DIY Copycat MacKenzie-Childs

January 07, 2015

This is the year for me to start a little collection of MacKenzie-Childs handmade ceramics

 but until I do, I did a little copycat DIY of my own.

 I have been having fun tinkering away with bandanas, modge podge and my small collection

of saved pickle jars, jelly jars, salsa jars, olive jars...

I have turned these mismatched misfits into decorative pieces

for our home,and here is how you do it...

Time from start to finish about 3 hours, with labels soaked off prior to beginning project.

This is what you will need~

1. Various size jars, with labels removed.

 ( labels need to be removed or they will show through the fabric)

2.  Bandanas or fabric of choice.

3.  Modge Podge,

4.  Gold paint.

5.  Paint brush.

6.  Scissors.

Directions, here we go- easy peasy.

1. Roughly measure fabric and cut to fit jars-don't overlap fabric, as you can see in this picture it will

show through.

2.  Cover jar in modge podge with paint brush.

3.  Press fabric onto jar and apply more modge podge over fabric pressing down to secure and

removing all air bubbles.

4.  Let dry about 30 minutes to an hour and apply a second coat of modge podge.

5.  When completely dry add gold paint to rims of jars.

So save those jars and use your artistic passion to create something decorative for your home!


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  1. Cute idea. I'm a McK-C fan. Have fun with your collecting. Love the pieces I have!

  2. they are very creative !!! I love her-made glasses !!! everything from love angie

  3. What a creative idea you have there. I have used Modge Podge before , but I never ever would have thought of using it in that way. Beautiful table set up!

  4. I think she would definitely approve of your creations as they are so pretty. They really make a statement on your table setting....

  5. I saw your candles on my side bar, and had to come over and take a look. I love candles and I think I have one in every room haha. Your decorative jars are simply lovely. The black and white combination with the pink flower is gorgeous. The gold paint really stands out too. You did a great job on these, Jemma.


  6. Oh my, do these ever look so Mackenzie-childs. Love them Jemma! Really clever idea. Thanks for sharing them with SYC.

  7. Happy New Year Jemma! You always have fun things for us to try. Hope all is well.

  8. Oh, my these are pretty jars! I love the checkerboard pattern. Have a blessed week!


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