Spring Coffee Filter Wreath

March 22, 2014
This is day five and the last wreath in my little series on a week of Wreaths! 

Whoo hoo!  

We made it, I bet you you are thinking to yourself, what was this 

woman thinking of....

Am I right ?  I was sort of thinking that too.

Well, many of my dear friends have asked that very same question and here 

is the answer...

It was snowing outside, and it was cold and I just wanted Spring to 

hurry up and get here so I made wreaths.

But, I did not make them all in one week, so I am crazy but 

not that crazy...

But, I did not make this wreath...

Rebecca made this wreath for me and isn't it just lovely?

She made it so full and I adore the crisp white coffee filters she used.

This wreath is really perfectly beautiful for every season.

I thought it might be interesting to add a a touch of color to it for Spring,

so when I spied these darling little silk flowers at Hobby Lobby, I snapped

them up.  

You know the time to snap them up is when they are fifty percent off,

which they were a few weeks back.

I think there is a routine to how they put their fifty percent items on sale, I 

am not sure how it works, if you know please tell me what it is!

I like how this coffee filter wreath adds a touch of interest to this simple

pine dresser and welcomes Spring gently to our home.

Thank you for joining me this week,

Happy Spring!

Please Join Me~

Ivy and Elephants

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  1. That's really neat! The coffee filters look like tightly-packed white carnations to me. What an interesting idea.

  2. Very very pretty - those are coffee filters??? So how many wreathes do you have out at one time? I bet your home is gorgeous. sandie

  3. It's gorgeous... AND perfect in the blue room.

  4. Eeeee!! I read the title and I clicked right over. I love decorating with wreaths year round. I'm actually working on one right this minute which I'll show off soon. Your coffee filter one here is absolutely lovely, Jemma. Off to see the rest of your beauties.


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