DIY Farmhouse Wall Hook Rack

February 10, 2019

Ten On The Tenth Thrift Store Makeover

Hello Dear Readers and welcome to TEN on the TENTH! If you are a bargain shopper today is your day! Today you will find thirteen bloggers sharing economical, easy and naturally, thrifty ideas on how we made the most of our thrift store shopping experience. Today I am sharing my DIY Farmhouse Wall Hook Rack. This DIY project is a quick makeover and makes for super cute home decor, for any room in our homes. Double bonus is this... I think it'd be perfect for Valentine's Day too!

Links To All Of The Blogs Are At The End Of This Post.

As you probably know by now we recently moved to Monument Colorado and naturally one of the first things I wanted to do was check out the nearby shops. Monument has a super cute downtown and I have really been looking forward to checking out a few of our local thrift shops too.

Sadie, my traveling and walking buddy

This past week Sadie and I loaded up in the Yukon and headed out. I even had a small list of wish items in my purse and I had truly planned to make a full day of it. However once I arrived at Tri-Lakes my search ended.

DIY Thrift Store Find Farmhouse Wall Hook Rack
Organized Thrift Store

But for this blog post our challenge was to find a thrift store find for under ten bucks. You won't believe this - I found my treasure for $5.00 with money left over for a chocolate milkshake!

I found this rather humdrum stained wooden rack and gave it a new life with some light sanding, chalk paint and acrylic paint.

From Drab to Fab in just a few simple steps!

P.S. Customize this makeover to your liking, DIY is all about your vision and style.

Five Dollar Wooden Wall Hook Rack

Supplies For DIY Farmhouse Wooden Wall Hook Rack

  1. Wooden Hook Rack
  2. Hammer
  3. Nails (for hanging rack)
  4. Paint Brush
  5. Black Acrylic Paint
  6. Sandpaper
  7. White Chalk Paint ( I used spray paint)

DIY Black and White Farmhouse Style Wooden Wall Hook Rack
Lightly sand wooden wall hook rack with extra-fine sandpaper

I think this project is one of the easiest ones that I have ever done. Having a repertoire of different levels of DIY projects makes for a satisfied creator. We all know that we do not want BIG projects all of the time...

Farmhouse Wall Hook

Directions For DIY Farmhouse Wall Hook Wipe down with damp cloth. Allow wooden piece to dry and then spray paint with white chalk paint.

  1. Sand
  2. Wipe Down
  3. Once chalk paint has dried paint hooks and edges of wood with black acrylic paint.
  4. Once piece is dry using nails and hammer hang Farmhouse Wall Hook.
  5. Presto we are all finished, now wasn't that a piece of cake!

Thank you so much for joining us all today.

I would also like to thank each and every one of you for the caring and kind comments you have left me. Feeling very thankful!

Happy Valentine's Day Week!


Thanks for joining me today!

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  1. Jemma, this is so adorable! I love the black/white paint and the way you've styled it on your wall. I hope you are enjoying your new home! We love Colorado and hope to move there for a few years one day. We have friends there who keep telling us it is a great place to live. We've visited several times and have fallen in love with it! Have a great day! Hugs!

  2. Really cute how your "new" rack turned out, Jemma! Thanks for sharing this new thrift store, as well. That's my cup of tea to be able to haunt local thrifting places wherever I go! Happily pinned several photos to my boards for you today as part of 10 on the 10th. This is a fun hop and I am happy to be with you on it!

    Happy Valentine's, Sweetie,
    Barb :)

  3. That is cute. I love reading about your new life in Colorado. I love the black and white. Darling!

  4. Thanks so much Benita this is a fun group of gals and sharing the joy of creating with you all is pure joy!

  5. Hey Barb!
    Great to share 10 on the 10th with you! It is always so neat to see how we all interpret this creative challenge!
    Thanks so much for the Texas Hugs:)

  6. Hi Katie!
    Thank you for organizing this months challenge. I love a good goal and this project propelled me into downtown Monument Colorado! Thank you:)

  7. Very crisp and eye catching, Jemma! I bet that chocolate milkshake was good too! The shop looked like a nice place to shop. It must be fun finding new little places in your area.

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  9. Humdrum to fabulous find Jemma! It's so cute. Looking forward to seeing your other treasures!

  10. Good Morning Dewena,
    I did enjoy my trip to this most interesting shop. Sadie waited patiently in the vehicle with the window cracked. The gentleman at the counter was very helpful and yes, the milkshake made Sadie's and my afternoon! Thank you:)

  11. What a great thrift store find and I love how you painted it. Miss you in Texas, but it sure looks like you are happy in your new home!

  12. Good Morning Eilis!
    It was a super fun shop and there were other pieces that I brought home with me too:) I'll go back for certain. Thanks for stopping by, miss you too!

  13. Such a sweet makeover and a super price!

  14. Jemma,
    So happy to see you again on Ten on the Tenth! Your posts on Instagram look like you are loving Colorado, and it is loving you back! And, Sadie looks like she is also happy.

    Happy Valentine's Day,

  15. Love the crispness of the dark and light colors. Great makeover!

  16. Thank you Tammy! It was an enjoyable project, because of its' simplicity!

  17. Good Morning Judith! It's great to be back and sharing a few things now and again. Sadie is crazy over the cool temperatures and snow is her passion!

  18. Hi Ann!
    Thank you much. Very simple too:)

  19. What a cute and clever project! I love this makeover. Have a love filled week!

  20. That's really cute, Jemma. A great idea and wonderful makeover!

  21. Jemma, I love that you are back with us. Such as a cute shelf and project. Love the hearts. Looks like you have a great resource for thrift store items. What is walk chalk paint?

  22. Thanks so much Laura and I am wishing you the same!

  23. Jeanie, thank you. Simple is the name of the game...right!

  24. Hi Carol! So happy to be joining you ladies. You are an excellent proof reader...typo on my part. I wish I could say I had discovered a new and awesome paint but this is just plain and simple chalk paint!

  25. The wall hook rack is really cute, Jemma. You did a fantastic job on the sanding and the painting, and the red polka dot heart adds a special touch. It looks so nice in your home. I'm glad that you're checking out all the thrift shops in your new area. This one looks so charming. When I saw the Raggedy Ann doll, I smiled, as Nel still has hers from her childhood. I look forward to seeing all the treasures that you found that day. It's nice to hear that you are settling in and becoming familiar with your new area. Hello Sadie, you sure are cute.

    Happy Valentine's Day, dearest Jemma.

    love, ~Sheri

    ps.....congratulations on having a new grandbaby again. Welcome to the world, precious little one. : )


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