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Wispy Willow Flower Farm

March 14, 2018
Hello dear readers! Well I just made my annual pilgrimage to visit the Arboretum for the annual Dallas Blooms with my neighbor Stacey and as always I left feeling very inspired. I simply cannot resist sharing some of these blooming exhibits with you, the fragrance and merriment of the surroundings further ignited my dream of a owning and operating a flower farm with a crafting shed on site.

I am seriously thinking of naming the Farm- Wispy Willow Flower Farm and I would love some input from you. Wondering if you would stop by the Wispy Willow Flower Farm; a farm that served up gorgeous blooms and delicious homemade pie? Would you sit under a wispy willow tree and watch a cloud float by?

I dream...of a flower farm where everyone is welcome and everyone welcomes one another. This farm will be an environment of learning, and discovering an appreciate for nature and creating.

Where butterflies flutter and bees are busy making honey.

Join me for a moment on my dream and close your eyes.

Just imagine the refreshing and intoxicating scent of a field of tulips, daffodils, peonies, stock, lavender and roses. Within these gardens young and old would commune and share not only viewpoints on life but baskets of blooms to keep or better yet share!

This most gracious artist allowed me to take her photo, and then I spied her artistry and fell in love. If you would like to see some of Gail Greenoe's art please click on her website right here.

It was as if every bend brought unexpected joys. These vibrant children seemingly appeared out of nowhere, they came tumbling over beside me as I was bending down to take some photographs of the tulips. Their young voices were filled with eagerness and glee as they begged to be in some of my photos.

How could I refuse!

As I reflected on the days events in the gardens I realized that I witnessed many women who were living their lives intentionally not aimlessly. Some of these women were artists, some tended to the gardens. These women reminded me of the women who I saw hiking in Colorado who were in their 70'sand 80's. Strong women who embraced the beauty of nature with a fierce hunger to live lives which are rich with experiences.

There are some days I feel as though I am not living my life to the fullest and that makes me very frustrate, prickly and melancholy. I have come to realize that the women I admire and respect the most are those that are learning, creating, growing and challenging themselves all throughout their lives. They don't reach a certain age and stop. These are active women who create and are engaged with our planet.


Seems to me dreams are often times layered, the door opens just a little then an event happens and then another and soon the door is open wide and all at once it feels like you are well on your way to making your dreams come true.

I am going to hold onto this dream of Wispy Willow Flower Farm with all of my might.

It feels as though another door might have opened just up a wee bit more when Jen from Rural magazine, invited me to be a contributor for Rural for the upcoming Spring issue. I am thrilled to be sharing an inspirational article for the gardening section in this stellar magazine.

Rural Magazine is a " women's magazine, creatively building community and connection through natures beauty."

This I know for certain I do not want to be old and stagnant before my time. (Hopefully never ever)

I'd like to be the woman on the mountain at 80 who owns the Wispy Willow Flower Farm.

As one woman to another, no matter your age, how are you harnessing your energy to stay focused and achieve those dreams?

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  1. What a thoughtful and beautiful post, Jemma. You really make marvelous observations about living our lives.

    The event itself looks terrific. As you can imagine, I would be in seventh heaven! And I can't imagine a nicer way to tour these beautiful garden displays than with you and Stacey! What a pretty table! Shall we dine?

    Congratulations on your contributor role! You'll have to be sure to send us a link when your piece comes out!

  2. Just gorgeous, Jemma, I needed that on this cold, brisk morning.

  3. What a lovely and inspirational post today. The photos were beautiful, but your enthusiasm was so uplifting. Wispy Willow Flower Farm sounds like a place I'd visit time and again.....just imagine having sweet tea with a couple of girlfriends (or others) at a place like you described. I could see a cutting garden nearby also. (SMILE) Just seeing beautiful things lifts the heart and being in beautiful places makes my spirit soar. Make Wispy Willow Flower Farm a reality!!!!!!

  4. Oh Jemma, it is not accident that I am home today, waiting for my eyes to get back to normal so I can drive to my parent conferences for the evening. As I am sitting here trying to read (sight still blurred), I can CONNECT with everything you are saying. First of all, I think this is your calling. Every bit and piece of the pie you've plunged into since I've known you such as baking, homemaking, crafting, gardening, all these components I believe will be all the parts that will make up a WHOLE on your farm. Yes my dear, I love the name you have chosen. And if I was able, I'd immediately go out to visit you and sit under the willow tree and indulge in what you had to offer. Two years ago, we visited a little dahlia farm just about 40 minutes west of us. The woman who owns this farm is the mom of a local shoppe owner who in her own right, has established a gorgeous business catering to the urban jet-set. But her mom, she's a country gal. She has horses (SWOON FOR ME) and goats, dogs, etc...her farm is one where she encourages you to pick your own flowers. But what really took me back was her outdoor pizza oven where for a fee and a reservation, you can have a pizza party. But the owner is the star of the show. Her generous spirit draws you in. She makes you fall in love with things you never imagined you'd embrace. YOU have that power.

    Now, you have some homework to do. How will you start your business? Where do you begin to open up shoppe? This is the journey. You have your map already in hand. I wish you the biggest satisfaction and success my dearest friend. I LOVE YOUR IDEA!

  5. P.S., your photos are fantastic! And you're reminding me to make it out to our arboretum when the weather gets better!

  6. You go girl....I know you can do whatever you put your mind to so I believe there is going to be a Wispy Willow Flower Farm somewhere in your future. I do hope I will be able to go and just soak up all you will create it to be....
    Congratulations on being selected to be in Rural Magazine. It's a wonderful publication and I'll look forward to reading your article....You are truly an inspiration...Hugs sweet girl...

  7. I think you have a beautiful dream in the making and I definitely would visit such a delicious sounding place! How fun to be a magazine contributor on a subject you love....congratulations!

  8. Jemma, what a beautiful post with gorgeous blooms! Congrats on being a contributor to the magazine. Please alert us of the link, so I can read your article! I love that you are dreaming and the dream sounds beautiful, I would certainly want to visit!

  9. Jemma,
    Wispy Willow Flower Farm... conjures images of gently blowing breezes swaying long willow branches... just barely trailing their tendrils in a slow moving river. The name alone invites guests to linger and to savor golden moments in time.

    Yes, let us know when the magazine issue will be published so we can all enjoy your latest step in achieving your dreams.


  10. I dream of a Wispy Willow world too! That was an inspiring post & very appropriate for this Spring/Easter/renewal time of year. Flowers recharge my soul! I loved seeing the kids outside being silly kids! ❤️ I loved living near Arnosky’s flower farm in Wimberley. Check it out at

  11. I'd say you were far from stagnant, my friend! A blogger, magazine contributor, flower farm the name! Follow all of those dreams. I can't wait to see where they all take you!

  12. I'd visit Wispy Willow Flower Farm with bells on! I'd pull the hoses for you and help you send your patrons off with beautiful flowers. Hold on to your dream friend.

    One of the reasons I adore you is that you think big!

  13. Jemma nobody writes as well as you do! I'm sure you will be a wonderful addition to the magazine for sure. I think all of us - of a certain age - feel as you do. I know I've been looking for my new purpose now that the kids are gone and my life seems to have be in stasis some days. I learned a long time ago playing tennis that there are women in their 80's who were still active and loving life. I've had my tail end handed to me on the tennis court more than once be an older woman that I just knew was going to be easy to beat! ( one was covered in braces!) Thanks for the reminder. I have really needed it lately!

  14. You touched on something I feel very strongly about. We should never stop learning and going after big scary dreams just because we hit a certain number on the Birthday scale.

    As C.S. Lewis says, you are never too old to dream a new dream.🌸🌸🌸

    I look forward to watching yours come true.

  15. I love the name of your dream farm and I love your dream. My dream is to have an art studio (done!) and a thriving art business. Slowly working my way through each layer but determined to take hold of it. I'm committed to my dream and I want to be that 80 year old still painting and living life to the fullest. So you go, girl! Figure out what you need to do then start making it happen. You can do it! (And I'll come enjoy Wispy Willow Flower Farm)!
    Hugs, Cecilia

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  19. Not sure how I missed this post but love the name.... I think you should go for this flower farm. It would be a lot of work but you have a can do attitude and could make it happen. Would also be a neat place for your grandkids to come work for the summer. I'd even come up to help you harvest for a week - free labor friend it would be a blast... Hugs and don't give up on this dream....


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