Sweet Spring Rose Wreath

March 13, 2018
I am feeling like we could all use some flowers in our life right about now. Seems like March is that in-between month of Spring and Winter, and it never can make up it's mind what season it wants to be. So I figured it couldn't hurt any to add a little flower power pickup to our lives. Today I am sharing this easy to make sweet Spring Rose Wreath.

So many of the craft stores are brimming with various shades of pink this year. Pink just seems to go with everything!

Gingham is back and I am thrilled!

Do you think we can wear a gingham dress this year?

I am one messy crafter. I try to be neat and follow the crafting rules for orderly conduct.

But I fail, but I do have fun!

I always play with the wreath for an hour or so before I actually fasten everything on permanently. I have also found that taking a few photos with my phone or a camera helps me to get a clear viewpoint of how the finished product is really going to look. Much easier to remove lopsided eggs or flowers prior to gluing the on.

I used a very sturdy extruded foam floral wreath form so I could use floral pins to attach most everything. attached the moss with Aleene's glue. Hot glue is a great product but it looses it's sticking power after awhile so I only used a dab of it to attach those tiny little roses.

I think it really and truly is the season of Pink. Are you a pink person or blue?

Thank you for joining me today and happy wreath making too.

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  1. It's gorgeous, Jemma. You do what I do, play around with it before permanently affixing anything. I love the pink. It just pops and feels so happy. I'm craving it this year and I've rarely felt that way about a color. Lovely flower selections, too! Four star!

  2. So pretty Jemma. I love the pink and white check plates too in your table setting. Super sweet.
    Looks so springy. Happy Tuesday!

  3. I love this adoring pink wreath, Jemma! It screams “springtime” to me. 😊

  4. Jemma, your wreath is so springy and beautiful! I love the colors. :)

  5. Very pretty spring wreath Jemma. It really adds a pop of spring color to your dining room. xo

  6. That is a gorgeous wreath, Jemma! Pink seems to be calling everyone's name this year. Even before seeing it pop up on a bunch of blogs, I was kind of leaning toward adding pops of various shades of pink here and is just so beautiful and really does go with so many other colors.

    Hugs, Carol

  7. One of the cutest wreaths I've seen this season! Love the pink.

  8. Your pink rose wreath is lovely, Jemma. It looks very nice hanging from your hutch. I especially love those pink rose vases. I think I mentioned to you before how gorgeous they are. Yes, Pink is such a pretty color for Spring, and it's just a color that makes one feel good. Spring is popping up here and there in your home, and it all looks delightful. : )

    For us, it's raining here today!

    love, ~Sheri

  9. Oh, how pretty! So dainty and feminine! I love it. :) God bless you, sweet friend.

  10. Great wreath! So happy and cheerful! Love it hanging on your secretary.

    You are so good at making things.

  11. Such a happy craft in my favourite colors...It looks lovely in your dining room.... and I love the little gingham plate and Easter cute... and inspiring as we all await the coming of SPRING...Thanks for sharing !!!

  12. Hello my dear! I am a blue person, however, lately, I'm in love with the DUSTY pink. I saw it well done in a local shoppe with white, light gray and dusty pink. It's sensational! Your wreath is happy and ready to WOW anyone who comes into your beautiful home!

  13. Just beautiful, Jemma. I am happy gingham is back, too. It's a classic and always makes me smile. Off to pin your pretty wreath...I just love the moss trick!

  14. That's so pretty, Jemma! We do the same with photos in our's so much better to step back and look at the photos to see where fine tuning needs to happen!

  15. Jemma,
    The pink checked plate is perfect with your new pink rose wreath. Yes, I would wear a gingham dress... blue.


  16. Everything looks so pretty and bright. Love the pinks. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  17. That's so pretty, Jemma! Roses are some of my favorite flowers. Perfect Spring wreath!


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