Simple Yarn Valentine Hearts

February 02, 2021

Hello crafty friends! With Valentine's Day just around the corner we simply cannot let the sweetest day of the year slip by without a craft or two over here at Jemma's. This year we are going for sweet simplicity, while focusing on crafts that the entire family can enjoy making together. These simple yarn Valentine hearts are perfect for gift giving or for creating your own Valentine vignette.

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While I am here in Panama City helping out with the youngsters (these children all love a good afternoon of crafting and coloring.) My daughter and I gathered up some yarn, poster board, hot glue and the children. Naturally there was plenty of Dove Chocolate, conversation hearts and squeals of delight.

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The small amount of supplies is quite wonderfully ridiculous and the return on the minimal amount of expense is even more wonderfully ridiculous!

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Supply List.

1-Assorted colors of yarn

2-Poster board or cardboard from a shoe box, cereal box, milk carton etc...


4-Hot glue gun and glue sticks

5-Pencil and heart form for tracing a pattern

Yarn, kids, family, easy, diy, Valentine, craft,

DIY Simple Yarn Valentine Hearts Directions.

Using a pencil trace a heart by using a heart shaped cookie cutter, wood shaped heart, plastic heart etc...onto cardboard or poster-board.

Using scissors cut out the heart.

Using Yarn of choice begin wrapping the heart with the yarn in a zig-zag pattern. 

Wrap until you have achieved the desired thickness.

Secure the yarn by hot-gluing the yarn on the backside of the heart.

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This was a spiffy craft that was perfectly suited to 4ish and above. While the younger folks hearts were a little more loopy, they were still cute and they had a grand ole' time.

DIY, Craft, Valentine, Yarn, Heart, Handmade, decorating,
In these convoluted times discovering ways to be creative and positive can be ever so challenging.
So when I find a craft that works for us, I certainly feel as though you will enjoy it too.
So whether you gather your inner circle safely to you home or embark on this project solo, I know in my will enjoy it!

Thank you for joining in on the Valentine fun!



I always enjoy supporting small businesses.

I recently ordered a few items for my girls for Valentine's Day on Etsy. You will find the links below. Lori is a gem and is really wonderful to work with.

Love Never Fails-Primrose Lane

He is Risen-Primrose Lane

Be Still and Know that I am God- Prim Rose Lane

Next week I will be sharing a wonderful sugar cookie recipe that is positively perfect for making heart shaped cookies.

Thank you for joining in on the Valentine fun!



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  1. Love this Jemma - your grandson reminds me of Blake when he was that age, with a smile that lights up the room. Great craft and fantastic for growing hands and a good way to use up odd amounts of yarn. Looking forward to the sugar cookies. That was a favorite in our home, we made them for every holiday when the kids were little. They especially enjoyed them for Valentines.


    1. Hi Carole,
      I am really enjoying the grands and this little guy really lights up the room for sure. Agree with you on this craft being a super creative way to use up yarn!

  2. Hello Jemma!!!! Love, the most abundant source in the universe, in the WORLD! YAHOOOOOOOOOO

  3. So sweet. It is these fun times together that will make the best and lasting memories for your grand children. You make everything fun Jemma. Happy New Week. The little hearts are adorable. xoxo

    1. Hey Kris,
      The grandchildren just grow up so fast, don't they? I am treasuring these fleeting moments for sure!
      Thanks for the sweetness!

  4. Very cute. Your grandson is so cute. I know you are enjoying him.

    1. Thank you Bonnie, I am enjoying these three grands. Before we know it our home will be built and we won't be living quite as close, but still only 6 hours away.

  5. Very sweet post. Your grandson is precious. I know you are having so much joy with the grands. The yarn hearts are so cute. I hope you are enjoying your new surroundings. xoxo

  6. Jemma, what a great craft. I will share this with a niece of mine who crafts almost every day with her children, the oldest being 4. Your grands are absolutely adorable - those dimples are everything!♥ Happy February, and Happy Valentine wishes to you and yours.

  7. Oh Jemma, I am lovin' that picture of your grandson and what his shirt says, it's so cute. This is a great idea, and a fun way to spend time creating with your daughter and grandkids. I especially liked the pink one. These yarn hearts are so soft and easy to make. I always delight in the plaques that you find, I have that same plaque, Be Still and know that I am God, but mine has more pinks in it. It's actually one of my favorite verses. I like the other treasure you have on here as well, You are loved.

    You are loved too, dear friend.


  8. Love those smiling faces, priceless!!!
    I just came to tell you funny little thing - Your first name, Jemma, means in finnish language Stash;DD so stash, wheres the gear???

  9. I am so glad I popped over to read this post. I enjoyed it so much Jemma. That little one is a doll baby! I just want to hug him! LOL! I have a shirt that says, Kind people are my kind of people. I love that saying. I hope that you enjoy your week and thank you again for your kind words. Meant to much. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  10. Jemma, hello! I hope you are well; I've tried emailing you with no response. Please let me know you are doing well!


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