Best Sugar Cookie Recipe

June 21, 2021

What Baker or Homemaker doesn't want the Best Sugar Cookie Recipe Ever...right? A recipe that can be rolled or dropped to make the most delicious sugar cookies ever and it's a simple recipe that offers great results! By now you know that I just love sharing baking, making, and family happenings here. You see, for me these things are the backbone of living.

 Best Sugar Cookie Recipe

Helping Out With Molly, Kennedy and Easton

So I am here today to pick up the pace! I sort of took a small sabbatical while I was in Florida helping out with Molly, Kennedy and Easton. Their Mama, ( my daughter went back to nursing school, her hubby is a Major in the Airforce and works different schedules.) So I stepped in for the first semester to be there for the grands and make life flow a little smoother for the Kiss family. I did a whole lot of playing, laughing, snuggling and naturally some cooking and baking too.

Best Sugar Cookie Recipe

Two year old hands are just the best! All squishy and sweet and eager so just about any cookie shape will do, truly there was no need to be overly particular for this little guy to enjoy his cookie. 

When Life Gives You Humidity Skip The Rolling and Make Drop Sugar Cookies.

I am blessed with a large family so naturally I have a arsenal of recipe books and so many recipes memorized in this noggin of mine. I made this best sugar cookie recipe at Christmas and they were amazing in flavor, texture and super easy to decorate too.  This time with the humidity being so high and this dough so tender it was definitely not cookie rolling weather. So you know the old saying when life gives you lemons you make lemonade! In this case when life gives you humidity skip the rolling and make drop cookies!

Best Sugar Cookie Recipe

This little smiling sweetheart certainly doesn't need a sugar cookie to make here any more sweeter😊.

Mixing Up The Best Sugar Cookie Dough

Best Sugar Cookie Recipe

Best Sugar Cookie Recipe Also Known as Stephanie's Sugar Cookie Recipe. 

I discovered this recipe on Instagram from a gal named Stephanie. I think you'd like to hop on over to right here to see her detail tips on decorating sugar cookies too! Stephanie really knows how to decorate her cookies. You'll get so much inspiration...think 4th of July!

I am a vanilla nut so I tweaked this recipe to increase the vanilla. Be sure to invest in quality vanilla it really makes ALL the difference in flavor.

Best Sugar Cookie Recipe Printable

Use A Ice Cream Scoop For Making Drop Sugar Cookies

Best Sugar Cookie Recipe

Place Scoops of Sugar Cookie Dough On A Parchment Covered Cookie Sheet

Best Sugar Cookie Recipe

Bake At 350 Degrees For 8-10 Minutes! TADA!

Best Sugar Cookie Recipe

Serve with a cold glass of milk on a Hot Summer Day and then take a nap!



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