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Simple Summer Vegetable and Flower Garden Tour

June 25, 2022

Hello Dear Reader,

Our weekend is upon us and I am wondering what fabulous activities you have planned.

It is slowing down a bit around here these days, I suppose it is the Summer lull.

Officially the Summer Solstice arrived on Tuesday June 21st, however  here in the deep South it feels as though Summer whisked it's way in  a month ago!

These are the beginning of the long days of Summer when heat and humidity meld together and drape themselves over our shoulders like thick pudding does when poured into a bowl.

Dave, Sadie, myself and the gardens all appear to be wilting to a certain degree as Summer days roll on.

Naturally I feel a sense of  urgency to share some of our garden blossoms and vegetables in this simple Summer garden tour.

Jemma-garden-flower and vegetable tour


Fresh From The Garden Tomatoes

This year we planted cherry tomatoes and Big Boy Tomatoes.
I enjoy using cherry tomatoes for salads and of course the big boy tomato is always a winner when it is sliced and added to any sandwich.


Simple Tomato Sandwich Recipe

Enjoy in the Sunny Summertime with a glass of Iced Tea!

  • Two slices of white bread.
  • Generous amount of mayonnaise slathered on each slice.
  • Cover one slice of bread with as many sumptuous slices of homegrown tomatoes as possible.
  • Salt the tomato Slices.
  • Add Crisp Bacon (if desired.)
  • Cover with other slice of bread.

Our Country Garden

Country Garden With Sunflowers, Zinnias and Hollyhocks

Notice how this butterfly blends in so well with the Sunflower!

Plenty of Pollinators in our Garden

Squash, cucumbers, okra and green beans.

Fresh From The Garden Green Beans!



Why I like Green Beans

Our green beans set on about 10 days ago and we have been reveling in their freshness and flavor.

After snapping and rinsing the green beans I add one bouillon cube plus 3 - 4 cups water and simmer until tender.
Green beans are truly a great favorite in our home. 
I just believe you can beat a good green bean!
They seem to go with just about any meal and most children like to eat them too.


Fresh Garden Delights in the Flower Gardens

I am enjoying these pink and blue hydrangeas so much. 
They began blooming in about 2 months ago and have kept going strong.







"The songs of nature beckon me to walk among the early morning dew.

It is here in the dawn of the day in my country garden,

 that my heart seems to know what is true."

Wishing you a soul nurturing weekend,



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  1. OH Jemma, that is SUCH a lovely quote from you at the end and all the content that precedes it, how I concur. Nothing beats fresh greens snapped up from the earth on our own patch of land. Nothing beats seeing the cycle of life come and go, come and go like people of the land. And I agree with you that summers are getting less and less accessible to safe, outdoor romps, at least for me. It's so humid and hot that unless it's in the 80s tops, I won't over-exert myself. But thank God for the mild moments when we can be in balance with ourselves, our God, our land.

    1. Hello Dear Heart! What a joy it is to embrace our Gardens in the Summer and to witness the tender workings of our Heavenly Father. Thank you my dear for your inspiring visit!

  2. Great description of the heat in the south. Your garden is inviting, and everything looks great. I'm guessing you're getting up early to work outside and hibernating indoors the rest of the day until evening. That's where we are at, but Robert still works all day on planes for now. No garden this year but I did plant herbs in pots because I refused to go another season without fresh herbs.

  3. Loving the tour. Next best thing to seeing it in person! It looks splendid!! Yummy veggies & beautiful flowers!

  4. Jemma, your garden produces all the wonderful vegetables that my Dad had in his garden, and he would bring in some tasty vegetables, and my mother would cook them for supper that night. Your garden is coming along nicely. And home grown tomatoes are the best. I smiled when you mentioned tomato sandwiches, as my aunt loved those (just plain tomatoes and mayonnaise on bread). It's nice that you can bring in a bunch of hydrangeas and put them in vases to enjoy in your home. That vase is so pretty that you put them in. And that butterfly photo is incredible! You have taken such lovely photos of Summer, and I'm enjoying this month of June also. It's not too hot yet, and will get warmer in July and August. Enjoy your garden, dear Jemma.


    1. Dearest Sheri,
      We are enjoying our Summertime produce and blooms. Soon the Southern heat will set in here and our garden will succumb to its wrath! But for now we enjoy. I enjoyed reading your fond memories of growing up, it all sounds perfectly wonderful!

  5. I love the poetry at the end! Your flowers are beautiful. It sounds like you’ve been enjoying your garden a lot! Too bad it’s so hot. We’ve had a few days in the 90’s with some humidity which does get to a person. I promised no complaining since we go through winter for several months!

    1. Hello Liz,
      You are my fellow gardening friend and we both sure do enjoy our times spent in nature and in the bliss of the garden. Thank you for you the kindness and joy that you brought me today!

  6. Thanks for sharing your beautiful garden! We leave on vacation Friday but our beans should be bearing when we return so we’ll be enjoying some soon, too! I like that you’ve added flowers with your produce. I think it makes the garden more interesting plus, you get lovely cut flowers all summer. Have a wonderful week! Zenda

    1. Hello!
      I hope you have a positively wonderful vacation and that when you return you cook up a lovely pot of homegrown beans. We do enjoy our gardens don't we!!

  7. Good morning, Jemma. What a lovely post as I drink my coffee. Is there anything better on a hot summer day than a sun-ripened tomato from your own garden?!! We planted the same two tomatoes as you. Sunflowers and zinnias make me smile, love their happy colors. Oh, those gorgeous hydrangeas, one of my favorite flowers. I agree, fresh green beans are perfect on any dinner table. Try to stay cool in our summer heat and humidity. It is so good to catch up with you, my friend!

    1. Hello my Friend! I guess our Southern gardening mindset is on the same page, isn't it? Staying cool is a real challenge these days. However morning time in the garden is such a positive and mindful way to enter the day! Thank you for your lovely visit!


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