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Southeastern Idaho is the Great Outdoors

September 26, 2018
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Today I am sharing my Idaho. 
My husband and I just returned from a little trip to my Idaho.
I grew up in Southeastern Idaho on an agricultural farm in the upper snake river valley.
Mountains surround the fertile soil of the patchwork fields and from a Birdseye view the fields really do look like quilts. 
To the north of the farm gushing, clear waters of the snake river wind their way around nearby Buttes. Eagles soar, Moose roam, Deer have plenty of food and God is present in every inch of this good, solid earth.


I have always thought that growing up in this region of the country was like heaven on earth.
The mountain air is always clean, crisp, and dry. 
Seems that each and every time I visit I am reminded of how this pristine and natural environment influences my way of thinking and living even now.


My parents first home was on this spot in this field, they were young farmers with a young daughter (my sister Sandra) and worked this land together, side by side.
Their tiny wooden home was built by my Father.
Mother would tell me stories of the potato and grain harvests and of the cold Idaho Winters.
So cold were these blustery, frozen Winter days that Mother and Father would take their produce to bed with them to keep the potatoes and apples from freezing.


Winters are quite long in Southeastern Idaho, but this seems a small price to pay for the majestic beauty which encases the fields once the glorious sun-drenched months of Summer and Fall arrive.


These serene refreshing Mountain streams provide precious water for irrigation in the valley.


Golden Aspen dot the Mountain landscape nestled among the Pines.
So many things to do and see in Idaho.


Ten Things To Do When Visiting Idaho



Farmers have a keen eye for detail, sophisticated watering systems, hydraulics, diesel engines, nature, life, love and ethics. 
Sadly enough the small farmer is becoming a lost breed of stellar, intelligent, capable individuals who wake to the sunrise with hope of a flourishing crop. 
Their work ethic is amazing and they look best with dusty boots, weathered faces and and a can-do attitude. 
They are and always will be my people. 
They are Makers of a different kind!

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  1. What a beautiful place! Heaven on earth! I so enjoyed reading about your Idaho and how your parents began a family there, working hard tending the crops and even taking some to bed to keep them from freezing. A beautiful place to grow up Jemma! What amazing memories you must have! Looking forward to hearing more of them! Glad that you enjoyed your visit! Thanks for sharing! Xx linda

  2. It's so beautiful, Jemma. I can see why you are always drawn back there and why it will always be home.

  3. I've traveled through Idaho, and loved all i saw! A very beautiful state. I'm sure it is always wonderful for you to return to your home state.

  4. I have never been to Idaho. It looks absolutely beautiful!

  5. I did not know that Idaho was your home! My husband and I are not originally from Idaho, I am from the North Shore suburbs of Chicago, and he is from Houston. However, we chose to live in Boise and start our business there because my parents moved to Arizona after Daddy retired, and I wanted to be closer. We packed up our things and made the long trek from Virginia to Idaho. We had an adorable cottage in Boise's North End and we lived there for 20 years. It's where I started my blog. My parents left Arizona and moved up to Boise to be closer to us (I was an only child) and we all were very happy. I cannot say enough good things about the state! It was very good to us and we made many friends there. Five years after moving back to Texas, we still hear from those friends on a regular basis. It is indeed a beautiful state, although I will say that southwest Idaho is much warmer than the eastern portion that you call home. We still own property up in the mountains in a little town called New Meadows, about half an hour from McCall. I love the whole state!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  6. It's so beautiful, Jemma! Thank you for sharing it with us. I think there are still small farms but most are now what are called "hobby" farms. They only have small crops or products. Still I think the farming spirit is alive and well!

  7. Idaho is one of those states I've not visited but oh my! What I have missed! It's gorgeous, that countryside, especially with these fall colors popping out all over! What a remarkable series of photos and wonderful memories you have here. (I loved going to bed with the produce!) I hope you'll have more! And by the way, those aspen are unbelievable!

  8. Thank you so much for bringing me to your Idaho. Being from NJ from your photos I can sense the clean air, clear water and an appreciation for the hard work of farming

    I enjoyed the story behind the beauty. Your parents have obviously worked hard. Bringing your potatoes to bed so they don't freeze? I'm trying to envision it being that cold.

    The sky looks very crisp and clean.

    Thanks for sharing

    Have a super weekend


  9. Beautifully written! Thank you for sharing your story about this special place! ❤️

  10. Good morning dearest Jemma! What a beautiful place you grew up in! Our earliest memories stay with us and the imagery from those places and experiences shape us and never leave us. The Idaho in you will forever shimmer as golden as its landscape dearest Jemma. You are so lucky to be able to visit your childhood home.

  11. So beautiful. I recently came across the coffee table book, "So God Made a Farmer", a pictorial of farmers including from Idaho set to the poem by Paul Harvey. It was actually a super bowl Dodge Ram commercial, but I love the book. No harder working men and women than farmers. I know you must feel a pride when you share your heritage.

  12. It looks a wonderful place.
    I enjoyed seeing your photographs.

    All the best Jan

  13. Jemma, the place you grew up at is beautiful. It would be nice to visit Idaho sometime. I love the fact that your parents were farmers, and I'm sure they passed much knowledge on to their children. The mountain streams look so pretty with the crystal clear water. Wow, your father built the home him and your mother lived in! That's so special. I enjoy hearing your childhood stories, Jemma, and all the fun times you had growing up. They are so heartwarming.


    *I tried to comment on your Fall d├ęcor in dining room, but it appears to be closed. I love the velvet pumpkins and the jars you created. What a glorious season Autumn is.

  14. I enjoyed hearing the stories of your parents farming in Idaho, Jemma. We drove through much of Idaho on a trip back from Montana a couple years ago and passed many beautiful farms and scenery.
    My maternal grandmother kept a small farm in Pennsylvania. My grandfather died in a coal mine cave-in and left her a widow with 6 children, so she had to be resourceful and grew all her own food and kept chickens and geese and had cows for milk --some of which she sold and some she turned into cheese and sold that too. I often wonder how she did it all!


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