Sugar Skull Tablescape: Celebrating Day of the Dead

October 13, 2020

Welcome to a Halloween Tablescape extravaganza!

 Join me in our dining for a festive and friendly Sugar Skull Tablescape, also known as Day of the Dead. 

We are celebrating Halloween  through color, whimsy, texture, playfulness and cake!

Decorating For Halloween With Color

I have always enjoyed decorating for Halloween! Without a doubt I have typically leaned towards the colorful, fun and happy side of this Holiday. We have 8 kids between the two of us and a gaggle of grands  (18)so keeping Halloween festive but not too scary, is just right for me and mine! 😀


This is our Florida crew and you can easily see they need a mix of a haunting Halloween combined with lots of fun and oodles of playful colors. 

What is a Sugar Skull?

Skulls💀-calaveras, are usually an ornately decorated representation of the skull, often times featuring flowers, animals and other decorations. They are everywhere in a Dia de los Muertos celebration and an important symbol of departed souls. Teaching children that death isn't scary is sort of a cool way to go about celebrating the day of the dead. Who wouldn't like a Sugar skull they are often times edible😋  (made out of sugar) or for decorative purposes- clay.

8 inch Custom Cake From Walmart- For Ten Bucks

The sugar skull top of this most delicious cake is made out of marshmallow, you know it is gonna be a big hit with the littles. Another big bonus with this cake are these sugar skull rings...thank you Walmart.

Traditional Sugar Skull Tablescape Elements

Placing ornately decorated clay or sugar skulls around the table, adding glowing candles, and flowers are part of the traditional sugar skull tablescape.

T.J Maxx

I have been riding my bicycle a ton this Summer, so when I found these whimsical plates with Skelton's riding their bicycle I just had to put them in my shopping cart.

A wonderful T.J Maxx find.

Most Recognizable Flower For Celebrating Day of the Dead

Marigolds are one of the most easily recognizable symbols of Dia de los Muertos.

Small gifts;candy, ring, and flower

Small gifts for guests are also some of the traditions for this celebration.

Where is Day of the Dead Celebrated?

Dia de los Muertos is a holiday celebrated throughout Mexico, Central America and South America. The holiday begins on November 1st at 12:00 a.m. Day of the dead has spread into nations which don't typically celebrate this holiday.

La Calavera Catrina came to life in the early 1900's by artist Jose Guadalupe Posada.

Face Painting or Half Masks

Traditional Dia de los Muerots celebrations include beautiful ornate face painting or masks. Half-face mask are beautiful and make it easy for guests to eat and socialize.

Thank you! Thank you!

Thank you so much for joining me today. I hope that you feel inspired and were able to find something in this post that sparked your interest. I enjoyed creating this Sugar tablescape, it brought me a lot of joy and the grands loved it too!

Supply List For Sugar Skull Tablescape

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  1. Jemma, I'm so happy you are celebrating the Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) on your table! It is so colorful and so creative in its designs, how could anyone not want to join in the festivities (pass the cake, please!)?! Your plates were the perfect find for your latest lifestyle change as well as this theme, and all the candies, flowers, bits and bobs make for a happy display. I have a niece who made up her entire family (herself, husband, 3 yr old and 1 yr old) in this sugar skull makeup, and they all enjoyed the festive photoshoot. I'm so happy to be in your company on this blog hop. Your creativity oozes in all you do!

  2. I spotted a Snickers bar! LOL! YEP, I want that! Cute, cute, cute girl! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  3. Jemma, the colors are amazing and the cut piece of cake looks delicious. I like that you incorporated pastel colors and flowers.
    I did not know about Dia de los Muerots. Interesting how holidays evolve.
    I like teaching children not to be afraid of death.
    I am so happy you are able to enjoy your grands so much.
    Very creative post.

  4. What fun Jemma! I love all the bright colors, the Day of the Dead and sugar skulls! Your bicycle riding skellie plates are hilarious fun! You look so cute in the Half Mask! You have created a celebration on your table! So unique and creative!

  5. Jemma this is so much fun and your face mask is awesome. I always participated in the happy side of Halloween when the kids were little, it was our favorite holiday that has left us with neat memories. The kids spent months planning their costumes and there were times when we all dressed up. A Halloween party is a great solution to all those who are thinking about forgetting this holiday.
    Great ideas and love the bright colors...

    Hugs, Carole

  6. Hi Jemns,

    Not being a Halloween person, I'm on board with your table. Your skeletons look like they're ready for some fun and singing. Happy Halloween table is good.

    Cindy q

  7. Jemma! I love that photo of you with the mask! You know, being of Mexican heritage, this is a celebration that my family never engaged in or even mentioned! Looks like fun with all the SUGAR, BABY! You always put on the best festive vignettes my friend. So good to talk to you!

  8. Jemma this is tooo cute and fun. I love all the details and the colors. Super cute.
    Hugs and Happy Tuesday. xoxo Kris

  9. A darling table Jemma filled with bright pretty colors. The skulls are so fun. Loving the bicycle plates with skellies. Such a happy table. The cake is a fantastic find and fits in nicely. Sugar skulls are so festive and you have included a little history. You look darling in the mask. A pleasure joining you my sweet friend. xo

  10. Jemma, your table sings fun! With so much color it is hard to think that skeletons are scary!! This is a fun way for kids to celebrate. We used to get the bejeebers scared out of us. Your little bike plates are cute and work well with your theme. Enjoy celebrating this with your grandkids!!

  11. Jemma, I love your colorful and fun, but not scary take on Halloween. You are so adorable in your mask, and what a fabulous cake from WalMart. You are having the best time with your grands. Enjoy sweet friend!

  12. Jemma, You have all my favorite things. . . color, whimsy and cake! I like to keep the ‘happy’ in Halloween too. :) I know all the littles must be thrilled with all your Sugar Skull fun. Your plates are wonderful and were the perfect find and you look so cute in your mask! So happy to join again in the hop, Happy October!

  13. Jemma, the bright, bold colors are cheerful and playful and makes Halloween a happy and festive time. The sugar skulls and cake and chocolate treats have me dying for a piece of this rich, awesome cake. I love your use of various colorful flowers, candles, napkins and glassware and your skeleton plates riding a bike are perfect for this fun tablescape. What a fun mask to wear too! Happy Halloween!

  14. I bet the kids will love this! Beautiful bright colors! Perfect for celebrating! Such a fun, creative, festive look! Love it!

  15. That cake look so Yummy! What a festive table for Halloween. The skulls and the colorful candles and the plates all make it so fantastic. And that mask - how delightful it looks on you. Of course, I loved the roses on it. Those tiny skeletons are cute and add something to the décor. What a talented lady you are, Jemma. I will be going to
    a Halloween Quarantine party at Nel's, and can't wait to see the little ones in their costumes. : )

    What a fun post this was.


  16. Jemma, I love the colorful sugar skull table you have styled! The bright colors are a nice change from the dark colors I used this year. Ever since watching the movie, Coco with the grands, I have been fascinated with the celebration of Dia de las Muertos. Your plates are SO cute! I haven't been able to find any seasonal plates this year near me, so it is all recycling at my house! Thanks for joining us!

  17. I love this so much! I love the colors! Such a fun table!


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