Fresh Strawberry Poke Cake

April 13, 2015
We were craving fresh strawberry shortcake and I was in the mood for baking so I got busy and

perused all my go-to's for recipes and found this outstanding Strawberry Poke Cake Recipe.

I made a few minor modifications, (recipe is below and it is printable)

we were super pleased with the flavor, consistency and appearance.

This is a great white cake/pound cake recipe if you are in the need of one.

 It is a dense cake and I needed to adjust the baking time.

There was no way that my cake was done in the 30 minute time frame from the online recipe,

it took a full 40 minutes.

So, maybe my oven thermostat is off, I am not sure, so  I bumped up the time and made the revision

in the recipe which I have provided in this post.

The flavor of this heavenly cake reminds be of sugar cookies...yummy.

I think the red polka dots mingled in with the white cake are so fun, festive and well, Spring like.

I brought out my Butterfly Meadow Dessert Plates,  they seem perfect for this dessert, as they are

so whimsical and playful.

I included the link to Lenox, but I found mine at HomeGoods and even ordered more on Amazon.

Of course you know I just had to wiggle some flowers in this post, somehow!

I haven't had much luck growing Iris, so I bought this pretty bouquet at the market and then filled

in with things from our yard.

Some Indian Hawthorne, asparagus fern and these pretty plum colored leaves from an

unknown shrub.

This is the recipe for Fresh Strawberry Poke Cake, if you like the sound of this cake you

might also enjoy Banana Tres Leches Cake or Cherry Cobbler Dump Cake.

They are all super good, pretty simple and great cakes to take to any upcoming gatherings during the

Spring and Summer months.

I bake and taste all my recipes before I share them with you, if they don't pass the taste test in

this house, I won't be recommending them for your kitchen either!

Enjoy my dears!


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  1. I wish I was there - having a piece of poke cake and a cup of coffee with you - do you drink coffee? That cake looks so beautiful and yummy!

    1. Sandie,
      I wish you were here too, we would visit and catch up on the all events of the past weekend with a very good cup of coffee, yes I do drink coffee-2 cups every morning!

  2. This looks so pretty and perfect for Spring Jemma, but what really caught my eye are your lovely plates. My favorite plates are ones that coordinate but don't match exactly.

    I noticed you linked to a tres leche cake, one of my favs. We used to have a bakery near our office that made a melt in your mouth version, but we are no where near them any longer and we miss that cake! lol

    1. Doreen,
      Well thank you oodles, these little plates are just so neat for Spring and I like that they aren't matchy- matchy either. According to Lenox (of course they are the manufacturer) they are America's most popular casual dinnerware. Oh tres leche cake is definitely a cake that can be missed-the link will take you to a super easy recipe, that is very tasty.

  3. Hello Jemma, your cake looks delicious.. I hope you do not mind me copying the recipe.. And I just love your cute dessert plates, they are beautiful. Lovely flowers! Have a happy day!

    1. Eileen,
      You won't be dissapointed and all my recipes are for sharing! There is also a print button at the end of this post, if that would make copying the recipe an easier task.
      Happy Day to YOU!

  4. This cake looks amazing, and if it tastes like sugar cookies, it must have been great! Love the red dots in the cake when sliced ;) Your plates are so pretty too. Enjoy your day Jemma!

    1. Yes Wendy, sugar cookies, can you imagine that with whip cream and strawberries-it's a keeper.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Somebody poke me! I've never heard of this decadent and delightful mix of strawberries, sponge, and cream! Jemma, it's so pretty, and I'm positive tastes delicious! Your floral/butterfly plates are just as sweet, and I can see why they are considered America's favourite causal dinnerware. Thanks for sharing, my friend!

    Wishing you a lovely week,


    1. Poppy,
      I ran into these little dessert dishes at HomeGoods (of course there was not a full set) but I conquered that problem with an order from Amazon.
      So happy you stopped by!

  7. Died and gone to heaven ... and my final word was,

  8. Morning Jemma,
    This looks absolutely delicious! I do something very similar but break it up into bite sized pieces and layer in a trifle dish. No jello in mine though....I will definitely try your recipe! It is so pretty and it does look mighty pretty on those spring dessert dishes! I love your tablecloth too! Is it damask? It's also nice to see so many beautiful flowers! We are not into the flowering season yet but so looking forward to it.
    Have a nice day Jemma!

  9. Can you believe that Irises grow wild here? I've never seen anything like it.

    That cake looks delicious and I can't imagine taking all those photos before I took a bite ;)


  10. Oh my goodness, I am almost drooling looking at that gorgeous cake, Jemma!


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