DIY~ Easter Wreath

March 07, 2016
Happy Second week in March! Can you believe it?
Well, I just about cannot.  
I started looking around the house and realized that we did not have a wreath for our front door.
How did that happen??

I love to make wreaths and while we were in our apartment waiting for our new home to be completed, I think I made one or two wreaths...maybe.
I also think I forgot that I could make a wreath, does that make sense?

For this wreath I wanted to incorporate the symbolism, of the Resurrection into my DIY Easter Wreath.


Some of you may not know this about me but I have a passion for making wreaths and I have been making wreaths for twenty years or more, oh goodness, that really dates me, doesn't it??

When I had my little Etsy shop I usually filled my wreath shop with brightly colored wreaths.
However, I find that I am becoming partial to neutral hues, earthy elements and natural materials.

For me personally, Easter is a somber as well as euphoric period of time.
So for this wreath I kept the colors soft, natural and pure.
I did add a black check bow, to represent the darkness of the Crucifixion of Jesus and the white cross to glorify the Resurrection of Jesus.

These are the supplies that I used for this project.
But naturally, you will use the colors of your choice, as this project has endless possibilities.

Supplies For Easter Wreath

1-14 " Foam Wreath
2-Burlap Ribbon 2 1/2 inch wide (large roll)
3-Glue gun/sticks
6-Burlap Ribbon
7-Fabric Flowers 
8-Florist wire
9-Florist clippers

Instrucitons For DIY Easter Wreath

1-Gather all supplies together and cover work area
2-Wrap and hot glue burlap ribbon to foam wreath
3-Cover entire wreath with burlap
4-Make or buy pre-made bow and add to wreath with florist wire
5-Hot glue Cross and flowers

I suggest that you keep the burlap ribbon tight as you wrap, that way you will only need to hot glue a few times.

The time allotted for this wreath should be just around one hour.

 If you enjoy creating Wreaths you might also enjoy this tutorial that I shared a few years 

ago, Spring Easter Wreath.

This wreath was featured at the Scoop by Worthington Court, I want to thank Suzy again for 

featuring it, I really appreciate it.

Suzy always has so much inspiration on her blog and wonderful tips that cover so many 


I hung this wreath on my French Armoire, which I will share a bit more about in a later blog 


Thank you for joining me today, I always, always look forward to your visit and hearing from 

you too!

I will be announcing the winner of the wandering sign on Wandering Wednesday and 

the giveaway winner of Thoughts Of Home On Thursday on Saturday.

Wandering Wednesday is where we share thoughts, what we have been doing and just 

about anything that comes to mind, it is sort of like we are sitting on the back porch chatting.

Thoughts of Home On Thursday is a link party where we share all things about home.

I welcome and invite you to join in on both!

Happy March and happy week!


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  1. That's a very pretty wreath you've made and just perfect for the Easter season! Have a good week my friend.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  2. What a wonderful way to greet guests. Have a Happy Monday!

  3. Your wreath is beautiful, Jemma. :)

  4. You know Jemma, it's been a long time since I have seen an Easter wreath or decor that features more than bunnies or eggs. Yours is just lovely and captures the true spirit of the season. :)

  5. Jemma, this wreath is special, indeed, with the black check bow, to represent the darkness of the Crucifixion of Jesus and the white cross to glorify the Resurrection of Jesus. It even brought a tear to my eye. This will look so lovely on your door. I have to say that I really like the soft pinks and yellows on the other one too, it looks pretty hanging on your armoire. I am a woman of color, so this one suits me.

    Your wreaths are delightful, Jemma, and you make them look so simple. I just bought a teal colored table at Target to put all my Easter goodies on. It's fun to decorate, isn't it?

    love, ~Sheri

  6. Beautiful wreath!! I am so glad that other people realize that Easter is not about the bunny, but the Lamb!!
    Blessings to you and thank you for the tutorial to make your lovely wreath.

  7. Very pretty and I like that there is meaning for the elements on it. Pinning on my wreath board!

  8. Jemma I really feel your emotional expression in this wreath and it captures the essence of Easter very well.
    Delightful expression my friend.
    We've gone from the 40's of last week into the 60's YAY.

  9. What a sweet little wreath. Yours captures the true meaning. xo

  10. Nicely done Jemma! Love the cross on it and the overall design. That wreath on your armoire is adorable.

  11. I like both of your wreaths, Jemma - one because it is not a pastel, Easter egg wreath, and the other because it IS just that!!

  12. GOod morning sweetest Jemma! Both wreaths are fabulous, but I think I love the second one with the contrast of the green moss and the tiny eggs! VERY DARLING! I too have a passion for wreaths and I did not know you too once had an Etsy shop! I reopened mine recently to sell my cards.

    Looking like March is going to woosh by like all the other months; I wish I could put the brakes on May, June, July and especially August. I can't wait to celebrate with you!

  13. This wreath is so pretty Jemma, and incorporating the cross makes it extra special. I wasn't aware you had an etsy shop! Would love to know the scoop on that:).


  14. This wreath is so pretty Jemma, and incorporating the cross makes it extra special. I wasn't aware you had an etsy shop! Would love to know the scoop on that:).


  15. I love wreaths too, and this one is making my heart sing! (Both are!)

  16. Just gorgeous my talented friend. Love this wreath and the details you added. Adding the cross makes it so special for Easter. Thanks for sharing. Have a nice evening. Stay dry!! xo

  17. Hi Jemma, this was a perfect late night visit, it's been along trime since I have made any wreathes other then my paper mâché Cartapesta ones. See yours make me want to do some sort of spring one welcoming
    guest to my spring home :)

    Love the burlap and touches of black along with the Iron cross perfect for Passover Easter.
    It's really a year around wreath...well you can guess that I just might be creating tomorrow.

    Happy Spring soon to arrive.


  18. Oh I adore the wreath with the cross! It is beautiful! "Oh that wonderful cross"....Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  19. I love this wreath! It really captures the true meaning of Easter. I collect crosses and this one is beautiful! The other is very pretty and, as much as I love color, the first one really speaks to my heart.


  20. I always enjoy seeing your lovely wreaths and this one is gorgeous and meaningful as well :)

  21. I always enjoy seeing your lovely wreaths and this one is gorgeous and meaningful as well :)

  22. So pretty Jemma! Love those magnolias!

  23. Love your wreath Jemma! I have been so bad about not keeping a fresh wreath on our front door. You have inspired me to get busy!

  24. Well, I can understand why you enjoy making wreaths. You do a fabulous job.

    Thanks for sharing at SYC.

  25. Hi Jemma,
    Your wreath is lovely! The cross is the perfect touch! I too love making wreaths and used to make a lot of them about 20 yrs ago. Like you, I am now drawn to neutral colors and natural elements! How pretty your wreath looks on that magnificent door of yours!!
    :) xoxo


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