DIY~ Spring Banner

January 24, 2016
Do you sew?

I do not sew.

However,  I do enjoy browsing through fabric shops, always hopeful that one day a pattern will make sense to me.

I really do not sew, I kept repeating those words over and over as I snipped, measured, and threaded my needle, to make a dear friend a Spring Banner for her Birthday.

I was just going to have to get it together, and as my Virgo friend Vera would say from
Row Homes and Cobblestones, but your foot to the pedal and sew.

So, sew I did.

Using this adorable, bright and beautiful Simply Eclectic Fabric Line, that I had picked up at Kari Annes' fabric launch party.

Along with some fabric that I had at home, I set to work to make this fun, colorful and wonderful DIY~ Spring Banner.

While sewing and watching a few precious little deer out of my window, I discovered something about this sewing business and me.

It is not so much the sewing that I do not like, truth be told I ended up really enjoying this project-the trouble lies in me processing the pattern.

I mentioned in my Fabric, Friends and sewing project post, sewing directions and I just don't see eye to eye.

So, I found a banner I liked on all people quilt magazine and studied it,  then I drew my version of it and made my own pattern.

Presto, a pattern, that made sense to my way of thinking.

Making my own pattern was a game changer because when I try to discern a pattern, my mind skids around like a car on a icy street.

Let me work from a visual and I do believe that I can do this sewing business.

If my Grandmother was able to sew on her singer, certainly I could sew on my electric machine.

Isn't this machine just priceless and beautiful...I have carried her to and fro for years and years. 
I will never, ever part with her.

So, you see, I can sew, which surprises me more than anyone.

In fact, I have more sewing projects just waiting in my craft room-whoo hoo!

Should you find this banner of interest I have included a list of materials I used below.

You are welcome to email me with any questions.

You could also click on the all people quilt link highlighted above and view their version of this banner and go from there.


Banner measures 19 X 24 inches


1.Pattern or visual
2.Cotton batting
3.Iron on backing for flowers, and watering can
4.1/2 yd of 4 assorted fabrics plus 1/4 yard of muslin
5.Stitch Witchery
6.Buttons, rickrack
7.Ribbon to hang banner
8.Sewing machine
9.Needle and thread
10. Scissors

I enjoyed sharing this project with you and I hope that it will inspire you to create something that brings joy to your life!


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  1. Oh my goodness, that's absolutely adorable! Doesn't look like you don't sew to me.

  2. Well you did a great job for someone who doesn't sew. I like you many times have to make my own pattern or write my own directions in order to get something put together. I just got my machine serviced so I really need to start a project. It seems photography has taken over my life and I don't get as much time to knit and sew as I used to. I really need to remedy that as I love sewing and knitting.....

    1. Nancy,
      I know the talent you posses behind the lens of your camera and your sewing projects.
      It is difficult to manage the time to do all the things we love!
      Aren't we blessed to have this creative passion in our lives.

  3. You did an awesome job! I think you can now say you do sew! And do it well.


    1. Judy,
      As I just mentioned to Nancy, it is a rewarding time of life, to discover new joys and talents.
      Who would have thought that the best was yet to come!
      Thank you:)

  4. Looks to me like you can sew! 😊 My poor machine has not survived moving and storage very well I need to start researching machines. I used to sew drapes, etc. my skills have slipped. Ha! Sheila

    1. Sheila,

      I really thought that I couldn't! I still don't think I can, if I have to use a pattern:(
      How silly is that!

      Happy Sunday-looking forward to seeing some of your projects soon!

  5. The banner is beautiful, Jemma! I love your fabric choices. And your grandmother's machine is a piece of art.

    1. Sweet Dewena,
      So good of you to stop by this evening. Thank you ever so much.
      Yes, My sweet Grandmother sewed on this precious machine for my mother and her twin sister.
      I will never, ever, part with it.

  6. Love it! I cannot follow sewing instructions. I am very visual so I can copy something, like you did, but forget doing it their way.

    1. Rhona,

      I seriously suspect that there are many of us who "color," outside the lines!
      So glad you stopped by and keep your creativity alive!

  7. It's very pretty, Jemma. You certainly CAN sew!
    I have always thought that my difficulty with following a pattern had to do with my difficulty with math. All those angles and just give me the shivers!

    1. I completely agree with you, it is the math and that is not my strong suit.
      Give me a book to read and analyze and I'm happy:)

  8. Hello Jemma, I do not sew either. Maybe some hems or buttons, but that's my limit. :)
    Your banner looks beautiful, well done. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

    1. Good Morning Eileen,
      Yes, buttons, notions and maybe even a hem-nothing too sophisticated or difficult.
      Indeed we are kindred spirits!

  9. Good morning dearest Jemma!

    YOU AND ME BOTH; well first of all, I've told you what a great seamstress my mother was. She taught me the basics about sewing AND also taught me to read a pattern. I made my share of dresses, drapes, pillows and what-not but I truly cannot SIT there and put my eyes through the task of reading the instructions, let alone thread a needle. I LOVE the idea of sewing, but in practice, I would rather be reading a book and analyzing poetry or French than a pattern! HAHAHAHHAHA

    BUT.....the results of your efforts are bright and wonderful, and your friend will love it. What heavenly light you have to work by!!! Now, ff to school for me my sweet friend! LOVE!

    1. So fortunate for you dear Anita, that you were instructed in the ways of studying patterns. Not for me, as my Mother was a free spirit as well in the world of following sewing instructions-and yet she made clothing, quilts and curtains.
      I suppose there was not a straight seam to be found!

  10. Jemma,
    You did just that, you put your foot on the pedal and sewed! And what a playful, fun and adorable project you created for your friend. Patterns can be difficult but breaking them down visually works well and I see many more creative sewing projects ahead. Your Grandmothers Singer is sheer industrial design in artistic beauty and appears to be in pristine condition. A precious keepsake. Enjoy your future sewing projects as you soon will design your own patterns with ease.
    PS Our neighborhood in Philadelphia got 30 inches of snow between Friday - Saturday evening.

    1. Good Morning,
      Oh, yes, it was a cheerful project and the fabric was delightful to work with. Sunny days and great music were my companions.

      The snowfall has been record breaking indeed-thinking of all my friends and wishing them warmth and safety.

  11. You CAN sew! (I truly cannot). This is gorgeous! I love how motivated you were! Now please hop on a plane and teach me to sew a straight line on our sewing machine so I can start to work with all of my hoarded fabric!

    1. Monica,
      I sew as an amateur-but I sew!
      Oh, how would enjoy a trip to visit you...

  12. WOW! That spring banner is gorgeous, Jemma. Something tells me there will be some more sewing projects in your future.

    1. Good Morning Lynn,

      I had fun with the project, once I gave up on following a pattern.
      I think you are right, I will sew once again!

  13. Jemmma!!!!!!!!!

    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! What a fun banner and you TOTALLY can sew!!!!!!!!

    Thank you SO much for the sewing shout out! Totally sharing!!!!!!


    1. Karianne,
      I guess I just needed some motivation!
      Pretty fabric from your fabric line and a good friend's Birthday:)
      Whoo Hoo! I can sew!!

  14. Okay you have inspired me to go buy a sewing machine as mine is long gone! What a wonderful job you did!

  15. Um...I think you are officially a sewer now! It's lovely and the colors are fabulous! I am not a fan of sewing. My machine never cooperates and I don't have any formal training, yet, for all of my complaining, when it all comes together, I really do enjoy it.

  16. It's lovely! I am so much more impressed that you didn't follow someone else's directions.

  17. Jemmy, dear Vera knows what she's talking about when she said that. Such good advice. This old singer sewing machine is a treasure, and I can see it holds many special memories of your grandmother. What a cute spring banner you have made. It looks cheerful with the red and blue colors. How funny that you made your own pattern. It sounds like something I'd so hehehe. Keep sewing, Jemma. You'll get better each and every time.

    love, ~Sheri

  18. Wow, for someone who says that can't sew - this is phenomenal! I love the design and the colors. Did you use that beautiful antique sewing machine, too? Now I am honestly someone who can't sew. Seriously. I can thread a needle and that's where it ends. I can't even sew on a button. It's also something I just don't enjoy (yes, I have tried - I even failed the sewing portion of Home Ec in high school!). So, I truly admire the handiwork of those who can sew such pretty things.

  19. The banner is so cute, Jemma, and your friend is really going to love it. I think it's wonderful that you have your grandmother's sewing machine. I have one of the old Singer treadle machines that I bought eons ago because it reminded me of the one my great-grandmother had....she always kept bits and bobs in one of the drawers for me to play with. Mine is serving as my foyer table with the ruffled skirt right now. Mine doesn't have the sweet little drawers on the sides, and it didn't actually belong to my great-grandmother, but it brings me sweet memories of a very special lady. Thank you for sharing your lovely sewing project.

    Warm hugs,

  20. Stitch, yes. Sew? No. But oh, what a wonderful banner -- a great gift for a friend! Looks to me as though you did a terrific job on it, too!

  21. Jemma it's so lovely! I know your friend was beyond thrilled! I don't sew either. You have given me renewed hope!

  22. First of all, that machine is almost an exact replica of my grandmothers. You may not have seen it as it's an old post, but if the spirit moves you go to my blog and search 'a life not forgotten' and you'll see what I mean.

    The banner is adorable! I saw it in FB as you know and was very, VERY impressed. I so know what you mean about instructions. With me, instructions for almost anything except recipes are not a good fit.

    As an aside, I went into THE MOST BEAUTIFUL FABRIC STORE I HAVE EVER SEEN the other day! I was like the proverbial kid in a candy store, and I'm sure you would have been too. I was downright giddy I tell ya'. lol

  23. Very pretty and colorful!! Thanks so much for stopping by!!

  24. And THIS is exactly how you begin a love affair with sewing ;) Just getting on with it and don't even worry if you're sewing the "right" way. This is how I learned to sew when I was very young, and I have never stopped. You have done an amazing job with this sweet springtime banner Jemma! I looked at the original from your link, and I honestly like yours so much better because it's much more free and relaxed looking. You already have a great eye for design and colour, so you couldn't go wrong. BIG hug of congratulations to you for just working ahead on it :D
    I love your grandmother's sewing machine, and so glad you have taken it all over with you. I wish I had my mother's sewing machine (Singer, of course), but my dad decided he would fix it. Mom and I looked for it after their move, but nowhere to be found, and I think it was pitched out. Oh well. These old machines have such a solid feel to them while you're sewing. Beautiful!
    Well, don't stop yet, my dear, you're on a roll now, and you must make yourself a lovely spring banner now. Enjoy!
    Wendy xox
    ps ... what's stitch witchery?!

  25. That is so sweet Jemma. I don't sew either. loving your priceless sewing machine. I would never part with it either. Great job dear friend. xo

  26. I love your banner!! I do not sew anymore...I did ALOT of sewing about 25 years ago but just don't enjoy it anymore. I see things like this though and want to try again!

  27. I am glad you were able to figure out your own pattern and that sewing makes sense to you now.

    Thanks for Sharing Your Cup!


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