoy my friend. Nothing better than smooches with those grands.

    1. Hi Kris,
      Wishing you a great week too. I am looking forward to my little trip. I will be spending time with our 3 month old and 4 year old. I am sure it will be a great adventure!

  6. Looks so yummy. Perfect for spring.


    1. It's sort of an Old Fashioned type of cake and for some folks it would be way to sugary. But you know, we eat in moderation and exercise so we splurge once in a while!
      Thanks for you visit, hope that your puppy is doing well:)

  7. I hate lemons so I won't be making this cake.



  8. Oh this sounds so good Dear Jemma. This would be so delightful to make for a Spring Fling. Pinning the recipe. Thanks so much for sharing. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

    1. It's a wonderful dessert and you will be happy to serve it. Only thing was it didn't brown much on the top, so don't let that throw you off because after 35 minutes it really and truly is done!

  9. Oh yummy! And you added the printable. How creative.
    What a wonderful post. I hope you'll come over to the new Fabulous Party. We are celebrating Spring and Easter. Your post is perfect to share! The party is over here:
    Enjoy your week!

  10. I adore all things lemony! It looks wonderful!

  11. Oh Jemma, this looks divine. I love anything lemon and this recipe looks so delicious!!
    Thank you for sharing the recipe!! How nice for spring and Easter!
    Have a great new week. xoxo

  12. The lemon cake looks amazing, Jemma. So moist and Yummy, and that icing! I love anything with LEMON!! This is a nice cake to have at Easter time. I bet your husband loved it. Enjoy your time away with the grandchildren. It's so special you get to watch them for awhile. Spending time away from our homes and routines has great benefits. : )

    Have a wonderful week, Jemma.

    love, ~Sheri

  13. Jemma,
    Yes, lemon-lover here, and this cake/icing look wonderful. Now I'm hungry for lemon cake. :)


  14. You are not helping my weight watchers journey with these amazing recipes, my sweet friend!! This looks so good, pinning for a special event!! Have a great time with the grandbabies, and safe travels!

  15. I am SUCH a sucker for Lemon! Oh, this one may well see the Easter table -- it looks light and lovely and oh, so delicious! Have a wonderful visit! (And keep watching the blog for new on our new arrival!)

  16. I do love a good lemon cake and that frosting sounds wonderful. I am all for starting with canned frosting if it tastes good. Glad to be able to pin it. Thanks for the recipe!

  17. Lemon is THE BEST (next to chocolate) for desserts! Very lovely dear friend, and I wish you a safe and happy trip!

  18. I should try this since I love lemon flavored dessserts!

  19. Hi Jemma, What a nice treat for your husband when you travel. I hope he saved a slice for you. This looks nice and refreshing; perfect in summer. Joan-My Cookie Clinic

  20. Mmm...lemon! So perfect for spring. Safe travels to you and enjoy the time with your grandbabies!

  21. I like everything with lemon and this cake looks especially yummy, Jemma.

  22. Lemons in a cake are definitely a hit!

    All the best Jan


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