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January 31, 2019

Hello Dear Friends and New Subscribers I am dropping in to say Hi and Happy New Year! Thank you for all the well wishes as we ventured up the mountain (we are at 7,300 feet now.) We have arrived safely to our cottage home in Monument Colorado.

The day we arrived it snowed like crazy, we gasped, Sadie chased a rabbit and of course I fell down! But aside from all of that I am here today to welcome you to my world of frosty snow, and magical pines. Our mountain cottage is nestled on 4 acres of Ponderosa Pines. Surprisingly enough we haven't been all that cold(seriously we haven't!) and there is a very real reason why we haven't been too terribly cold...dry air.

My frosty angel

I have discovered that my hair and crackling joints love dry air...my skin does not. I have used a couple of jars of aquaphor on my lips and even on my hands, bottles of lotion too. I now know what alligator skin feels and looks like! EEK! So if you drop by for a visit let me know in advance so I can get my lotion out first!

Buffalo Check Is In Order

I thought I'd share just a few random photos of the house today. Trust me we are in one big old painting, sanding and dusty mess but I did spruce up this room just for you:) This bedroom is one of my favorite rooms in our cottage home and it has become the upstairs guest room and my office. I have just recently painted the walls Olympus White.

My youngest daughter discovered this dreamy white and I am smitten with it now too.

Blue Colorado Skies and Plenty of Sunshine

I am using quite of bit of blue in our cottage home, as my ultimate goal is to bring the pristine and vibrant blue Colorado skies inside! Lots of light, airy, and bright vibes are in order for this home. This particular shade of white has some lovely blue undertones and you can find it at Sherwin Williams (SW6253)

Adding a Chinoiserie lamp and Orchids to a Sofa Table

Incorporating more blue by adding some new accessories as well as some treasured ones on our sofa table. The plate is a gift from my daughter Samantha and the vase was my dear Mother's. I purchased the Chinoiserie lamp from Lamps Plus. I am really pleased with the lamp too. It arrived in a timely manner and very well packaged.

Sofa table Vignette

You may notice there are not any pulls on this sofa table...it has just recently been painted too and I am waiting on my Hobby Lobby order of pulls to arrive. The top of the table is Watery from Behr and it's another great choice of blue too. We use the Marquee which is the paint and primer in one and it provides great coverage.

Thanks for dropping by and let's chat again soon!


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  1. Hello sweet friend! Love your pretty photos and glimpses of your home. My skin gets dry in Texas - I can't imagine how bad it would be in dry air! ๐Ÿ˜Š

  2. You’ve reminded me I need to do a catch up post too Jemma, but like you life has been so busy and so many other things take precedent. But you did it!

    Love the buffalo check, and how appropriate for your locale! I’m thinking maybe I should have sent you some of my rustic things when we moved lol. It’s fun to do something different from what we’re used to, isn’t it?!

    I’m not surprised you’re not super cold there. It’s actually MUCH worse in so many areas now. If the air is dry and there’s little or no wind, it’s amazing how low the temps can drop before we’re uncomfortable. As for me, I’m glad I didn’t get rid of my down coat!


  3. So pretty, Joyce! I love the blue and white you are adding in your home!

  4. JEMMA!!!!!!!!!! Welcome back to blogging! It's lovely to see a snippet of your new world. Yeah, the cold weather is interesting on the skin, isn't it!

    I have to keep my face and hair well-moisterized; my hands on the other hand (LOL) are harder to keep soft because I'm constantly washing them, working with children, you know....enjoy the decorating of your new home my dear!

  5. Hello Jemma! It is wonderful to see you posting from Colorado! I certainly will look forward to hearing about your life there and you know we're all curious about everything you will be doing in your house there. I love blue and white and your table with the beautiful blue plate and that gorgeous lamp, along with the guest bedroom/your office kind of gives me a hint that your home may become an elegantly rustic Colorado style?

    Jemma, I first tried to come to your post while clicking on your name on the comment you left for me. It took me to your blog but only to the very last post you did last fall of your new Colorado home. Not your new post. Then I looked for your new post on my blogroll but couldn't find it. So I had to go to FB and find your link for this post there. I wonder if this is a glitch that might keep people from finding you? I'm going to reenter your info from this page and add your blog again to my blogroll and maybe it will then show up.

    The dry air does sound marvelous, even with having to constantly moisturize. You sound so happy in your new home! I'm happy for you!

  6. Mi piace molto il tuo letto check ❤ come siete messi con il meteo? vedo in tv che il Colorado รจ stato colpito da tempeste di neve qui nel nord italy oggi abbiamo neve per la prima volta! Felice we

  7. Ciao Gemma, mi piace molto il letto check ❤ come siete messi col meteo? Vedo in tv che il Colorado รจ stato colpito da tempeste di neve, qui in nord italy oggi abbiamo avuto la prima neve! ๐Ÿ˜ felice we

  8. Jemma, I miss you but am so excited to see you are happy and thriving up there at 7300 ft! Even though I laughed at your fall I hope you didn't seriously hurt yourself. I only laughed because that would have been me. Love your plans for the house and what you've already done is beautiful! Keep us in the loop. And I just may visit one day so get that lotion out and be prepared to share. I need it too! Big hugs!

  9. Ho problemi a inviarti il commento ๐Ÿค”

  10. Congrats on the move Jemma. I am glad you are getting settled into your new home. I love Olympus White too. Such a clean color. I love the blue you are adding so pretty. My derm got me using CeraVe moisturizer and you can get it at Target and Walmart. It is the best moisturizer out there and I have to say after using it for over a year my skin has never looked or felt better. My Dermatologist told me this is by far the best one out there even over prescription lotions. I believe her now. I have tried so many and this one is great.
    Stay warm and cozy in your new home.

  11. Oh, wow! I didn't realize you had moved. It is just beautiful, sweet friend! God bless you in your new home!

  12. You are in a lovely area of Colorado! II love the new touches you"ve already added to your home. our elevation is about a thousand feet higher than ours so you must find cooking anything takes longer? It all so confusing to me at first. We haven't done much to change iur very 1990's style house because we did child care for a grandchild ftom birth till kindergarden. I'll ed njoy seeing what you do to give me ideas!

  13. Jemma, I'm so glad to hear from you. Love the bedroom and the covers and all. And I know your view is fabulous.

    Aquaphor is the best thing ever invented. They told me to use it on my lips during my cancer healing and I've never stopped since. (Now they have the lip therapy with sunscreen.) All good and wonderful! Yes, after all those years in warm humidity, your skin had culture shock! Can't wait to see more!

  14. Ah, yes, the wonderful dry air of Colorado! Where every day is a great hair day! We live in Tyler and our daughter's family is north of Denver, so we get to enjoy time there. Great place to visit! I took a pic of your sofa table decor as I am redecorating our living area and master bedroom. Shopping my stash first, of course.
    I'm sure y'all are enjoying your new place. Looks like a postcard.

  15. Wishing you a world of happiness and blessings in your Colorado home. Nice to hear from you again.

  16. Happy to hear from you. Have a happy and blessed life in Colorado.

  17. Hi Jenna! I'm so happy to have your post arrive in my inbox! It's nice to see you settling in. I like the Olympus White, and I remember testing that color for our bath a couple years ago. Looks like I'll be doing some painting this year too, and landing on your post had me straying to the SW site like I have so many time before, testing paint colors with their feature of being able to upload home photos. I love that.

    Take care, and come back again soon!

  18. Hello dear Jemma, it’s great to hear from you. Your new digs are lovely. Beautiful views and serenity to enjoy. The blue looks in your new home. Sounds like you have been very busy. Take good care of your skin. Happy weekend sweet friend. Xo

  19. Jemma, it is so good to hear from you once again! I can't wait to see more of your beautiful new home. It sounds like you are having a lot of fun fixing it up and making it yours. I hear you on the dry skin in winter...Illinois winters are extremely dry, too! You can always rub some kind of good oil into your hands at night (jojoba, almond, or coconut) and then cover them in cotton gloves. I also use Zum Rub (lavender...all natural ingredients) on my lips and all around my cuticles. I love this stuff and recommend it to everyone!

  20. Everything is so pretty Jemma. Girl, my skin is dry as it is so I can't imagine. Have you tried the O'Keeffe's for dry hands? I buy the one made for feet and I love it. You can get it at Walmart and Ace hardware I know. Girl, it looks cold in your neck of the woods. It's very nice here today. But with Florida weather we take it day by day. Good to see you post. I miss your post. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  21. Well where have I been all this time? I just discovered you over at Art & Sand, isn't Carol a dear? But so are you, and you are both such talented ladies. I love your blog and look forward to seeing more of the beauty you are surrounded by.

  22. I'm glad you're loving your Colorado home, Jemma. You are nestled in the midst of all these pine trees, and your sweet little angel is shivering in the cold. : ) Blue is always pretty in the home, and your vase and plate and lamp are very nice. What a treasure your mother's vase is. The Pink flowers add a pop of color during these cold Winter days. The bedding is really cute in your guestroom.

    Happy Valentin's Day, dear Jemma, and I look forward to seeing more of your charming, cozy home. All the nature surrounding your home is just beautiful.

    love, ~Sheri


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