Thanksgiving Tablescape: Simple and Elegant

November 03, 2020

Hello Sweet Friends, here in Florida we have all the wonderful Fall feels going on in our home today! Windows open, spicy candles burning and I am doing a happy little jig as I welcome you to our Southern home all ready for Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving, tablescape, simple, traditional, athomewithjemma.com

I am just so happy to have cooler weather that I could squeal! We moved back South in June after living in Colorado. Getting accustomed to heat and humidity again has had, certain challenges...😄 

Thanksgiving, Holiday, Homemaking, Tablescape, athomewithjemma

I truly do believe that day light savings time brought Fall in with a gust of wind and brighter rays of sunshine. In joyful anticipation of celebrating a traditional Thanksgiving Day with two of our daughters and their precious families, I am bringing you our simple and elegant Thanksgiving Tablescape. 

Thanksgiving, homemaking, holiday, tablescape, blue, white

For this minimal, simple, child friendly Thanksgiving Tablescape I am mixing my Martha Stewart Dinnerware (exclusively made for Macy's ) Collection and paper plates!
Yes my dears, it's true PAPER PLATES! Gasp...

paper, plates, blue, white, plaid, elegant, simple, Thanksgiving, tablescape

These elegant disposable plates are perfect for styling any Holiday table and with the current concern over illness, paper plates take care of some of those worries for any guests that may be joining you for this festive celebration.
We also have a 2 year old grandson who is a whirlwind! Let's see if this minimal tablescape comes out unscathed!

Thanksgiving, white, blue, natural, pumpkin, plates, athomewithjemma.com

Do you see these glowing cute little punkin candles in my clear and mercury glass votives?
I got them at Target about three weeks ago and while Target no longer has them in stock just look at these cute pumpkin candles from VedgeCandle Company on Etsy. You know lighting make such a difference.
athomewithjemma.com, tablescape, homemaking, holiday, Thanksgiving

decorating, tablescape, centerpiece, decor, simple, blue, white, athomewithjemma

I created a simple DIY place card by using cardstock and tracing a pumpkin shaped cookie cutter. For the place card holder I hot glued two cinnamon sticks to the base of the place card. Tada!

antlers, pumpkins, tobacco basket centerpiece

Using a tobacco basket as my container I layered magnolia leaves, pine cones, fresh berries and native blooms along with real and faux pumpkins, antlers and candles to create a simple and earthy fresh vibe

Martha Stewart, white, plates, turkey plates, orange, napkin, athomewithjemma

I ironed up my orange and yellow cloth napkins and folded them so as to create a pocket to tuck the silverware in, then I added a mini hand-painted acorn just for fun.

goblet, vintage, champagne, glass, pumpkin, thanksgiving, athomewithjemma

Each guest at my table will take home a mini pumpkin. I placed the pumpkin in my Mother's vintage champagne glass on top of my plate stack and topped it all off with a cinnamon stick and acorn.

plate, stack, thanksgiving, blue, yellow, white, athomewithjemma.com

tobacco, basket, magnolia, leaves, centerpiece, athomewithjemma

I enjoy mixing real candles and LED candles on my tablescapes, seems I can never ever get quite enough glow.

tablescape, blue, white, centerpiece, natural, floral, berries, magnolia, athomewithjemma.com

white, blue, orange, pumpkin, tablescape, athomewithjemma

I chased the fading afternoon light with my camera on this particular photo shoot and I love how the shadows play along the table runner and pumpkin.

turkey, plate, blue, white, yellow, orange, athomewithjemma

So very thankful for loving family, sweet friends and our beautiful country. My heart overflows with the beauty of America; majestic mountains, rushing seas, golden sunsets and pink sunrises. Indeed we are all blessed to live in this great country.

stripe, runner, blue, white, plates, crystal, athomewithjemma

Thanksgiving, table, setting, plates, athomewithjemma

white, blue, orange, tablescape, athomewithjemma

Thanksgiving, tablescape, white, blue, athomewithjemma

Happy Thanksgiving to each and everyone!

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  1. Jemma, I love your plate stack topped with those adorable turkey paper plates…perfect for giving thanks with a two year old! Your pumpkin candles are adorable too, I’ve missed my normal Target outings over the last few months. The light you captured is beautiful as well as your bountiful tobacco basket! As always it’s a treat to join you at table and hop with you again.
    P.S. I’m happy to see you as I didn’t have you in the line-up but added your link. Happy November ♥

    1. Hello Mary,
      Thank you for the sweet visit. You know it seems that seasonal merchandise flies off the shelves so quickly these days. Trying to plan way ahead for Christmas this year.

  2. Your table is delightful Jemma! I'm so glad you will be with your precious family! I love the pumpkin votives and the pumpkin favor in the compote too. I'm all for paper plates, there are so many adorable ones available now, and they make life so much easier, and as you mentioned, safer! Good luck with the whirlwind! My whirlwind is now 5 and he is still going, so be prepared 😂 Your table is warm, inviting and just whimsical enough to feel like family should gather here! I hope you have a wonderful November and Thanksgiving!

  3. Jemma, this is so FRESH and fun! I absolutely adore the use of those adorable paper plates. The plaid on the plates, the stripes on the runner, and the happy colors of orange and yellow in the napkins are just perfect. The way you made the place cards - so very you in the touch of creativity, and I couldn't agree more about light on the table, whether it's the candles or you chasing the sunlight with your photos. I do believe you have settled wonderfully into your new climate, and I am certain you must be thankful for not being in the center of either fire or snow storms. True blessings can be found, no matter our circumstances, and much to be thankful for, always. I'm so happy you were able to join in this circle of friends today, Jemma. Your exuberance for life and living is infectious, and I'm so happy to know you over the years.

  4. Good morning to you, Jemma. I need some spicy candles burning! It is another beautiful fall day!
    Your home is full of lovely light I can tell. How nice. Your photographs are beautiful.
    I love the ambience you have provided. I can see your precious children and their families gathered at your table.It warms my heart.
    All of a sudden I am having trouble with floaters. I will be back... need to take a break from reading.

  5. How pretty. The turkey paper plates are so cute. They make the sweetest paper plates. Sometimes you cannot tell the difference.’perfect for a two year old. Your Mother’s glass compotes are such a treasure. The tobacco basket is a wonderful vessel for your florals. Wishing you a lovely Thanksgiving with your sweet family. Xo

  6. Super cute Jemma. I have been visiting all of you in the blog hop and have to say Bravo to all of you. Love the sweet turkey plates. Your table is so pretty. Happy November.
    xoxo Kris

  7. Hello my friend, what a joy to visit you in your beautiful new home. I can only imagine the change from cold Colorado to hot and humid Florida. I knew you would handle it with grace.

    I love your table and all the wonderful details created with your crafting and loving hands. The cute paper plates are perfect for a two year old and maybe even some older ones 😂 My little nineteen month old EK will be receiving a cute paper plate. The bountiful tobacco basket makes the perfect centerpiece. I am so happy to hop with you...I did get you added to my post. Wishing you a most blessed Thanksgiving season!

  8. JEMMA! Hello! What a sweet table setting with a gift from nature's bounty at the end of the meal. I hope your Thanksgiving table will be attended by many a loved one to make memories! So good to hear you have fall happening now!

  9. Looking cozy and happy over there Jemma! I'd love sitting there and chatting with y'all. Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. Your table looks great! Who wants to be doing dishes when you have a cute two year old grand baby

    I would love to see my family and friends for Thanksgiving and Christmas.


  11. Jemma, There is so much to say! First, I agree we are so very blessed in this country. I love your darling turkey paper plates. I would never have known they were paper .
    Your plate stack with various edging has such great texture and makes a nice statement.
    Your pumpkin candles scattered about in footed compotes and sherbet glasses look so festive. Your centerpiece and stripe runner pulls all the pieces together that is both inviting and beautiful.

  12. I love this table and I love everything about it! The colors are so warm and rich and a table that anyone would love to sit at and dine with you. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  13. Jemma, what a darling, warm and welcoming table you set! I for one LOVE those colorful turkey plates, and think paper is an excellent choice with youngsters at the table. I didn't even realize they were paper until you told us, lol! Also, not everyone can afford to purchase or have room to store holiday specific tableware and paper is a great alternative. And, how clever of you to place the flatware in napkin pockets. But what especially like is your stunning centerpiece. Beautifully done! Have a most happy and healthy holiday with your dear ones.

  14. I love the dish stack and then the little pedestal dishes with the pumpkins! Such a cute idea! I love the colors and the centerpiece! All so lovely!

  15. Jemma, your table is just beautiful! There is nothing wrong with paper plates, either. If you wouldn't have said anything I would of thought those turkey plates were the real thing. The centerpiece you created is gorgeous and the perfect compliment to your table. I hope that you and your dear family have a most blessed Thanksgiving!

  16. Wow !! Such fabulous table spreads !! Would love if you could share your post with us at Meraki Link Party at https://doodlebuddies.net/2020/11/02/meraki-link-party-12/
    Much love

  17. Love the mix of patterns of your dishes and textiles! Fun table and your grandson and parents will like it too.

  18. I can't believe those plates are disposable! They are so pretty! Your tablescape is just lovely. Thank you for sharing your inspiration with us. Wishing you a blessed Thanksgiving!

  19. What a fun and festive table! You used such beautiful fall colors and I love that gorgeous centerpiece! Using a tobacco basket to display all the fall accessories was such a creative idea. Your Thanksgiving table would truly appeal to any age. Love it!

  20. Joyce, Your table is so bright and welcoming for your Thanksgiving gathering. There is certainly no reason to not use paper plates, and these are delightful! I like to bring them out for dessert, especially since many like to go back for seconds (or thirds) and they can simply grab a fresh plate for that slice of pie or pumpkin roll. You have added so many sweet elements, like the gift of the little pumpkins tucked into the glasses with the cinnamon sticks, and the placecards! I hope you have a safe and lovely Thanksgiving. I know it will be a joy to be near family this year.

  21. It's a lovely table and any guest would feel quite pampered to sit down here!

  22. Your table is so pretty!! I do love the paper plates mixed in. Why not? They are gorgeous!

  23. Hi Jemma, I love your use of paper plates to your cute tablescape. It is ideal and just as pretty when little ones are at the table. Functional as it is beautiful. I love your pumpkin place card holder idea. So practical and yet adds such a playful detail to the tablescape. The pumpkin candles all around the table, including the fruit dishes are perfect. The centerpiece ties it all together and adds a natural touch. Florida is quite a change from Colorado. (My daughter lives in Colorado.) I hope you enjoy your holiday in your new state. Happy Thanksgiving.

  24. That was just the nicest thing that you said about being blessed to live in this beautiful country. So very true. I enjoyed your work too. Worthy effort.

  25. You decorated such a pretty and cheerful table for Thanksgiving! The paper plates look cute with the turkey and I love the centerpiece.

  26. You decorated such a pretty table and perfect for your Thanksgiving celebration with your family!

  27. Love this...paper plates are a great way to add color and texture to a table setting...Adorable candles, too

  28. Welcome to Florida Jemma...your table is lovely...I especially love your place card holders and how clever to use your cookie cutter. Sorry I am so slow in commenting. hugs and blessings.

  29. You definitely have a festive table and I love the place card holders, how creative.


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