Homemade Coconut Cake With Coconut and Walnut Frosting

May 20, 2021

You'll find lots of Homemaking and baking going on over here in Mississippi as we settle in to our down home lifestyle.  But first things first and that was christening our new Kitchen. I must say I've been obsessed with trying out these new ovens. So I whipped up a truly delicious homemade Coconut Cake with Coconut and Walnut Frosting. Truth be told I toyed with the idea of using a box mix, I almost waivered and gave in but a little voice said to me that wouldn't be the right way to begin my baking life in our new home. So I grabbed this glorious Southern Living Cookbook and set to baking😊 and boy am I glad that I did!

Homemade Coconut Cake With Walnut Frosting

This cake has been my go to breakfast for the past few days...😉 and I am living with no shame for doing so. So, may I suggest that this cake be served  for Breakfast with a cup of Coffee or Tea!

Homemade Coconut Cake With Coconut and Walnut Frosting

I am a collector of cookbooks are you? I have collected cookbooks for as long as I can remember. I love the story they tell; the culture, history and lives of those who nourish us. I made this Coconut Cake recipe from The Southern Living Cookbook (1972) this cookbook was given to my Mom from her twin sister-Aunt Madge. Aunt Madge became a Southern Lady once she married Uncle Taylor and took up residency with him in his home state of North Carolina. Just like Mama, Aunt Madge was a real good baker too.

Homemade Coconut Cake With Coconut Frosting

I am actually beginning to think now that Mama cooked for us with a slightly Southern cuisine because of Aunt Madge. 

Mom and Aunt Madge would be thrilled over these layers...just look at them! A perfect bake! I was so happy when I pulled these glorious cake layers out of the oven.  I believe the secret to this cake recipe is all in the Cake Flour and nearly a half a dozen eggs! Not a teaspoon of regular flour was used.

Recipe For Homemade Coconut Cake With Coconut and Walnut Cream Cheese Frosting

My new Kitchen has plenty of natural light and goodness gracious this does make all of the difference in my attitude and I do believe my baking skills too!

Homemaking With Jemma

If you enjoy cooking shows with heart, grit and a beautiful story I suggest the Chef's Table on Netflix.

Homemade Coconut Cake With Coconut and Walnut Frosting

Sweet and blessed happenings are swirling around us and I'll be popping in again soon with some recipes, crafts and garden happenings!

This is another fabulous cake recipe Blackberry Studded Lemon Pound Cake . This recipe first appeared on  Cafe Sucre Farine!
Give it a whirl, I know you'll be pleased!

With Love,

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  1. Hello dear, dear Jemma! Sizzle sister that you are, I love that you decided to make this cake withOUT a mix. Remember how our mothers made those amazing cakes? And your kitchen, so well-lit and spacious, I'd want to be baking all day! LOVE everything you are sharing here, as well as the idea of having some cake for breakfast!!!

    1. Hello Anita!
      Greetings Sizzle Sister:) Can you even imagine the travesty of using a pre-fab cake mix!!!! Honoring a fabulous tradition of homebaking and goodness were the results well worth it!

  2. YUM! That is one pretty cake! Speaking of cakes, I have some to icing. LOL! Hope you are doing well dear Jemma. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

    1. Doing well sweet Cindy! Thanks for dropping by! XO!

  3. This is the perfect cake to start out your new home with, Jemma. I really like
    coconut. I just made a boxed lemon cake with frosting, and it was moist and
    good, but there's just nothing like a homemade cake like our Moms used to
    make. The lemon pound cake with lemon drizzle looks amazing. Your kitchen
    is big and light, and those canisters are so delightful. They look like farmers,
    which really suit you growing up with a farming lifestyle. I'm glad you are
    settling in your new home and even starting to bake yummy desserts, dear Jemma.



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