Formal Living Room-Paint It

March 25, 2013
We recently painted our Formal Living Room-
Not once,,,
But Twice...

Why you ask?

Well, we had to do some repainting after the hot water heater fell through the ceiling over 


Yes, you heard correct-I haven't been able to speak of it until now!

Our Formal Living room-post water heater falling through ceiling.  Yes, it is true.  Water 

gushing through the ceiling just as if a hose had been turned on full blast.  Christmas 

ornaments falling to the floor, water puddling up, sheet rock crumbling like a cookie dunked in 

a glass of milk.

My husband shouting for help

Me running into the living room

Water running everywhere

Towels, buckets, towels, buckets...

This Palm Tree is where our Christmas Tree stood in all of her glory during Christmas.

Amazingly enough, my husband said he had never seen me move so quickly!

We had just replaced the hard wood floors as well...

Not a soul will ever know but you!

 Crafty Texas Girls

Dedicated House
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  1. And it looks so beautiful now! That must have been an awful moment. We never anticipate these household catastrophes.
    I am glad for you, that this is now just a dim memory. Your living room is absolutely beautiful and will never even hint at what transpired.
    Have a wonderful day, Jemma!

  2. Your living room is gorgeous and I love the color on the walls. "If walls could talk" a lot of houses would tell a lot of stories and yours would have a beaut of a story! Glad the only thing left to show for it is the story because the room is picture perfect now!

  3. Oh, Jemma! I confess that I had to go back and reread your initial comment. Yikes!! I can't imagine a water heater falling through the ceiling and at Christmas time! I would have cried and cried. In spite of that...your living room looks so beautiful today.
    Thanks for sharing, my friend.
    Happy Easter!
    Carolynn xo

  4. That must have been so awful for you Jemma, especially at Christmas. Your living room looks beautiful now. Great color choice on the walls! Blessings to you, Patti

  5. Your hot water heater isn't in the basement? Anyway, I can't even imagine the horror...

    I would love to see more of your living room - it looks beautiful from what I can see!

  6. What an ordeal that must have been! Your room looks so pretty now. Great color!


  7. Well I will tell you this - your secret is safe - you would never ever know. Your living room is GORGEOUS! I love it. But I bet it was so incredibly stressful for you. I know it would be for me. When i was younger we had a water pipe bust like that. Love, sandie

  8. Oh my Jemma, what a terrible thing to have happen. You sure would never know because it looks beautiful. Love, love the color!

  9. Oh Jemma, incredible! I'm glad nobody was hurt! Your living room is gorgeous, that color on the wall is very pretty and the mantel is such a focal point, beautiful!


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