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5 Fabulous Plants You Must Have

July 11, 2016
So great of you to stop by today and I am so glad that you did.

Today I am going to be sharing with you all five easy plants to grow that will make you 

proud and at the same time put on a bit of a colorful show too.


Ferns are some of my favorite plants and there are so many fabulous ones to choose from, 

however my all time favorite and the one that preforms the best for me year after year is 

the Asparagus Fern.

White blossoms, vibrant red berries combined with a lush bright green foliage make them a 

winner for me.

These two have been with me for 8 years now, at our previous home, the apartment and 

now our new home.

They love water, morning sun, afternoon shade and good dose of fertilizer every few weeks.


Oh the colorful and exotic nature of the Fuchsia Plant, always delights me.

The fuchsia plant is not quite as easy going as the asparagus fern and has a bit 

of temperamental side when it come to watering and Summer heat.

But with diligence and good maintenance it will bloom and be a great performer all Summer 


This plant is great in containers and hanging baskets too.


I just love this sweet, dainty and elegant looking plant with it's adorable heart shaped 

leaves and tiny white blooms.

The oxalis, also known as a purple shamrock stays compact when it is left in a pot and 

makes an excellent plant to set on a outdoor table or even as a house plant.

I have two of them on our patio and they are thriving in our Texas heat.

I keep them evenly watered and with about 2-4 hours of direct sun.

petunias, purple, white, container gardening, blooming flowers in the Summer

Of course who doesn't love the traditional and timeless Petunia, such showy blossoms

and fairly maintenance free.

I have them growing in containers, flowerbeds and even along side my daisies in our 


Petunias are quite tolerant of Summer heat ( even ours).

I found an interesting map regarding gardening that I was not aware of.

On the AHS (American Horticulture Society) web site I discovered a

 Plant heat gardening zone map.

Very useful for those of us who have the wretched Summer heat to cope with.


English Ivy is a snap to grow. 

I enjoy planting them in clay pots and setting them outside on the front porch or back patio.

Such an economical way to enhance various spots around the home and garden.

They need very little care other than water and as they grow they tumble gracefully over the 

edge of the pot.

I do fertilize them once a month, because a strong and healthy plant is less apt to have 

issues and become vulnerable to disease.


Each of these plants will thrive for you in containers while adding interest, texture and 

color to any of your outdoor spaces.

Thank you for joining me today. We were blessed with family visits this past week, so I will be catching up on my visits to you!


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  1. Good morning Jemma!

    These are all beautiful plants that I've tried and love. This year however, I'm enjoying begonias and they are performing very well, maybe because we've had so much rain!

    I hope you have a chance to come by and visit my latest post. I've had such a great time in my garden too. Much love!

  2. Thanks for sharing your favorite "easy to grow" plants! I think I've tried growing petunias almost every year each summer in hopes of seeing if I can actually maintain that pretty lush look by the time August rolls around. And I'm sad to say that I haven't. I love petunias, too, but all the different varieties, including the wave, that I've tried become scraggly and quite ugly after a while. I've read up and tried everything suggested with no luck. Yes, they are easy to grow, and I get lots of volunteers from previous years, but for me to say they're easy to maintain that beautiful look for the entire summer season? No, no, and no!

  3. Great choices - I love the fuchsias in a sitting pot - so pretty and ivy is another favorite. Petunias are great too because my chickens won't eat them. The other two I've passed on not sure why but the fern has caught my interest. Sharing!

    Carole @ Garden Up Green

  4. Love your choices! I am thinking on planting some fuschia. Wondering how it would do inside when cooler temps hit.

    Might have to give it a try!

  5. I also love asparagus fern. It is easy and has so much texture. We aren't as lucky as you, in that our growing season only lasts from about May-September. I would love to live in a climate where I could enjoy my plants longer!

  6. They are all winners, Jemma. I don't have the purple oxalis - it is lovely. Fuchsia I have in a couple of places and it stays in the ground to over-winter very well. English Ivy I keep in a pot as it is very invasive here!

  7. I love plants and have all of these! :-) Except my ferns are growing in the ground (shady area). And my fushcia is in a hanging basket. Oh, and my oxalis is the green variety and I have it indoors. Hope you had wonderful visits with your family!

  8. Jemma, I always appreciate plant suggestions. I've switched from asparagus fern to foxtail fern. It is very similar, but doesn't have the thorns. I need to try some fuchsia. It's so pretty!

  9. Your ferns are gorgeous, Jemma. Such a lovely green plant, aren't they? The purple shamrock is so sweet. I've never seen that before. It's nice that you are already starting to plant flowers and plants at your new home. You have the magic touch with flowers, and whatever you plant will blossom because of the love that you give it.

    Have a wonderful week, and thank you for the birthday wishes for Nel.


    1. I wanted to tell you that Yes, the crepe myrtle is a watermelon color. It's such a pretty shade, and they are in all the neighbors' back yards since it's a new housing division. You should definitely plant some roses in that color. I think you would enjoy them. :)

  10. Lovely! I'm going to have to look into those first three...I have never heard of them or seen them locally. I wonder if they are available in my zone. Hmmm, off to Google that!

  11. You and I share a love of a lot of the same plants, Jemma. I also love the green shamrock. I lost my HUGE shamrock that I had overwintered for years last Fall. It got left outside a week too long and a hard freeze hit. So sad. I love asparagus fern, too. xo Diana

  12. I just discovered the purple shamrock plant this year. I gave one to my mom for St. Patrick's Day :) All your plants are looking great with your TLC.

  13. All great choices and very easy to grow, though I have to say I don't have a ton of experience with oxalis, and yours is such a pretty color. I just might have to track one down. Thanks for the inspiration.

  14. Fuchsia is a favorite of mine and I can't resist a petunia -- traditional or one of the newer varieties. Not familiar with oxalis, though. That's lovely!

  15. Your plants look so healthy. Thanks for the tips.

  16. Jemma,
    English ivy and oxalis are real winners that survive even when neglected. The oxalis in a pot on my deck has spread and thrived, coming back after being dormant this past winter.


  17. I love ferns. They are friendly and hardly ever let you down.

  18. Ferns are amazingly easy plants, and unlike hosts which also are good for shade, the deer aren't interested in them. That's a huge plus for me!

    A couple of these I've never tried nor heard of (oxalis in particular) but are very pretty!

    It's interesting to me that you brought some of your plants with you when you moved. That's what I call dedication!

    Thank you for your recent visit and lovely comment. It' always makes my day to hear from you!

  19. Fuchsia is such a beautiful plant with its color combination.

  20. I have an oxalis that a sweet friend shared with me several years ago. At the time neither of us knew what it was, but loved it's unique look. Mine is still potted from a move 5 years ago. I think it's time to find it a permanent home in the yard again.

  21. Thanks for the wonderfully informing post, Jemma. We seem to be in high end of Zone 11. I love asparagus fern, but it is not so pretty here in our "dry" heat. It actually gets kind of stickery. Petunias do quite well until we have several of those 110+ degree days in a row, then they get scraggly....where ours are right now! Marigolds seem to flourish as long as they get plenty of water. I haven't tried ivy, but I do have a fairly well-protected pot where it might just work. Thanks so much for all of this info.


  22. All of these are so pretty! :)

    I would love for you to share this with my Facebook Group for recipe, crafts, and tips:

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  23. Lovely list Jemma. It is great having plants in the garden that do so well. I have asparagus ferns in our gardens. Having some drought tolerant plants is a plus. Thanks for sharing your plant tips at DI&DI. XO


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