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5 Fabulous Ways To Pamper Yourself

January 15, 2017
The beginning of each year I contemplate the power and hope of a fresh mindset.
For me it is comparable to organizing a room, closet or cupboard.
I like to take a short inventory of the previous year, make a few mental notes and move forward with the new.
I am not one for setting lofty goals, I know what I can and cannot attain, I am learning to accept me the way that I am and that I am  Enough. I am here to encourage you to do the same.
So today I am sharing some thoughts with you on these topics.
For this year I have chosen to begin with a pampering yourself type of mindset.
I like this outlook as it can be easily customized to what your own personal version of pampering is.
While perhaps pampering sounds a tad bit selfish I believe that by pampering ourselves and accepting ourselves for who we are, we unlock the dynamic power within ourselves to share kindness, generosity and love to others.
Taking care of ourselves first, makes us strong and healthy so that we can give joyfully to others.
Well these past two weeks I set my goal on 5 ways to pamper myself in a joy filled and spruce me up manner.
Here they are one by one with tips for you on how to execute a no-fail plan of pampering yourself and igniting the power within.

1. Spontaneous Pampering In Nature

I love being pampered by nature.
Truly is there anything quite as therapeutic for the body, mind and soul than immersing oneself with Trees, birds, sky, sun, wind, rain, flowers, mountains or the ocean.
The glory of the good earth, the scent, the sights and sounds will never ever fail to re-knew the soul and rekindle the playful, hopeful lost child within each one of us.

 Ten Activities to choose From

1. Walking
2. Biking
3. Hiking
4. Running
5. Bird Watching
6. Journal
7. Photography
8. Picnic
9. Reading
10. Canoeing 

2. Spend Time With A Friend

What better way to enjoy coffee, tea, lunch, movie or shopping than with a cheerful friend.
A true friend just seems to know you better than you know yourself, and understands the nuances of your life.
Laughter can cure the blahs, winter blues, doldrums and when you are chatting, laughing and talking until you drop with a friend all worries recede like high tide.
You'll be amazed on this inexpensive form of therapy and long-lasting joy spent with a friend.
Ten Activities To Choose From

1. Arboretum
2. Museum
3. Lunch
4. Tea
5. Movie
6. Retreat
7. Trip
8. Shopping
9. Book Club
10. Bookstore

3. Spruce Up Your Appearance


May I be honest here?
Every year I promise myself that I will go gracefully into the Holiday season.
Hair freshly colored, fresh coat of polish on the nails and shimmery lips.
Well it all seems to elude me and I usually end up cancelling pre-made hair appointments and feeling like a juggler who has just dropped all of her hoops.
So this week I am happy to report that I did get my roots refreshed a snip here and there and some pretty new nails felt good, I actually felt like a new person!
It's an amazing thing to feel re-energized. 

Ten Things To Boost Your Appearance

1. New Lipstick
2. Fresh hair color (if you choose to color your hair)
3. Manicure
4. Updated hair cut or style
5. New shoes
6. New bra
7. Positive thinking and a smile
8. Regular exercise
9. Drink plenty of water
10. Plenty of rest

4. Find Fun


Don't wait for fun to find you, go find it!
Do remember when you were just a youngster and you uttered these words so many times during the day.
"That was fun!" and then you couldn't wait to have that sort of fun again.
Just the anticipation of having fun could set one to giggling. 
Being a grown up carries big responsibilities and challenges and often times we let those grownup things get in the way of finding fun.
Make Having fun a priority in your life.

Ten Ways To Find Fun

  • 1. Plan a trip
  • 2. Get out of the House
  • 3. Use your imagination
  • 4. Get unstuck from your rut
  • 5. Dare to dream
  • 6. Do a random act of kindness
  • 7. Try a new recipe
  • 8. Grow an unusual plant
  • 9. Throw a party
  • 10. Dance and sing

5. Mental Quietness


Our minds are constantly moving, and their constant inquiring, wondering and investigation is a vital part of our very existence.
However the mind has the potential to cause great storms and havoc in our lives if we are not aware and mindful of restraining and controlling our thoughts.
By practicing mental quietness we are able to be present in the moments of life.

Ten Ways To Quiet The Mind

1. Meditate
2. Walk
3. Music
4. Yoga
5. Let go of anything that is bringing you down
6. Always believe that something wonderful is going to happen
7. Focus on the positive aspects of your life
8. Quit over thinking
9.Live in the here and now
10.Speak kindly to yourself

Today I encourage you to find a quiet space without distractions.
Take a notepad with you and jot down discoveries you make on all the wonderful ways that you
can pamper yourself.
You are so worth taking the time to be good to yourself, because you know that there is only one wonderful you and you are truly Enough!

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  1. I love this post!! I love everything about it!A wonderful reminder to treat ourselves well & with respect, love and a joyful heart! Positive self talk has been my biggest internal improvement. I silenced the negativity & doubt in my head. It's a shift no one can see but I feel everyday! Who else could support me with this level of self love, besides me? ❤️❤️

  2. Amazing post Jemma! I neglect to pamper myself and need to be reminded to do so! I love how you have included so many options that are simple to do!
    Happy Sunday

  3. Oh, I love your lists and will write some of these points down in my journal today. I find that if I get out of the house...then it's easier to do my daily chores. It gives me a boost. And I love to walk and usually walk with friends in the afternoon. I'm pretty pampered...ask my hubby! haha!

  4. Dear Jemma,
    thank you for the lovely words and picktures. Have a beautiful sunday.
    Love ... Dorothea :-)

  5. I love all these tips, Jemma and I agree whole-heartedly with all of them! I am currently very stressed and anxious (renovation work going on in my home, so my house is in shambles & my son is currently having a medical problem), not to mention there's been no sunshine here for ages. I feel totally wiped out. I am going to soak in a nice, hot bath now and then take a walk later. You are right - even just the simple act of getting outside the house and walking in nature and getting some fresh air, helps.

  6. Good Morning Jemma. What a beautiful post. Love this. I think our lives get so busy and we do so much for others we forget to take care of us too. This is a great reminder with simple and beautiful ways to take care of us. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I love this Jemma. And thank you for including some ideas for each one. The weather here is gorgeous, really do need to get outside and "smell the roses"...well, IF they were still blooming. LOL

  8. Those are all such good tips, Jemma. Especially for those of here in the frozen tundra where we seem to hibernate and not do enough for ourselves during the long, cold months of winter. You shared some beautiful ideas here. xo Diana

  9. All great ideas, Jemma. I'm all about spoiling moi. Ask my family. Have a fabulous week!

  10. I love to spoil myself, because no one else does! Lol

    You forgot THE MOST IMPORTANT THING (at least in my world)...massages :).

    Oh, and thank you for the reminder that I need a new bra or two. The girls are gettin' a wittle droopy around here :/.

  11. I love these ideas, Jemma...taking time for myself is not something I do frequently. I need a reminder to do it on a regular basis. :)

  12. This is a wonderful post. I love your lists. Some of the things I need to start doing is pampering myself. I am long overdue for a massage!

  13. I'm a new follower, and I really enjoyed this post. A great reminder to treat ourselves as well as we treat others. I took a bubble bath last night, I guess that's a start! So nice to meet you. Julie

  14. A great post with some excellent suggestions and ideas.

    All the best Jan

  15. This is an excellent reminder Jemma. We seem to be on the same page and I love your ideas, freind! Blessings, Cecilia

  16. You know I'm all about spoiling yourself! I especially like the idea of nature and quiet time by yourself.

  17. These are wonderful ideas to pamper ourselves a bit, Jemma. And what better time than the new year! I really love the first one about nature. It is an absolute must for me to get out into nature several times a week. There's nothing quite like it, is there? And getting a new lipstick or hairstyle sounds great too. These are all special ways to refresh, renew, and revitalize. Thank you, dear Jemma. And can I tell you again that your writing is eloquent and flows like silk. You really should write a book someday. :)

    love, ~Sheri

  18. Jemma, this is fantastic and I love all these ideas especially #4. You are such an inspiration and reminding us that we are important and enough. I love how you closed this.

    Carole @ Garden Up Green

  19. Good morning dear, dear Jemma! I am late, having been off the computer yesterday. This is a wonderful post that speaks such a truth that sometimes, we tend to not think about. It's very scriptural because me must LOVE OURSELVES. How can we love others if we can't respect and accept ourselves and our shortcomings? Great advice and easy attitude-changing tips. Getting outside and enjoying our Father's world, or staying inside and focusing in on the quiet, all we have to do is tweak how we think and we can become empowered. Thank you for this wonderful reminder! Love to you!

  20. Thanks for the lovely ideas! After driving home from Houston last night in that terrible weather, I had already decided to have a "me" morning today.

  21. Hi Jemma ... another fabulous post! It's amazing how you point out the simple things in life which make me say 'oh yeah.' Just reading your lists were uplifting. Now I cannot wait to put some in action. Thank you!

  22. You definitely hit at the heart of things for so many of us. How did you know I need new bras? How did you know my nails look like I've been digging in a coal mine? We all need pampering and in a sweet way, you've given us all permission to do so. Sharing. ;)

  23. Wonderful pampering tips....each one is meaningful and does work when you take the time to do them.

  24. Great lists and encouragement. A very wise and timely post. Thanks so much, Jemma.

  25. These are great tips, Jemma! I enjoy my weekly lunches with my bestie, as we sit and talk and laugh for hours! And yes, a little pampering goes a long way. I usually do my own manicures; but, I am promising to splurge on more manicures at the salon. Now, I just need to get outside more. I usually walk on the treadmill; but, there is a beautiful park behind our home. I think I'll take some of my walks around the park!

  26. Words of wisdom indeed. The quieting of the mind is hardest for me. I really have to concentrate on it but I'm hoping with practice it will become easier. Getting out in nature is my favorite! All of these ideas are wonderful!

  27. Jemma, these are great ideas and so many that are easy to implement! Hope your year is off to a great start! Love and hugs!

  28. Love, love , love this post . We all surely do need to pamper ourselves . I tend to struggle getting out of a rut and by that mean I tend to do the same old things all the time . I live life and try my best to enjoy life but I fill up my calendar most often with the same old same old . Oh I vow to start changing things up a bit or to do something that's spontaneous only to quickly return to my rut . I'm a creature of habit . But I'm feeling inspired my friend . And yes I do think I'll purchase a new tube of lipstick tomorrow ! Ha! Enjoyed this so much . Hugs and blessings , Cindy

  29. Jemma wonderful post to remind us of the importance to take time out for our own enjoyment of body, mind and soul.

  30. I am the worst at pampering myself. I have made a nail appoinment three times now and have cancelled it. Love that I am having lunch with a friend today! :)

  31. Great tips! I enjoy a little pampering. I get my hair and nails done at a salon although my hair doesn't get the love my nails do. I am an independent jeweler with Premier Designs so I like to keep my nails looking nice. I love walking and seeing God's greatness around me. In November I had the opportunity to visit with several blog friends at an afternoon tea in Georgetown, CO. It was so much fun. I have promised myself to host more teas at my home this year. Sometime just sitting and chatting with a good friend and a hot mug of tea is good enough for me too.


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