From One Mom To Another

January 15, 2014

Welcome to Inspirational Thursday where I share with you the 

things in life that are inspiring to me in way or another!

This week we are receiving some beautiful inspiration from my 

youngest daughter who has tenderly written a Mom Post. 

So whether you are a young Mom, a seasoned Mom or now a 

grandmother, I feel certain that this reflective, honest and open 

writing will resonate with you! 

Grab a comfy chair, I  have to show you what

Motherhood looks like from our viewpoint.

This is our silly, magical little group...

our  precious chaotic, 

beautiful gift from God! 

A perfect mix of pure goodness and delight that has 

been entrusted to us. 

So, please join us today on the journey of being MOM.


~From One Mom To Another~
Rebecca Anne Wheeler

From one mom to another mom, I want you to know that I know your job is hard.

I know it’s demanding, exhausting and sometimes nerve wrenching.

I also know it’s the most wonderful thing you have ever done or will ever do. 

With that being said, I also want you to know that your child will always be different from other children.

Maybe your child won't walk until they are well over a year, maybe they won't eat their brussel sprouts, peas or 

squash like the kid down the street, but would rather prefer a diet of cheese and tortillas.

Maybe they-

won't read as fast...

play as hard...

but maybe...


They’ll want to cuddle more than the other kids, maybe they’ll demonstrate compassion and humility, maybe

they’ll make you laugh until your stomach hurts and maybe they’ll make you cry when you realize how innocent

and pure they view the world.


And maybe, just maybe, these are the things that truly matter.

Maybe instead of constantly reading all the latest parenting material out there and constantly driving ourselves

crazy comparing, we should be rejoicing in what

makes our children different. 

Because your child will always be different and isn’t that something to celebrate?


Should we not be more proud to be mothers of good, earnest people rather than moms of super achievers?

Should we not spend more time just being in the moment with our child and stop wondering

 “when will my child do that” or “why doesn’t he/she do it that way”.

Do these things matter?

My answer is no.


My answer is love your child today for everything that makes them beautifully unique.

The way God made them and intended them to be.

Sometimes the most beautiful flowers take longer to bloom & sometimes life passes us right on by when we’re 

too busy worrying about tomorrow. 


So take today, leave the labels and the comparisons behind and don’t look back.

God gave you an amazing gift when He made you a mother and it’s because He knew you could do it.

So don’t stress, don’t over analyze, don’t worry about things that aren’t worth worrying about-enjoy your child, 

because tomorrow your child will be another day older and probably on to the next thing that makes them


Love what makes them, them. 

And moms, give yourself a break. You’re doing good. Scratch that, you’re doing great. 

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  1. When kids are developing, it's so hard not to compare their little achievements. Everyone does it, even if they say they don't. But to love your child for themselves is the best advice, and one that we need to remind ourselves of often. My kids are older (20 & 15) and I find I'm always worrying about their future ... will they complete their educations successfully, will they get a good job, will they meet a lovely person to spend the rest of their lives with. My mother told me "You never stop worrying", but she never seemed to worry about us ... most likely she hid it very well. Wonderful post ;)
    Wendy x

  2. Jemma,
    This is one of the nicest things I've ever read. Your daughter's words are so special. My kids are all so different in their own way, and that's the way it should be. Your Grandkids are precious, Jemma. Your daughter's eloquent words were heartwarming today. But then again, look at who HER mom is!


  3. Beautiful words from your daughter and she is so right. Thank you for sharing with us!

  4. Jemma! This is just lovely .. in every way and so true. Your daughter is so sweet and thank you for sharing this. Mother's assume a role than can filled by no other and we constantly strive for perfection. Our children are unique and born with their own temperament. It's a challenge working (as a parent) in those unique parameters. I wish I'd know then what I know now;) xxleslie

  5. Beautifully written and applicable to so many areas of life. Comparing, always looking outward, the technology of today...all detract from living this moment and being content..great post!

  6. Jemma,

    What insight and perception your daughter possesses! Comparing capabilities or achievements or personalities, especially of one's children, is just sad. There are so many factors that make up a developing child, a child that is growing every day, in so many different ways, that doing so is simply futile, for these reasons and more. Personally, all I wanted for my own daughter was for her to be a healthy, well rounded INDIVIDUAL, someone that SHE could be proud of!

    Thanks for sharing this most heartfelt and tenderly written post.


  7. Jemma - that was a wonderful post. You are blessed with your girls and they are more then blessed with their mother! Love, sandie

  8. Jemma, I loved reading your sweet and beautiful post on motherhood!


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