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Paperwhites ~ A Time To Grow

The joy of nurturing will always delight me; my children, family, friends, and flowers.                   
But today I spend time with the Paperwhite.                                                                              
Waiting and watching with quiet anticipation, as the tender white blossom unfurls it's 

fragrant petals-when just a few weeks ago, it was artlessly, a brown bulb, hibernating 

quietly from months of rest.

Slowly stretching, perhaps even a yawn may be heard if one listens and respects the

sounds of nature, as the restful moments give way to reawakening.

It is extraordinary how something can be transformed from an object which appears to be                                                                        

                                         Into a perfectly orchestrated something.

                   Slumber time is over, dusty gray begins to give way to green and growing.

                Perhaps even a little gaunt, while greedily reaching toward the morning glow.

               Each tender blossom must be treasured, for the season of living is so fleeting.

              Hold on to the fragile moment of every hour, drink in the fragrance of the day.

                             Do not waste, or muddle your time in worrying.

                        Be as if you were the flower and make this your time to grow.


And so my dears, it is time to plant your Paperwhites in order for them to grow while 

providing you with joy and spectacular blooms for Christmas.

When you click on the above link it will take you to one of my very first posts-on growing 

Paperwhites. Here is another link for more information on growing Paperwhites as well.

Have a joyful weekend and be good to yourself,


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White Christmas Vignette

Such a precious time of the year.

So sweet, so inspiring, so tender.

It is as though there is an effervescent glow and pure calmness in the heavens.

So, I am striving to create Christmas calmness in our home. through various vignettes

and centerpieces.

Embracing the joy, beauty and gratitude of the season in our hearts and home.

I have put together a peaceful White Christmas vignette in our kitchen.

Using a few baskets, fresh white tulips from the market, some paper whites and

white Christmas trees I created a little vignette on our chippy kitchen table.

This table was my parent's dining room table growing up, I have since sanded it and made my

own  concoction of paint and glaze to create a well loved appearance.

Along with white tulips I have combined a petite porcelain white cake stand,

an oval mirror, a few white mini ornaments and one lone reindeer to make my

White Christmas vignette dimensional and interesting.

These sweet and simple goodies came from one of my Christmas boxes which added to the joy of

creating this vignette.

I tend to challenge myself to make something out of something that I might have tossed out.

Are you like that too...

Since there is not a single snowflake coasting through the air, or a glorious frosty mountain out

my back door and, not even a smidgen of a chance that Jack Frost may make an appearance.

I am striving to create our own White Christmas, while enjoying the mix of white tulips,

homegrown sweet heavenly scents of paper whites and nurturing the dearness of the season.


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Paperwhite Christmas

Last Christmas I became of huge fan of the(Narcissus) 


 If you aren't familiar with this fragrant, perfectly 

white delicate flowering bulbs let me introduce you !

These bulbs are a member of the daffodil family and 

wonderfully enough they can be "forced," to bloom.

Place two inches of decorative pebbles into your container. 

The sky is the limit on the container you choose,  so have fun 

and plan ahead on your decorating theme. 

Add just enough water to cover the base of the bulbs- do not 

cover the bulbs or they will rot.  

For decorative purposes I put the cool whip container inside 

my white urn-will be so pretty in just about a month when 

these sweet little bulbs start to bloom!! 

Just in time for Christmas!

It is very important that you keep the bottom of the bulbs in 

water-they must not dry out- when they begin to grow and 

bloom, they require more water.

At this point, they do not need direct light and actually prefer a 
cool environment-around 65 degrees. 

 I may add a small bamboo pole to my containers as these 

plants do have a tendency to lean. 

There are theories on adding alcohol to the water to stunt their 

growth-I may experiment with one container this year.

As they continue to grow and they do so quite rapidly you can 

move them to a sunny location. 

 When they set on blooms, I recommend moving them from 

direct sunlight, so they will last longer and not get leggy. 

Aren't these just beautiful, such a refreshing way to decorate 

for Christmas!