5 Thanksgiving Wreaths

November 14, 2016
Good Monday morning and greetings for a safe and fabulous new week. 
I suppose we could say we are on the countdown to Thanksgiving, in fact I have a big portion of my cooking supplies already purchased and tucked away in my pantry and fridge.
Don't you prefer to shop ahead of time too?
I am not a fan of arm-wrestling anyone over those last few turkeys or cartons of whip cream. 
Seriously, friends people can become hostile over the silliest things.
So today I am sharing 5 easy Fall wreaths for your Thanksgiving d├ęcor and some of them will transition you into Christmas too, with just a little tweaking.


This first wreath is a total remake, I did it in under 30 minutes with supplies on hand plus $3.00 for the wood slice from Target.
There is not a tutorial for this one. Just add fall floral and foliage to a grapevine wreath and then add a cute gingham bow.
I do make all my own bows and you can too!
                                                                 Pine Cone Wreath

                                                                     Burlap and Chevron

The ladies of Thoughts Of Home On Thursday are retiring.

Yes, it's true we are going full steam ahead with our own blogs, new adventures and the holidays.
We all thank you so very much for joining us for 40 weeks!
Do I hear a woohoo, that is just short a few weeks of being one year.
It was all such a success because of YOU!
Each party was filled to the brim with joy, talent, inspiration, warm friendships and we thoroughly enjoyed it all.
Thank you!

                                                             Primitive Woodland Wreath
One of my new adventures is doing a live 40 minute video next month with Hometalk on how to make three DIY Christmas ornaments. 
Did you hear me gulp...and yes I need a very nice manicure...smiles.
I will be keeping you updated on the date, because I need to know you are out there, nodding your head and smiling at me.


Thank you again for dropping by and I hope these wreaths brought you some Fall joy!

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  1. Hi Jemma, Love your wreaths. They are all special and your ideas bring something for everyone. Thank you for sharing and inspiring. Congrats on the upcoming video for Hometalk. It will be awesome and I am looking forward to seeing your wreath tutorial. It's going to be a fun busy week ahead. Enjoy!! xoxo

  2. Love them all, Jemma. I need something on my bare front door. I better get craftin'!! Have a great week.

  3. Oh Jemma, they're beautiful. I'm headed to Southern Exposure in a couple weeks to do an Ice Berry wreath but I have a feeling I'll be doing one before just because like you, I'm a wreath girl!

    Congratulations on your video. I'll miss Thoughts of Home for sure but I can tell from all of your blogs how many different things are on your collective plates. And I'll look forward to continuing to follow you all!

  4. Love your wreaths and looking forward to seeing your hometalk video. Have a Great week and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy....

    Carole@ Garden Up Green

  5. Love all your pretty wreaths but the first one is my favorite. I need to go to Target now...ha.
    Thank you for hosting TOHT each week; I'm sure it was a lot of work but it was a fabulous party! Hurray for new adventures - can't wait for your Hometalk video!
    Hope you have a wonderful week!

  6. What darling wreaths! I adore the first example. I know you will be just wonderful on Hometalk.

  7. I too, love the very first wreath. The says no is perfect. You do have a lot on your plate. I want to congratulate you on your upcoming video. You are a natural sweet friend. Such a lovely woman with the soul of an angel. Your caring ways and sparkling smile will put anyone at ease. Thank you and your lovely cohosts for allowing us to join you every week. Xo

  8. What lovely wreaths! Sounds like your life is full of wonderful adventures! Truly wonderful to have met you through blogging! Will enjoy keeping up with what you are doing. Have a wonderful week.

  9. You are the queen of wreaths no matter the season. I have watched you for several years now make some gorgeous wreaths and it's always fun to come by and see what new you have created....Congratulations on doing the video...You'll be great...

  10. I have loved the TOHOT, but I am sure it became very overwhelming! I'm thankful to have found so many new blog friends through it though!

    These wreaths are lovely, and each unique!

    Good luck with your video! Glad you'll keep us posted!

  11. All are beautiful. Love the gather with grateful hearts one of my fave sayings. They are all gorgeous.
    Happy New Week.

  12. Beautiful. The second is my favorite!

  13. Well look at you Miss Jemma! Does this mean I can say I 'knew you when' :). Congratulations on your upcoming project with Hometalk! I'm sure it will be fabulous!

    I love all these wreaths. You should open an etsy shop called 'The Wreath Lady'. Yeah...that's the ticket!

  14. Love all of these wreaths...they are all so unique and beautiful!! Congrats on the new project!! Love and hugs!

  15. I love the idea that the wreaths are re-used and just updated. I'll miss your party- I always got a good following from the bloggers from your party. The video sounds interesting. I guess it's time for new things and new ways!

  16. Your wreaths are all so pretty Jemma! The woodland and pinecone wreaths are my favs ;) I'll be sorry to see TOHOT go as I quite enjoyed skipping through quite a few of the bloggers that joined. You sure had a great following there. I can imagine the amount of work involved for all you ladies though, and I appreciated that each one of you would visit when I had something to share too. It'll be exciting for you all to move onto new things. The video sounds great, and they couldn't have asked a better woman for the job! You'll do great, and if I can, I will be there cheering you on!

  17. I'm nodding and cheering you on!

  18. I usually don't decorate too much for Thanksgiving but these wreath ideas might make me change my mind! Very pretty!

  19. I keep on saying it, you're the BEST at making wreaths! They're beautiful!

  20. Beautiful wreaths, Jemma! Congrats on your new project...yes, we'll be watching and waving and cheering you on!
    xo, T.

  21. All the wreaths are lovely, but my favourite is the first one.
    Exciting times ahead, I wish you well and every success.

    All the best Jan

  22. Your wreaths are all so pretty, Jemma! Can't wait to see your video! I, for one, will be watching, nodding and cheering you on! Great things are coming up!

  23. Jemma
    Love all of your beautiful wreaths! How exciting that you're doing a video! Cannot wait to see it!!! Yes I like to have all my Thanksgiving supplies bought early but that did not happen this year. Heading out tomorrow to grab what I need before it is gone! Really looking forward to your video! Have fun with it!

  24. Oh Jemma I love all your wreaths. I only place a Christmas wreath on my door, but now you have me thinking about a Fall 2017 one. See the inspiration you just provided me.

  25. These wreaths are all nice, but I think my favorite is the Primitive Woodland Wreath. It is so nature looking, and all kinds of nature's goodies on there. The Pine Cone wreath is lovely too with the pretty Autumn colors.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, dear Jemma.

    love, ~Sheri


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