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Garden Party #2

May 23, 2016

Good Gardening Morning! I
It is our second garden party of the season and today I am sharing my real working
vegetable garden and a few flower beds with you all.
I spend several hours a day in my gardens, weeding, watering, trimming, fertilizing, disease control, bug control and sometimes eating some sweet peas too!

First up I wanted to share these darling bright eyed sunflowers they have grown tall and sturdy from seeds.
I decided to try a different variety this year, these sunflowers are intended to be used in
floral arrangements.
They grow about 3 feet tall and have medium size blooms.


This is my first year to grow Tomatillo Plants, I have two of them,  you can see the tiny fruit forming now.
I will be making some wonderful salsa with them in just a short time.

Every garden really should have some Nasturtiums, they are edible too.
They are super easy to grow and add such vibrant color, next to them you will see some
Great for kiddos to grow too as they are so hardy and grow quickly.

In the garden now are the garden peas to the right, center row beet greens, to the left
tomato and pepper plants.
Beyond that are the pole beans, corn, watermelon, squash and lavender.

This week will be having some beet greens.
I still can't decide if we will have them in a salad or steamed.

I scored big this last week on this Fiddle Leaf Fig.
You do know that these house plants are thee plant to have, right?
I stumbled upon mine at our local Home Depot, they had only 6 of them, so I grabbed this one as fast as I could.

Our roses are really taking off and I will tell you why I think they are.
I scatter about a half cup of Bone Meal around the plant, work it in and then water it in.
Bone Meal is a super food - a phosphate that roses really need.

We moved into our new home a week or so before Christmas, this past year.
We had these four hydrangeas put in as part of our landscape, no sooner than they went in, we got a frost that wasn't predicted and every one of the leaves froze and fell off.
I thought for certain that these hydrangeas were a goner, but low and behold they came back to life and look at them now.

I found this little terracotta hen pot at a fantastic organic store in Mesquite Texas.
It is such a hassle to drive to this store, but it has the coolest things and also my favorite organic garden concoctions.

We have been enjoying peas and strawberries from the garden.
The pole beans are looking good and so is the corn, I suppose that is what will be up next.

Thank you for joining me today!

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  1. Your garden looks fantastic! Sunflowers are so fun this time of year, I planted a few last month and they have a ways to go before they will look as pretty as yours. Keep up the great work.

    Carole @ Garden Up Green

  2. Looks so pretty out there, Joyce! Are you eating the Nasturtiums? They are edible...right? Maybe I just dreamed that. :)

  3. Those sunflowers emit happiness don't they! Your vegetable garden looks fantastic. I haven't grown nasturtiums in years and I don't know why. They are easy to grow. I've never been one to eat flowers but I know a lot of people do. I remember Martha Stewart showing how to present sugared violets. Anyway the fiddle leaf fig look wonderful. I love the pretty pink hydrangeas. My hydrangeas are only partially leafed out.
    Looks like you are enjoying every minute that you can in your garden. Your little terracotta hen is the cutest- love it!

  4. Thank you for hosting Jemma! I can't believe you have such a bountiful garden already! Mine isn't even planted yet! I'm sharing my little herb basket!!

  5. wow, you are a true gardener Jemma, I just plant and pray! Which is probably why I don't have great results :) We do have luck with cherry tomatoes and peppers, but the critters seem to eat everything else! It must be so satisfying to harvest vegetables for supper right in your own back yard.

  6. Love this post & your garden! I love spending time in the garden too. It is so relaxing/peaceful to me! Not much gardening here though since we will be listing this house soon. I'm in a different season of life than you are right now so I will live through your gardening! Thanks for sharing! 💕

  7. Gorgeous. I love hydrangeas. I'm so glad yours came back.

  8. Thanks for the party, I shared it on G+ and on my R & R Facebook page. I'm off to visit some linkups, so I can get motivated to get back outside and dig more trench! Have a great day!

  9. Hi Jemma, thanks for hosting! I'm sharing my Southern Exposure visit (which I had on TOTOH last week) since this is on Share Your Cup and also because I've been too swamped to do much with my yard yet! That's what this week is for. Can't wait to get some good inspiration!

  10. Your garden looks fantastic! I can't wait to have a big garden. I need to do an update on my spaces so I can join the party. Thank you for hosting it. I do love me a garden party! ;-)

  11. I enjoyed seeing your garden, Jemma, and I didn't realize that you spent so much time there everyday working and caring for it. That's wonderful. Your sunflowers are pretty, and my best friend just sent me a bouquet of sunflowers for my birthday. They were a bit different with the centers being a light color and not brown. You can put these sunflower beauties in your kitchen and look at them while you're cooking. Your sign "Oh the places you will go" is delightful. Love that terracotta hen also.

    Have a splendid week, Jemma.

    love, ~Sheri

  12. Jemma, your garden is looking amazing! And thanks for reminding me that I have some sunflower seeds that are short like that my sis gave to me that I haven't planted yet. I also bought a packet of Nasturtiums. On my list for today now. :) Love your little terra cotta chicken. Hydrangeas are one thing I adore that don't do well here. I have 6 different varieties planted that are pretty, but none are as gorgeous as the blue-pink variety like yours. Great idea to list the other gals participating. Going to add that to my post. Love joining in with you sweet ladies!

  13. Love those vibrant sunflowers. Just looking at them makes me smile. I'm so impressed that you are growing hydrangeas. I have never had any luck with them which is so sad, because they are one of my favorite flowers.

    The care and attention you pay to your garden is really paying off! Thanks for the tour and look forward to seeing some more.

    Marilyn (in Dallas)

  14. Wow Jemma! Your garden is over the top amazing!! As a newbie gardener, thank you for the inspiration! My garden is coming along, so hopefully I will have something to share at your next party! Have a great week! ;)

  15. Your garden is so beautifully delicious. Years ago I lived in Mesquite. You'll have to let me know the name of the store. :)

  16. How much daily work and care in your vegetable garden, my adorable Jemma, thank you for sharing your passion and the 'amiable' fruits of your work !

    So very grateful to be hosted, I wish you all my best for your new week,
    may it be filled with love and joy


  17. You've accomplished so much in your first months! Everything looks great. I may have to expand beyond my little cherry tomato plant....

  18. Love your sunflowers! They are the happiest plants and quite showy too. You do have work to do each day! That is a big garden. Nasturtiums are great to eat and repel insects. My mother always grew them so I have a fondness for them. I can't grow them because I do not have enough sun but I might try them in pots where I have sun on the patio.
    I am really impressed you are growing vegetables. I will enjoy following your progress. My parents always had a vegetable garden and as a child I was not fond of picking peas and butterbeans or shelling them either. But now, I would love to be in that pea patch with my parents. Happy Gardening.

  19. Hi Jemma, your garden is certainly an inspiration. Your love and attention has made it glorious. Looks like you have been living here for years!! Oh I bet your salsa will be delicious. Love that sweet little terra cotta hen. Enjoy your garden and have a blessed week. xo

  20. I'm glad to know about the bone meal. I have a shrub rose that needs a boost! Your sunflowers will make fun, happy arrangements :)

  21. I'm always ready for a garden tour! Thanks for hosting another party, Jemma. I admire your energy to be out in your garden several hours a day. That's what a vegetable garden requires for sure. I've never planted vegetables, but just my simple garden keeps me busy. Love the sunflowers. I have a big vase full of those big pretty sunflowers that I have out on the terrace. It's like a big sign that says, "Hello, sunshine!"
    I have one of the terracota chickens that a friend gave me when we moved into this house 20 years ago. I have it planted with purple mini petunias. ;-)

  22. The sunflowers are spectacular. I would love to grow a few that are for arrangements. My hubby likes to plant the seeds for giant sunflowers! He likes to watch them grow above the garage and they do...but then they're way too big for a vase!! ;-)

  23. How wonderful to have such a large garden, Jemma! Those sunflowers are real beauties, as are all the rest of your pretty flowers and fruits and veggies. I planted a new rose awhile back, watered it one morning, and by the afternoon, all the leaves were eaten away. I'm thinking bunnies are the culprit! I have a fiddle leaf fig, too. I bought mine several years ago and just love those big leaves.
    Thanks for hosting and enjoy your garden time!

  24. So many pretties, Jemma! LOVE your sunflowers! Thank you for the fun garden party, Cecilia

  25. Jemma! I am finally able to get here! Grading, coming home, cooking dinner, now I have to clean the house to prepare for a guest....but I had to stop by to see those sunflowers again! My oh my, your garden has grown and the tastes of the sun must be spectacular and especially tasty. You are living the natural, back to basic life for sure! HUGS!

  26. Oh goodness- there is so much to see!
    I love your sunflowers, your large working garden, tomatillo plants, your flower beds-
    I am overwhelmed.
    I have been looking forward to seeing this Joyce!

    Happy Day!

  27. Your garden is lovely and I am so jealous of your hydrangea.

  28. Your garden is lovely and I am so jealous of your hydrangea.

  29. How beautiful! You really do have a green thumb my friend. And yay...I could get your post to load by clicking on the thumbnail in the party list at Stacey's! Lots of hugs, Diane

  30. The sunflowers are gorgeous. Loving seeing your garden, full of love and inspiration. Seeing the bounty is wonderful and fulfilling. Hydrangeas are a favorite of mine. Happily joining your fun garden party. xo

  31. Hello Jemma, you garden is looking wonderful. The tomatoes are looking great and I love the sunflowers. We are a little slow around here, I hope to have some tomato plants. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day!

  32. Jemma,
    Just breath taking!! Stunning blooms!
    Thanks so much for hosting!!


  33. My goodness everything seems to be so lush and in full swing and gorgeous! Cannot wait to get something in the ground!

  34. You definitely have a green thumb! Your love and care of your gardens shows through the gorgeous blooms!

  35. Jemma,
    Your garden is so wonderful. Everything looks so healthy. And your hydrangeas are my favorite! They are such a beautiful color.


  36. Your gardens are fabulous. I was amazed to learn that you have recently moved into your house. You have been busy and made wonderful accomplishments. I'm so glad to see that your hydrangeas survived. They look beautiful.
    Thank you for hosting the Garden Party along with the other gals. I joined for the first time and had so much fun.

  37. Hello Jemma, your garden is so nice and I LOVE the sunflowers. Sorry so late to the party but I've just been so busy with real life. LOl ! Thanks for hosting the fun and have a nice week.
    Hugs, Julie xo


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