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Inspirational Thursday-Finding Joy

February 20, 2014

As I step out my front door this overcast February day, to see if I

want to go for my morning walk, this is what Winter looks like in 

my neck of the woods.  Not much color...but mild, so I put on a 

jacket and head out.


I heard several birds singing this morning and try as I might to 

capture a photo of them in flight,  I didn't.  However, as I was 

walking I did capture a few photos of these wise cranes

and their feathered friends.

We do not have the glorious wonder of pristine and beautiful white 

snow, we have various shades of brown, with a tad of green.

I suppose that is to tease us just a bit to believe that Spring is 


  That tease works for me, just seeing a smidgen of green brings me 


Joy is so much different than happiness, it resides deep in the soul 

and comes from what is, not what one wants. 

 It is seeing beauty in

the mundane, ordinary and humdrum aspects of life.

Glorious displays of pansies precisely 

planted in late Fall. They bring color and 

joy in the gray days of Winter.

When we moved to Texas twenty five years 

ago, it was February. 

I will always remember feeling amazed and 

joyful at all of the sunshine and blooming

pansies-brightly blooming pansies.


up little nooks and crannies.  

And, flowerpots with blooming Ranunculus.

Could a flower be any more beautiful...

Where do you find joy in your neck of the  


Please Join Me~

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  1. Jemma,

    Thanks for finding the joy for me in your glorious pictures full of spring and cheer and playfulness! My goodness, that pink Ranunculus is, indeed, exquisite!

    Happy weekend to you!


  2. Your pansies are so pretty and bring so much color...Have you started anything in your new greenhouse yet? I can't wait to see all you are going to produce now that you have a place to start them early....Pansies are our biggest cold weather flower as well.....

  3. OHhhhh, the flowers are lovely Jemma. The view from your house is very different from the one here. ha! We are buried in snow up to our eyebrows. Well, pretty deep anyway. So it was delilghtful to see your flowers. Susan

  4. I have to tell you what a beautiful area you live in! IS that your property or around your property - either way it is so pristine looking. I love it. I just love your flowers and the color there. And joy is something you feel from within. Well it is Thursday - have a wonderful weekend there. sandie

  5. Good morning and thank you for the flowers! I am craving flowers right snow here, we did have ti on the ground for a week and so much rain after that...wet wet wet! It's very foggy this morning. Where did you move from when you went to Texas?
    Much love,

  6. These are some wonderful images. So welcome right now.

    Yael from Home Garden Diggers

  7. Jemma,
    Thank you for showing us a glimpse of your area. I find so much joy in nature, and it brings me peace at the same time. The little bridge is so charming, and the flowers are very pretty. I especially like the bright pink one.

    There are a few parks around my area that are so nice, and me and husband sometimes take walks around them. That's where I spotted the deer awhile back. Have a peaceful weekend at your neck of the woods.


  8. Beautiful shots Joyce, and we are lucky in Texas in the winter as we still can see quite a bit of color and beauty, sometimes hidden amongst the browns, but still there. Love the shot of the crane. They are so lovely

  9. Jemma, I love your Herons and the pretty Mallard. And your scenic shots of the bridge and landscape are lovely. The pansies have me longing for spring here. Wonderful post. Thank you for linking up to my Saturday's Critter party. Have a happy weekend!

  10. Lovely birds and flowers...pansies won't arrive here for ages yet but I am enjoying yours! :)

  11. Sweet Jemma, Ranuculus are one of my favorite Springtime flowers. Your photo is exquisite! I usually plant Pansies in the Fall, but didn't get any in this year. They will be filling pots on my porch soon. Thanks for sharing the beauty in your neck of the woods with SYC! And yes, a smidgen of green brings me true also.


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