Winter Blooms and Bouquet Tips

January 03, 2023

Hello Dear Friends,

Happy 2023!

This week I thought it would be inspiring to share a few photos of Winter Blooms, along with some tips as well.

As much as I am ready for the Christmas Tree to come down (which it did yesterday) and all of the festive décor too, it all feels a trifle sad and rather barren. 

This time of the year I am always searching for ways to brighten up my home after the Holidays have come to an end.

For me...Blooms always seem to do the trick for brightening up a nook, windowsill, table and my spirits! 

Roses and Alstroemeria


During the Winter months I purchase my flowers from the local grocery store.
Seems I find myself always purchasing a bundle or two of alstroemeria.
Alstroemeria is economical, a great filler and enhances nearly every bouquet.
As a bonus the color pallet range of alstroemeria is extensive.- not to mention it has a vase life of up to two weeks.

Eucalyptus - Alstroemeria -Winter-Bouquet-homemaking
Eucalyptus and Alstroemeria

Trimming Flower Stems

Since I am a bit of a penny pincher when it comes to bouquets, I find myself trimming the stems during the course of their vase life.
Trimming the stems extends the longevity of the blooms
I also clip them down into petite bouquets and gather them together in groupings in interesting vases.



Winter Blooms And Bouquet Tips

Choosing Tulips

One of my favorite Winter and Spring Blooms is the precious and tender Tulip

When purchasing tulips choose buds that are just on the cusp of opening but with color evident.

I find that cutting them on angle of about 1/2 of inch before arranging them gives them the opportunity to uptake more water.

Longevity of Tulips

How To Increase the Longevity of Tulips

Keep tulips in a cool room, you can even add an ice cube or two to the water to help Tulips last longer.
Keeping them out of direct sunlight also increases their life span.
While tulips don't really last a real long time, you can expect them to last about one week.

Tulips Last about One Week



Adding Potted Mini Roses To a Centerpiece

I received this darling mini potted rose from my daughter Samantha.

I incorporated it into a Christmas centerpiece.

Mini Roses last very well during the Winter months. Just make sure you fertilize them every couple of weeks and keep them moist but not soaked.

I only kept the rose in the centerpiece for a week...roses need sunshine-it is now sitting in my kitchen windowsill and thriving.

Peonies grouped together with other blooms.

Choosing and Caring For Cut Peonies

Choose buds that have not opened completely and are as soft as a marshmallow to the touch.
In order to help peonies drink more water cut the stem on a angle and do this every other day to prevent stem from clogging up.
Keep Peonies cool-you can place them in the fridge at night.

Perfect Peonies

Thank you for joining me today!

I sure hope your New Year is off to a promising start.



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  1. Love these tips! I add a splash of vodka to keep the water clear & the flowers last longer! Beautiful post! 🌷

  2. Your flower bouquets add an extra something to your home, Jemma. I especially love the roses, and they do so well during all the seasons. Those pink rose vases are so pretty. I remember seeing them on your posts before. I hope the new year brings you so many good things, Jemma, and I bet you are looking forward to Spring and planting many wonderful things in your garden. : )



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