Roasted Butternut Squash

November 06, 2017
With it being Fall and all I have been looking forward to sharing this post with you, because let's face it I am a squash lover! Sounds strange I know, but when you grow up on a Farm eating those massive Hubbard squash you discover various ways to prepare all varieties of this colorful family of vegetables. Have you noticed how squash is in every produce aisle this time of year and did you know they can even be used for glorious centerpieces too!

roasting, butternut, squash, jemma
Home cooked butternut squash for Fall

Seems as though we have always had an assortment of squash in our garden, I tend to think of squash as a nutritionally packed go-to-vegetable that is relatively mild in flavor. Using a vegetable that is not overpowering in flavor is a pretty nifty bonus because you have the option of adding a range of spices. Choose from sweet to savory or anything in between and you'll have a winner of a side dish. Today I am exploring the colorful butternut squash and I invite you stay and experience the journey with me.

rosemary, roasted, squash
Chunks of fresh Butternut squash for roasting

As you may know Winter squash skin is quite tough. I have stayed away from peeling Winter squash because of a fear of cutting off a finger or two. (seriously!!) I normally purchase butternut already cut and ready to take home and bake from the grocery. Seems this year (when we had one cool day day-Texas weather is known for being stubbornly warm) I was in the mood to tackle roasting butternut squash from the beginning to the end, peeling and all. It was a success and I have some handy dandy tips to share with you. No cuts allowed. Be very careful!

butternut, squash, slicing
Tutorial on preparing butternut squash

Yield: 4


Preparing and cutting butternut squash for roasting.



  • Large heavy duty wooden cutting board.
  • Paring knife, serrated knife, spoon, kitchen mallet (I did not use one-but it would have helped to "pop," open the squash after making the initial cuts. You can also use a vegetable peeler in place of a paring knife.
  • Butternut squash



Dicing Butternut Squash

  1. Slice each section of butternut squash into patties, so to speak. (You can see in photo what I mean)
  2. Remove seeds from butternut squash with a spoon.
  3. Cut squash into desired size of cubes, cook immediately or wrap in plastic bag or plastic container and toss in fridge. A really cool thing is that you can keep squash up to 4 days in fridge after it's been diced.
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directions, roasting, squash
Roasted butternut squash

pumkin, acorn, butternut
Fresh Winter Squash

Enjoy the bounty of the harvest with these marvelous Fall/Winter vegetables, eating our veggies is good for us.

Up next this week is a Donut Birthday Party, thanks for joining me in living with simplicity and joy.

Thank you for joining me!

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  1. Squash is wonderful. I love making butternut squash soup when the weather chills. It's so special your garden is thriving and you can reap it's benefits. Enjoy my sweet friend. xo

  2. Jemma, thanks for this. I love squash but have always been a little afraid of it and never know quite how long to cook it and all. Your instructions are excellent and the recipe looks good! Yay!

  3. I love butternut squash made into a creamy soup in the winter months. Soooooo good. Thanks for sharing this with us today. I might have to try to roast one. Happy New Week.

  4. Thank you Jemma from a butternut squash lover! I have peeled and cut a few, but my hubby doesn’t care for it! So it makes sense for me to buy it already cut! Roasting it brings out its natural sweetness! Thank you so much for sharing your tips and recipe! Have a wonderful week!

  5. I've never been much of a squash person. We always had it growing up as my mom enjoyed growing it. But you know maybe my taste buds have changed over the years so I'll have to give it a try. Enjoyed those little ones you shared last summer, they were tasty.

  6. I love butternut squash! I love it roasted exactly as your recipe. I haven't added thyme or garlic before but icould give that a try. I usually am very please with just salt, pepper and olive oil.

  7. Awe, love the pictures dear Jemma. Ooh, I love me a good old squash casserole. Matter of fact I still have a little fresh squash in my freezer I can make me one! LOL! Hugs and blessings to you.

  8. I love roasted squash - of any type! Have made it several times this fall. Butternut squash is also good to make soup. :-)

  9. Hello Jemma! :)
    A couple of years ago when my son was home on vacation from college, he prepared a spaghetti squash for us to have for dinner in place of pasta and it was wonderful! Since then, I only make candied yams but had squash tonight at dinner. I have to ask, what spices/herbs do you add to make your squash a nice side-dish?? Something not sweet. Doctor says I need to cut cholesterol so I am on a mission to eat totally healthy! :)

    I appreciate your help as I did buy a delicata squash, and two different acorn squash for decor for tablesettings but then planned on cooking them. :) Thank you!

    Barb :)

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