Garden Decor Grapevine Wreath and Tea Cup

April 20, 2018
In honor of loving the Earth (it is Earth Day.) I also just love sharing a post with you that involves two of my favorite things; crafting and gardening! So this little post is a quick one that I hope will bring you some Spring crafting joy, as well as garden inspiration. I am even thinking this project would be fantastic for Mother's Day or a Bridal shower gift too.

Last year I made a similar DIY project when I participated in the Tea Cup Challenge. I used the teacup as a birdfeeder for that project and it was a hit on Hometalk, although many of the comments were wondering how I kept the squirrels off of the feeder! Strangely enough I was never bothered with them. This current whimsical handmade garden décor project has two of my favorite items; a grapevine wreath and a porcelain tea cup.

Seems that whenever I am serenely strolling down a HomeGoods, or a T.J. Maxx isle I have creating on my mind. I suppose the reason for this is because I really don't need another set of dishes, tea cups or coffee cups. But I do need to "make," something. Good news is, I can always come up with a justification for a purchase if I use it for creating.

So when I spied this adorable irregular shaped porcelain tea cup with rosettes on the handle, I immediately saw in my minds eye a garden décor project! I secretly squealed in the aisle, and as quick as a wink I placed the tea cup set in my shopping cart.

But as with most handmade projects there is always room for learning, improvement and modifications.

Crafting teaches me so much about life and I have recently adopted a new motto. "Live and learn" I don't know why it took me so long to figure this one out.

So what I did learn from my previous project? I learned to love epoxy glue! I need long lasting support. The trick to achieving this is two fold:

  1. Wooden dowel attached to the grapevine wreath, using epoxy glue. The wooden dowel is the support system for the entire cup and saucer.
  2. Epoxy glue attaching the cup to the saucer.

There you have you it! You can make your own now or I can make one for you. I have this one in my on-line shop, or I will make one for you, if you'd like. I do have the teacup set from the previous project tucked away safely in my stash of goodies if you'd like to use that one or specify another one.

Please mark you calendars and join us for a Garden party! We welcome, current or past garden joys because you inspire us!

Oh and please download my free Mother's Day printable too! (It's on the sidebar)

I am including a few links to amazon for you should you want to make your own DIY Garden Décor, or you can find these supplies at most local craft stores too.

Next week I will be sharing a DIY Felt Ball Spring Wreath, a short Hello post from Puerto Rico (leaving on Sunday to visit our daughter and her family.) As well as my free monthly newsletter, downloadable calendar and Bridal/Baby Shower guide.

Happy Friday to one and all!


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  1. What a sweet wreath!! Very clever! I just can't imagine why I wasn't invited to the garden party...hahahaha....I think I am a funny one!! Maybe i will find some "never fail" ideas there!

  2. Jemma, it is adorable! And oh, how pretty it will be in your garden. Will you put birdseed inside the cup? Don't be surprised if you find they like it so much they nest!

  3. Such a sweet wreath and the cute little cup and saucer. Your creativity is lovely Jemma. Spring time is calling, so this is just perfect. Happy weekend. xo

  4. Love this Jemma and I think I have seen those cups at Home Goods too. What a clever idea. I agree this would be a great little Mom's Day Gift. Have a wonderful Friday and great weekend.

  5. Very sweet bird feeder. I love the tea cup feeders and this is a great variation to try. I won't be joining the garden party anytime soon....we still have snow on the ground :-(

  6. What a cute idea! Love the heart wreath and the cute little cup set. It would be a great gift item!

  7. Jemma,
    Love heart wreaths in every form and fashion. I am planning to link up gardening posts to your upcoming monthly garden party. Have a wonderful time in Puerto Rico with your family.


  8. Hello Jemma dear! April is so full of happy beginnings, from Easter, my birthday, spring and fun projects like this one! I love the idea of a tea cup wreath! My neighbor uses vintage tea cups on rods that she has standing up in her garden and fills them with birdseed that once in a while, a squirrel will invade! How lovely your world is my friend. Enjoy the celebration of Earth Day!

  9. Oh, Jemma, I love your DIY posts. This is a lovely post. I so admire the time and your talent creating this.
    Have fun on your trip. Look forward to hearing about it. I am sorry I won't be able to participate in your garden party. I will be out of the country.

  10. That is beautiful, Jemma. I am a sucker for a pretty cup...and a shopping day, as well!!

  11. Adorable! You have some pretty lucky birds in your garden.

  12. lowcarbdiabeticJanApril 21, 2018 at 11:17 AM

    Lovely craft work, you are very creative.
    Wishing you a wonderful visit to spend time with your family.

    All the best Jan

  13. Love the new wreath and teacup Jemma! It will look great in your garden. I like your thinking of using these teacups for crafting ;) Have a wonderful trip!

  14. Love this idea, Jemma! I think this would make an adorable Mother's Day gift.

  15. Oh, I've always wanted a tea cup bird feeder. This is very cute, Jemma. The roses on the handle are so dainty. The tea cup goes well with the heart wreath. You did a wonderful job on this. I hope you get lots of sweet birds coming by to enjoy. : )



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