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June 03, 2016
As a youngster I would dress up in my Mamma's black patent high heels and gather up 

my dolls.

I'd line them all up in a row on the worn hardwood floor while I drew on my chalk board.

All the while chatting to them, as they slumped over and I am certain now that they surely 

fell asleep. 

As time went on I began to enjoy gathering up real people and organizing real events.

It could be as simple as gathering up Ladies for Luncheons, and craft fairs, or directing 

Vacation Bible School.

alt=diy banner

So when the Texas Blogging group was formed I began dreaming  of having a group of 

talented, creative, funny, happy, snappy talkative and talented bloggy type people in my 

home for a  Art and Craft retreat .

This dream is actually happening on Tuesday, June 7th!

(If you'd like some tips on how to organize one just click on the link)

I am truly thrilled, similiar to a youngster...with the news that Summer Vacation has begun!

I have high hopes and plans for this retreat and it equates to more of my talented bloggy 

friends from all over the country coming to Texas.

This could be you:) if you really wanted too...

So maybe in time we could name our gathering a brighten your life retreat!

Just wondering you know, as we all do from time to time...

alt=craft retreat

Because you see, when we all get together on Tuesday we will be sipping tea through 

colorful straws in cute little milk bottles with handmade sugar hearts sweetening it all up.

Nibbling on some really pretty homemade cupcakes, and you might just find some of us 

sitting outside on the back porch or creating in the dining room, all the while sharing our 

creativity and getting our craft on.

alt=paper banner

It sort of seems to me that in a world which is becoming somewhat disconnected that this 

art and craft retreat is where we are going treconnect, with ourselves and one another.

We are going to embrace the positive, uplifting, and creative genius inside of us and at the 

same time begin brightening our lives with all those wonderous facets in our own being.

Sometimes we can forget how creative we really are and all that we need is a gentle 

reminder that we can do it!

alt=turquoise banner

So, lets get moving on to the banner I made for this retreat.

Stacey and I were at Michael's searching for just the right this and that for this Craft retreat.

I knew I wanted to make a banner, so I gathered up some supplies and presto within an 

hour I had a banner.

Do you know that I have never made a banner....shhhh....

I tell you, I can already feel my crafty mojo taking hold.

alt=banner pattern

Supplies Needed For DIY Banner

1. Pinking shears
2. Pattern courtesy of Sweetly Scrapped
3. 4 sheets of Scrapbook paper
4. Fabric flowers
5. Petite Wood Clothespins
6. mambiSticks letters
7. Twine

alt= how to make a banner

Directions For Banner

Print out pattern (or make your own) place pattern on sheets of scrap book paper and cut out using pinking shears.

Spread all banner pieces out on a hard surface and attach letters.

Add Fabric Flowers

Cut twine to desired length

Attach banner to twine using two mini clothespins. 

Hang banner where desired and remember to brighten you life with what makes you happy!

Wishing you all a fabulous weekend filled with joy, a healthy dose of laughter and creativity!


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  1. This retreat is such a neat idea, I'm already inspired just to be invited. Glad you decided to plan this event - perhaps it will give bloggers in other places some ideas too.

    This project is perfect and the colors are fantastic. See you Tuesday!

    Carole @ Garden Up Green

  2. I can't wait. It will be a great time to reconnect. See you Tuesday.

  3. Jemma, how exciting! I can't wait, just love the thought! See you soon!


  4. I made a similar banner of the alphabet that used to hang in my kindergarten classroom. I made the room look so happy! Looking forward to Tuesday :)

  5. I made a similar banner of the alphabet that used to hang in my kindergarten classroom. I made the room look so happy! Looking forward to Tuesday :)

  6. What I'm excited about, Jemma, is seeing how you are using your beautiful new home to embrace others in an exciting time of creating pretty things together. That's really inspiring. I'm sure that new friendships will be formed, some that may last a lifetime.

    I'll look forward to seeing more!


  7. Looking forward to reading more about this ...
    Have a lovely weekend

    All the best Jan

  8. Jemma,
    This banner is really cute! Perfect for the occasion! You ladies are going to have so much fun! You won't see me but I'll be there spirit! When you get to planning a retreat on a larger scale, I will so be there! Can't wait to hear about it and see all the photos. Take lots!!! xoxo

  9. What a creative banner, Jemma, and I love the aqua and gold. How nice that you have opened your home to these wonderful crafters. I've been thinking of a few crafts of my own for Jess' shower coming up. I'll definitely come back for this event, and as I've mentioned before, you Texas gals are really inspiring.

    love, ~Sheri

  10. An arts and crafts retreat sounds amazing. I used to dress up in my mom's high heels too. I love your banner and can't wait to see all of your fun projects. If only I had a fireplace I could hang banners too.

  11. An arts and crafts retreat sounds amazing. I used to dress up in my mom's high heels too. I love your banner and can't wait to see all of your fun projects. If only I had a fireplace I could hang banners too.

  12. I adore banners, Jemma and yours it fabulous! I am sure your retreat will be so much fun. Once again, I find myself wishing I was a Texas girl!! ;)

  13. Now that banner is just adorable Jemma. I know you all will have lots of fun. Wishing you a grand time my friend. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  14. The banner turned out so cute, Jemma! The retreat is going to be such fun...can't wait!!

  15. Jemma the banner is so cute! What a wonderful idea to host a retreat. Makes me think that maybe I need to have some friends over and create. Thanks!

  16. I m so sad to miss. I hope I will get another chance & maybe even live closer by then!! Enjoy & let us know how it goes! Have fun!

  17. I am looking forward to reading about how much fun this retreat was on Tuesday! Love the banner....aqua!

  18. Your retreat is going to be such a good time! I really can't wait to see photos of the projects you decide to do! I wish Michigan was a little bit closer and I'd be there with (blue)bells on!

  19. Hi Jemma! Your banner is wonderful! I'm sure your retreat will bring creative inspiration to many! Looking forward to reading all about it! ;)

  20. I love that you're doing this retreat Jemma, and making the most of your beautiful new home to welcome friends and soon to be friends as well. I'm sure it will be an amazing day and for certain my thoughts will be with you all as you share, create and of course, EAT! ;)


  21. Your banner is so sweet! I am really looking forward to meeting everyone and connecting face to face. Thank you for dreaming this up and making it a reality!

  22. You crafty gals have lots of fun! (I've never made a banner either...)

  23. Love your banner and what a great greeting for the special event. I'm sad to miss this day. I know you' all will have a great day filled with lots of inspiration. Have fun. Can't wait to see what you girls create!! xo

  24. Such a cute banner Jemma. I hope the arts and crafts retreat will be so much fun. I cannot wait to hear all about it. I only wished I lived closer to join in the fun. So glad you got your email squared away. Enjoy the weekend sweet friend. Xo

    1. I, too, am glad, BIG TIME, the email got squared away.


  25. I love it Jemma! My daughter makes these for all the holidays and they are darling and I will forward this to her;) Happy weekend! xxL

  26. Sigh...
    Maybe next time my friend.
    Your banner is wonderful, and you must take lots of photos!

    PS. I have never made a banner either:)

  27. You've never made a banner?! Oh, wait, neither have I!! ha ha Oh Jemma, I am so sad that I don't live in Texas! You are such a sweetheart for planning this event for all your Texan friends. It sounds like it's going to be such fun meeting up with everyone and sharing some crafts, food and a good chin wag ;) Enjoy!!

  28. Thanks so much for stopping by! This is a great project!

  29. I love this because anytime I see my favorite color I get happy! The banner is great for parties and just weekend gathering.

  30. I love this because anytime I see my favorite color I get happy! The banner is great for parties and just weekend gathering.

  31. I have to smile because I got stuck on vacation bible school which always means to me flannel board stories and graham crackers and orange juice for a treat :)

  32. SOunds like such a positive retreat with blogging as the focal point, nice! I love the banner too, such pretty colors

  33. Oh I know you are all going to have so much fun crafting together! I love the banner you made! Thanks for sharing at Cooking and Crafting with J&J!
    Enjoy the week.

  34. Simply adorable love this craft idea my friend!! xo K

  35. Banners are so cheerful and your color choice is perfect. I think maybe even I could make one.

  36. This turned out really cute! :)

    I would love for you to add this to my Recipes and Crafts Facebook Group:

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  37. Love it!! and I love getting my craft on! ;) Thanks for sharing at Dishing It & Digging It!

  38. This is so adorable Jemma! I love the colors and the happy positive feel of the banner, what a great way to greet your fellow crafters to the retreat! I can't wait to hear more. I have done a painting with that quote featured in it, it's one of my favorites, she turned her can'ts into cans...


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