Easy To Make Monster Cakes for Halloween

October 12, 2021

It just wouldn't be Halloween around Jemma's without some fun homemade monster treats and a few hauntingly festive decorations too.

Last year I went with a Sugar Skull themed table-scape.

Today I am sharing my easy Monster Cakes for a festive Halloween Party.

They are easy, cute and monstrously delicious!

For this recipe my focus was on decorating the monsters and not so much on the batter, in fact I used a cake mix!

Although if you have the time and want to bake from scratch my Mother's Homemade Fudge Cake Recipe will be wonderfully delicious!


Throughout my life as a homemaker and a decorator of a cakes for all occasions; from batman to my Mother's eightieth  Birthday Cake.


I have discovered, through much trial and error, that I am most comfortable with baking my cakes one day and decorating them on the next day. 


I find that I enjoy the artistic process most this way. 
I am able to focus on the details of decorating!
Otherwise the creativity is lost by hurrying through the project with blobs of frosting on the floor or in my hair where I am most definitely not doing my best job!
Anxiety kicks in to meet the party deadline...planning ahead has saved the day and my mind!


I have always enjoyed the colorful, playful and tad bit spooky side of Halloween.

When the children were youngsters and we were living in North Carolina we would set up haunted houses in our Garden shed. The neighbor children loved it and so did our oldest two.

Naturally we made Halloween shirts, baked Halloween treats, dressed up and of course went trick or treating.


Supplies For Monster Cakes For Halloween


How To Make Monster Cakes

  • According to package Directions on cake mix bake cupcakes and hemisphere cakes in a 350 Degree Oven.
  • Using Bakers Joy spray the hemisphere cake pans so the batter won't stick.
  • Bake cupcakes 20 minutes.
  • Bake hemisphere cakes 15 minutes (I placed the hemisphere cake pans in a cupcake tin.
  • Cool cupcakes for 15 minutes and remove cupcake liners.
  • Cool hemisphere cakes 10 minutes and invert to remove from pan.
  • To make two layer monster cakes insert a wooden skewer into the cupcake and hemisphere cake.
  • Hemisphere cake should be on top of the cupcake, these secures the cakes for decorating
  • If you choose to make your batter from scratch please follow the recipe instructions.


How To Decorate Monster Cakes

  • Mix up Butter Cream Frosting or you can purchase premade.
  • Choose cake decorating colors and using a toothpick scoop out the gel from the containers.
  • Mix colors into frosting.
  • Using piping bag and star tip or grass tip fill bag with Butter Cream Frosting.
  • Holding the bag at a 90 degree angle with tip about 1/8 inch from above surface squeeze bag the bag to form a star.
  • Stop pressure and pull away.
  • Pipe a row of stars uniformly close together in a line, adjusting the tip position slightly each time so the points of the stars stay interlock and eliminate gaps.
  • Continue piping additional rows, adjusting the tip position so stars are piped between the stars of the previous row to fill the surface without any gaps. 
  • Place eyes on Frosting.
  • Using gum paste form horns, mouths or arms.
  • Top With Sugar Cone Hat.
  • I used a star tip for the red monster and a grass tip for the green monster.


How To Make Sugar Cone Hat

  • Mix up desired color of butter cream frosting.
  • Frost Sugar cone with butter cream frosting.
  • Roll Frosted Sugar Cone in Sprinkles/Jimmies.
  • Let set in fridge for about 30 minutes and place on Monster Cake Head.


What I love About Monster Cakes

  • Furry Frosting Bodies (grass tip or star tip)
  • Crazy eyes
  • Stackable cake bodies
  • Totally edible and Delicious
  • Decorative
  • Easy
  • Great For all Occasions
  • Sugar Cone Hat


Thank you for joining me today!
For more Halloween inspiration this is my Sugar Skull Table-Scape from last year.
I have also included a short You Tube Video From Martha Stewart on how to pipe frosting.


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