Spring Mantle Pantone Honeysuckle

March 28, 2014
We have been redoing our home for the past four years and it has been a 

true labor of love.

My husband enjoys replacing baseboards, molding and most anything that 

involves a saw and wood.

My passion is decorating and for this Spring Season I just sort of went with

what inspired me and that is Pantone 2011 color of the year Honeysuckle.

I have really been doing my research on these Pantone colors and even 

though this was thee color of the year three years ago, it is still an incredible 

color to add to your home.

Since our French Gray Walls and white molding lend themselves to 

incorporating this magnificent, confident and vital color into our family room,

I went with it and now I am enjoying it.

In the beginning I was hesitant because Honeysuckle seems 

quite feminine to me and in my mind I am saying to myself pink....

Hum... for a family room?

But as I slowly began adding and layering this calming and hopeful color into

our home I saw the power and affirmation it brought to our mantle and

bookshelves and well...

I was pretty much smitten and so was my husband, which surprised me.

Who knew a fellow would like Pantone Honeysuckle, so well.

I love Honeysuckle as an accent to our home.

Adding a touch of Honeysuckle has brightened and revitalized our family room.

I suppose a touch of pink is good for everyone's soul...

Please Join Me~


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  1. Elegant, colorful, classy, beautiful. I just like to soak up your blogs!

  2. Hello Jemma, it all looks so beautiful. I love the pink, so springy! Have a happy weekend!

  3. Our household works in very similar ways to yours - stu is the handy fixer and I'm the decorator. I love these beautiful pink hues in your living room

  4. Hi Jemma! Oh, everything is so lovely! I love those pretty flowers and those three little pink vases are just precious! I don't think the pink is too feminine! You've added just the right amount! :)
    be a sweetie,

  5. Pink (honeysuckle does sound more exotic than pink) is said to be a very soothing, and relaxing colour. I have no honeysuckle in my house, but I do love the light and calm effect your displays of honeysuckle give on your mantle and bookshelves. The dried roses and bright flowers really add some liveliness. Just beautiful!
    Wendy x

  6. I so love dried up roses. Each time my Hubby gives me roses I dry them and place them in a bowl until he once again gives me roses.

  7. I'm not usually a lover of the color pink, but all your pink accents look very nice! It's even making me consider some new colors in my home.

  8. Honeysuckle pink is timeless, elegant and so very versatile, as you have demonstrated! It looks beautiful in your family room, a refreshing complement to the grey walls and white foundation. Your mantel is joyful and playful; the perfect message for spring! Just radiant, like its creator!!

    Wishing you a whimsical weekend, my friend!


  9. It's such an interesting pink, not too baby-like, very sophisticated. I love the way it looks with the gray as well as the creamy ivory. Beautiful display!

  10. Jemma,
    Honeysuckle looks so pretty in your family room. I have been really wanting to decorate some of the rooms in my house, and like you, I have a passion for decorating. Your mantel looks so nice - I love the pink rose vases. And the dried roses add a special touch. How nice that your husband appreciates it too.

    I have always loved the color pink. It's just a feel good color, ya know? I enjoy seeing all of your home d├ęcor, and you inspire me so much, my friend.


  11. I like the fact that your husband is not afraid to like pantone honeysuckle. The test of a true man. My husband and I most often agree on decorating ideas, which is great, because both of us live here. Your gray and pink tones go so well together. Enjoy!

  12. Oh, how pretty! I love the little vases...gorgeous. We have pink in our house too...scattered about...and painted on walls. We love it!

  13. I have never ever heard of that beautiful color!!!!!!!! It is gorgeous - it is my new favorite color. And your husband loves to work on the house? Gosh I wish mine would. Oh my goodness that was just beautiful.

  14. I love those bright bursts of color in all of the white. Gorgeous!

  15. Beautiful.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures.

  16. It's such a soothing color, Jemma. Your home looks lovely.

  17. Gorgeous! I'm noticing more and more pink lately and I really like it.


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