January in Black Forest Colorado|Our Season of Waiting

January 13, 2024

Popping in on this very cold January morning from the warmth of our home here in Black Forest Colorado.

This is our season of waiting and walking as we prepare for good things to happen on the Farm.

Our current temperature is 8 degrees with a windchill of -2 which is actually warmer than the forecast, so I am contemplating going for going a walk in a few hours.

I have wonderful outdoor gear that keeps me toasty (as long as I'm walking.)

Walking all Winter long is vital to my health and well-being.

I think that bitter cold makes for gorgeous photos, so I am sharing a few today plus some facts on the Palmer Divide weather here in Colorado.


Palmer Divide

We live very close to the Palmer Divide which is a major landmark in the terrain and weather patterns along the front range of Colorado.
To the far South is Fountain near Colorado Springs. at it's lowest point the elevation is 5,500.
To the far North is Denver with an elevation of 5,200.
The Palmer Divide is inbetween these two elevations with an elevation of 7,300-7,800.
Up at this elevation we create our own weather. 
More wind, cold, clouds, snow, hail, rain and even tornados.
The Palmer Divide separates the Arkansas River  with drainage to the South and the Platte River with drainage to the North. 
There are numerous cities along this corridor which include; Monument, Black Forest, Kiowa, Parker, Elizabeth and Castle Rock.

Colorado-Sunnydell-Palmer Divide-Facts

Stunning Views

Living up here in the high dessert region of the front range we have unobstructed views of vast ranch lands which also includes views of Pikes Peak, towering at 14,115 feet.
There are numerous herds of Antelope, Deer and even Elk in the Winter.
Occasionally a lone coyote passes by and I hear Barn Owls during the Summer nights.
Such beauty all year long.


The Little Cottage

This is our little cottage, I thought it'd be great as an added space for probagating.
It has a lot of thermal going on with it's Polycarbonate roof and sides.
Thick plycarbonate is pretty resistant to hail as well.
The Little Cottage is anchored into the ground so it won't blow away.
Because of the intensity of the weather up here, it seems as though we have to have several out-buildings to provide protection for our flowers and vegetables.


Flower Cottage

Here we have the adorable Flower Cottage just wating for some good things to happen.

All my seeds are ordered and basically waiting for the time to come to be put into trays under cozy grow lights.

I'll probably start them mid-March.

You can see that Dave shoveled the walk way-we dream in these Winter months!



Our greenhouse sleeps with all sorts of bulbs planted inside.
It'll be interesting to see what pops up from their Winter sleep!


Thank you for stopping by today.

Our season of waiting is a time of unseen growth as it is more of an internal job.

Hold on to the light and keep your dreams alive.

With love,


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  1. I’ve never had to function in snow like this! It is very beautiful. The resting part of winter seems like a good idea. It’s the cycle of nature, which seems like it would be good for all of us, regardless of location.


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