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Balloons and Pompoms Al Fresco Tablescape

I love Al Fresco dining do you? Dining outdoors feels like party time. But when a sundrenched Texas Summer decides to roll in, dining outdoors becomes challenging. However where there is a good challenge, there is also creativity, so come on in and let me share with you how I decided to beat the Summer heat with fun colors, handmade flowers, pompoms and balloons.

Thank you for joining me today and 19 other creators as they share their imaginations, décor and creativity with you too. You will find all of their links to their Alfresco Tablescapes at the end of my post.

Please come on in!

Let's leave the French Doors open this morning as their is just a slight breeze and I hear the birds chirping, do you?

Truthfully my flowers are wilted, the blooms are faded and the water bill is rising, so the homegrown floral centerpiece is no more.

So let's party with some economical handmade table accessories and centerpieces!

Today I am using my turquoise three tiered stand along with a variety of pink and turquoise hued handmade pompoms as part of this tablescape centerpiece. Then I added some white balloons attached to variegated paper straws and placed them inside petite turquoise milk bottles.

Balloons are such a fun and easy way to add color, texture, height and interest to any tablescape.

I found these precious, pink and petite ceramic basket at Micheals for 60% off-they seem so perfect to use as baskets of blueberries for breakfast.

Plastic blue and pink Margarita glasses are perfect vessels for Breakfast parfaits.

  1. One container of coconut yogurt.
  2. Sliced banans
  3. Blueberries
  4. Granola


Handmade crepe flowers are so easy to make and add such a sweet touch to any tablescape. To make these petite and sweet little flowers I simply used a roll of white crepe paper and used a felted blue ball for the center.

Thanks so much for joining us all and may all you have a Sunny vibes sort of day and week!


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Spring Mantle Pantone Honeysuckle

We have been redoing our home for the past four years and it has been a 

true labor of love.

My husband enjoys replacing baseboards, molding and most anything that 

involves a saw and wood.

My passion is decorating and for this Spring Season I just sort of went with

what inspired me and that is Pantone 2011 color of the year Honeysuckle.

I have really been doing my research on these Pantone colors and even 

though this was thee color of the year three years ago, it is still an incredible 

color to add to your home.

Since our French Gray Walls and white molding lend themselves to 

incorporating this magnificent, confident and vital color into our family room,

I went with it and now I am enjoying it.

In the beginning I was hesitant because Honeysuckle seems 

quite feminine to me and in my mind I am saying to myself pink....

Hum... for a family room?

But as I slowly began adding and layering this calming and hopeful color into

our home I saw the power and affirmation it brought to our mantle and

bookshelves and well...

I was pretty much smitten and so was my husband, which surprised me.

Who knew a fellow would like Pantone Honeysuckle, so well.

I love Honeysuckle as an accent to our home.

Adding a touch of Honeysuckle has brightened and revitalized our family room.

I suppose a touch of pink is good for everyone's soul...

Please Join Me~


Pink Vintage Lamps-Revisited

Well, the last time we visited about these adorable  Vintage 

Pink Lamps  was when I returned from my  little visit to Oklahoma 

in April.

This is where I found these two little dreamy pink lamps and also

when I fell in love with adding pink as an accent to my formal living 


These little darlings actually work, however since they are dear to 

me I am a bit leary of plugging them in on a full time basis.

Because of their age, I would imagine that the wiring has seen better 

days for full time use.  

I have been carrying one of these pink and precious darlings with 

me for several months, just in the event I might find the perfect

lamp shade for them.

It has been extremely challenging to find a perfect lamp shade for

these two pink sweetie pies.  I suppose it is because of their age.

(Hum...perhaps there is something for me to learn here...wink...)

I really did not see this post going in this direction!  Perhaps, 

I will just save this topic for another day...

So, my current dilemma is this, should I keep these two lampshades

or should I keep my eye open for something  just a bit more

dressy-especially for these two darling pink ladies?

Please let me know your thoughts!

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Decorating With A Pop Of Pink

Now that I have become a fan of adding a pop of pink to my 

decorating,  I see adorable accent pieces everywhere I go!

You might be surprised to find out where I found these three cute

vases and the price I paid for them...

I found them in Destin Florida, in a little antique shop that

had just the most wonderful goodies ever! 

These three little vases were regularly priced for 11 dollars 

each.  Reduced price for a quick sale-drum roll... please.

3 dollars each!!  Now, is that a bargain, or is that a bargain?

We were Blessed with lots of family time, white sugary sand 

beaches and colorful skies.

A few months back I dried some beautiful red roses and 

shared a post with you- Drying Roses.  These are those same

roses clipped shorter.

My dried roses and rose vases, seem like a perfect match.

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