White Christmas Vignette

December 11, 2014
Such a precious time of the year.

So sweet, so inspiring, so tender.

It is as though there is an effervescent glow and pure calmness in the heavens.

So, I am striving to create Christmas calmness in our home. through various vignettes

and centerpieces.

Embracing the joy, beauty and gratitude of the season in our hearts and home.

I have put together a peaceful White Christmas vignette in our kitchen.

Using a few baskets, fresh white tulips from the market, some paper whites and

white Christmas trees I created a little vignette on our chippy kitchen table.

This table was my parent's dining room table growing up, I have since sanded it and made my

own  concoction of paint and glaze to create a well loved appearance.

Along with white tulips I have combined a petite porcelain white cake stand,

an oval mirror, a few white mini ornaments and one lone reindeer to make my

White Christmas vignette dimensional and interesting.

These sweet and simple goodies came from one of my Christmas boxes which added to the joy of

creating this vignette.

I tend to challenge myself to make something out of something that I might have tossed out.

Are you like that too...

Since there is not a single snowflake coasting through the air, or a glorious frosty mountain out

my back door and, not even a smidgen of a chance that Jack Frost may make an appearance.

I am striving to create our own White Christmas, while enjoying the mix of white tulips,

homegrown sweet heavenly scents of paper whites and nurturing the dearness of the season.


Please Join Me~

Coastal Charm

Savvy Southern Style

Rustic and Refined

Art and Sand

Rooted In Thyme

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  1. Hi Jemma....White Tulips and Paper Whites...how lovely. They are very calming. ♥

  2. sooo süß sind die blumen und sooo festlich ist die dekoration!!! liebe grüße von angie

  3. I truly enjoyed seeing all the creations you have made in the precious color of white; so calming and beautiful at the same time. Thank you for sharing.

  4. I've had to read back three posts to catch up with you Jemma! I love all the decorating going on at your home. I too have a garland of pinecones across my kitchen windows that I attached to twine last year (gosh! I guess I'm current!). I would say you have achieved your goal of simplicity and beauty. I am curious about the coffee filter wreath? It looks fantastic with a glowing light in front of the window. I've always been drawn to blue & white for Christmas decorating bringing in the frostiness of winter and snow. Glitter just makes everything winter! We had snow last night ... quite a bit considering we were told 1 cm. I had to actually clear the van off of about 6 " of snow and a big drift in our driveway. And cold!! Perfect pre-Christmas weather ;) Wendy x

  5. Ahh, I needed that! So beautiful and calming...I feel better just taking in your holiday eye candy.

  6. Hi Jemma! Oh, this is so beautiful and I just love it! Thanks so much for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  7. Oh so pretty! I have some white flowers I bought to use on the mantel but didn't...I should apply them somewhere- your post gives me inspiration!

  8. Hi Jemma, this post is so lovely, I love white, and sometimes I forget what a calming and elegant theme it can be! I've just subscribed to your blog, I really love your site. Kind regards, Nancy (Stonecropsister.com)

  9. So elegant an beautiful! I didn't put up any kind of tree, just little vignettes about the apartment.

  10. How beautiful and you took such wonderful photos. Everything looks dreamy....and serene! Hugs, Diane

  11. I love the way you have chosen white this year to decorate your home to spread calm throughout your house. It has a very peaceful effect and yet elegant at the same time. Your photos of your decorated table are just so lovely. Hugs sweet friend.

  12. Sharing a similar climate with you, your beautiful, white Christmas vignette made me a little homesick for those cold and frosty Canadian Christmases, but after a dose of your dreamy, winter whites, (minus the harsh reality of below zero woes!), I'm well on my way to feeling better, and appreciating Crete's mild, Mediterranean temps.

    Happy Christmas, my friend!


  13. Jemma,
    Your tulips are so pretty, and white tulips are perfect for a white Christmas. Did I ever tell you that tulips are one of my favorite flowers? The petals are strong and they are simple and lovely. I really like the reindeer, mirror, and white mini ornaments, so clever. I guess if we can't have a white Christmas outside, we try to have it in our homes. Your home is charming, Jemma, and at Christmas, it must look magical.

    Thank you for your words of care about the rain we are having. It means so much to me.


  14. Your photos of your home and decorations are just exquisite. I love the way the photos have like a softening affect used - is that right?

  15. Your white Christmas is so welcoming and soothing. After I remove all of our Christmas decor, I might copy your white for a relaxing change of scenery.

  16. Beautiful, beautiful vignette...wish I could find some tulips.


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