Garden Style Floral Arrangement and A Farm Fresh Tablescape

April 13, 2018
Greetings sweet subscribers and friends, this post is for you and in celebration of Spring. I know that for many of you Winter has overstayed it's welcome. I am hopeful, as I know you are too, that Spring is on it's way and to stay! What better way to kick off the weekend than with this Garden Style Floral arrangement. I am sharing some tips on how to make your own garden floral arrangement and create a thrifty, simple Farm fresh tablescape with dishes and accessories found in your own kitchen or hutch!


My flower loving neighbor and friend Stacey from Poofing The Pillows and I decided to take a flower arranging class from our local Florist in our little city of Rockwall. The theme for this arrangement was Garden Style.

You might be wondering what is a garden style arrangement?

Well, it seems it is a loosely structured arrangement that can easily be grown in the garden with the style being based on the availability of flowers growing in the garden.

When we arrived at the shop there were bunches and bunches of exquisite, premium flowers to choose from. Truly they looked as though they had all been freshly picked from an English garden. Did we squeal when we saw these bunches of flowers waiting for us on the table...You bet we did! Making a decision on which bunch to choose was the biggest decision of my day and very difficult too, they were all so pretty!!

Once we chose our favorite bundle of flowers we set to work and oh goodness we had so much fun. The process of sorting and arranging was relaxing and felt like a good massage!

Having this colorful arrangement in our home inspired me to create a simple Farm Style tablescape on the patio table. It isn't fancy, it's functional and colorful it is a tablescape that anyone can put together with the dishes, plates and table accessories you have in your own kitchen cupboards. This table is set with a combination of garden and farmhouse style d├ęcor, as well as a few vintage farmhouse glass pieces that I grew up with on the farm in Idaho.

It was important to me to showcase these darling Farm Fresh baubles so I placed a couple of them in vintage dessert cups. These baubles were such a sweet surprise from my sister-in-law, Debbie. (Thanks again Deb!) Of course I have such good memories of these vintage dessert cups. Growing up Mom filled them with bright red jello and whipped cream for our Sunday dessert. Throughout the years I have served parfaits to my own children and grandchildren as a special treat in these same cups.

You know I love rich color set against a neutral backdrop and greenery.

I was also excited to be able to incorporate this Farmhouse Hammered Copper Water Pitcher, into this tablescape. This pitcher is not only a great addition to the tablescape but also to my copper collection of pots, pans, bowl and vintage copper molds. My thoughtful daughter Rebecca gave this to me this past Christmas, I was excited then and I still am now!

I have had this porcelain French style lattice bread bowl for many years now. I like to place my warm homemade rolls in the bowl. But before placing them in the bowl I like to use a whimsical dish towel to wrap them up in.

I love the saying and graphics on it, don't you?

Be a Pineapple stand tall wear a crown and be sweet on the inside.

I kept the garden style theme in my plates and placemats too. You can never have too many flowers!

When I took on this project of deconstructing these wooden letter tags, that I found at Michaels for just a buck, I discovered I took on too big of project for the results that I achieved. They were so much work, because they weren't wood they were MDF and my original idea had to be scraped. I had to unscrew the metal initial, sand the wooden tag re get the idea. But all in all they turned out pretty cute and would make a nice place card or take home gift.

Next week I will be sharing a savory chickpea curry recipe, a DIY embroidery hoop and pompom mobile.

Thank you for joining me today and I truly hope that Sunshine and Spring reaches each and everyone of you this weekend!

Hugs and Happiness,


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  1. Beautiful tablescape! How fun you and Stacey can go do such fun things! Love the floral arrangements; especially since they could have been fresh from the garden! Have a wonderful weekend!!

  2. Penny at Enjoying The Simple ThingsApril 13, 2018 at 3:47 AM

    Your flower arrangement is so pretty! Love your table scape and now I am coveting your copper pitcher! Have a great spring weekend!

  3. I love everything about this!! I think my favorite style might be just like this -Garden Style! This is perfect! I wish I could have so many plants & flowers that outside was mistaken for a nursery & inside could resemble a florist’s shop! Not enough $$ for that but tablescapes & arrangements like this help fill my soul. Love the post!! ❤️

  4. What a fun outing. The table looks like it's straight out of a mag. So pretty!

  5. Ah this is so beautiful, Jemma. I love the little ball that says tomatoes on it. It's so pretty mixed with the fresh flowers and that copper pitcher. You have so much talent in your sweet self!

  6. Jemma, it's so pretty. Love the hammered copper, lattice bowl and your pretty towel. And especially love that each of your arrangements are both different and beautiful. What a grand day you had!

  7. I love your arrangement. I would have squealed with delight seeing all those flowers as well. Sounds like a very nice day and lots of fun to meet others with the love of flowers.
    Your tablescape looks so pretty. I love your floral dishes and have that same copper pitcher. The weather now is so pleasant. I'm sitting on my porch and the temperature is just right. Wish it could stay this way forever.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  8. Such beautiful arrangements you and Stacey created. How fun to be neighbors and do things together. Such a pretty tablescape Jemma. I love the copper pitcher. Your garden style is fabulous! xo

  9. Oh, how beautiful, sweet friend! You always create something special, and you can tell that you do all you do with so much love and care! God bless you abundantly! :)

  10. Our spring arrived early and the wild flowers are in full bloom but I'm still enjoying your bouquet and post very much. A lovely post, Jemma.

  11. JEMMA! Good morning, happy Saturday! Your post gives me giggles and I ponder on the possibility of having a spring, sometime, I HOPE! It is currently snowing ice and we're in the middle of this horrific storm that will last all weekend. But, it will melt.

    There is something so therapeutic about playing with flowers. Though I don't have a flower garden and don't have access to fresh flowers at the moment, I have been finding great joy in buying "forever flowers" as a friend puts it. I'm typically not one for artificial flowers, however, these particular peonies I've purchased in a large bunch are so glorious. I'm using the primarily for photos, but having the arranged in the house has lifted the winter blues to rosy spring anticipation. You are so blessed to have the time, resources and friends with whom you can experiment and create! Thank you dear Jemma for your creativity!

  12. Your garden floral arrangement is so pretty, Jemma, especially that red rose. Is that just for me? hehehe.
    I love that copper pot, it's so cool. I've been looking for a copper tea pot, but haven't found the right one yet. This is a cute picture of you and your friend. The flower arranging class that you took sounds fun. My best friend has always worked on flower arrangements, and it really is a talent. I see you have chosen a lot of bright cheerful flowers for your arrangement. Your farm-style patio table is charming, Jemma.

    Your blog always make me feel.....well, HAPPY!

    love. ~Sheri

  13. What a fun class! Your arrangement is beautiful. I really love that hammered copper pitcher.

    Yes, please send some of that Texas warmth up north - we really need it! More sleet/snow coming tomorrow. So tired of this, especially this late in the season...looking forward to being outdoors and spending time in the garden and on my patio!

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