Easy Summer Squash With Spaghetti

August 03, 2017
I made this yellow squash and spaghetti dinner about a month ago for the hubby and I.
Our garden was being overtaken by these bright yellow and ferocious Summer squash.
(Until the squash bores) took over, but that was another saga that you can read about right here.
During the height of the squash frenzy I was putting these squash in everything, seriously everything.
My husband would walk past the stove and just shake his head.
Well here is why, I even put the squash in our scrambled eggs, just add a little cheese and hot sauce and you have a mighty tasty morning treat.
Is hot sauce on eggs a Southern, Western, or Southwestern regional thing?

My garden vegetables motivate me to cook on these endless Summer days, because sometimes  I just want to read and take a nap!
But then I think of the vegetables and I know that I can't let them down, they did their part, now it's my turn to do mine.


It' s just that in Texas that big old blue sky just seems to hold onto the Sun like it was a precious prize and there are days that I just look forward to sunset.
But enough of my moaning.


Every dish tastes better with fresh herbs, I have been smitten with Thyme for a million years now, it has a robust and hearty disposition so best to go easy when adding it.
You can grow your own herbs in the garden or on the patio in a pot or even buy them at the market.
Basil and Italian themed recipes are a perfect marriage and a nice garnish as well.


This is a super easy Summer evening meal, sort of a take on a one pot wonder sort of dish, and you can customize it to your liking too.
Keep it totally vegetarian or add grilled shrimp or chicken, maybe even a meatball or two.


I am pretty certain that zucchini will work in this dish too, so if you are being overrun with fresh squash this might be a keeper of a recipe for you too.

Thanks so much for joining me and Happy Thursday!
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  1. This sounds just heavenly to me. I love the hearty flavor that squash adds to just about everything. Doesn't seem like you can go wrong adding it to everything. :)

    1. So many varieties of squash. Looking forward to Fall and acorn squash served up either stuffed with sausage and breadcrumbs or sweetened up with cinnamon and brown sugar!

  2. Even at 6 in the morning this dish looks great... Glad your enjoying those herbs. Here's another tip shred squash or zucchini and add about a cup to your regular tomato sauce when it's simmering.. Another grandma from tip, she did this when she was canning sauce for winter storage..


    1. Great tip Carole! Thanks for sharing this one from your Grandma:)

  3. Yum, yum . My man loves squash any way you fix it . I love squash casseroles and love to chop it up and eat it raw as a snack . And you can never go wrong using herbs in anything . I hope you have a wonderful day dear Jemma . Hugs and blessings , Cindy

    1. Squash casserole sounds delicious and I know you have a garden of plenty!

  4. Good morning Jemma!

    Oh, you are reminding me of my grand cooking days. Before Ruben had this administrative job that makes for an unpredictable return home in time for dinner, I don't cook as I used to. I would grown basil in the yard and our summers were reminiscent of basil-laden pizzas, pasta dishes and other treats. Now I eat alone and when he gets home from work late, he'll pop in something quick into the microwave. But your earth to table recipes are sensational. MUCH LOVE!

    1. Good Morning Dear Anita!
      I know that your days of returning to the stove top are nearing if you should so desire to return! Yes, garden to table is a mighty fun and fine thing!

  5. Oh, my! This looks wonderful! What a great idea! So thankful you are enjoying your summer and reaping a wonderful harvest from your garden, sweet friend. :)

  6. Yum, another favorite of mine for a summer meal. I love all the different ingredients especially the olives and croutons.

  7. Love your counter and the glorious photo of your herbs on the white plate! The pasta looks so good and so healthy!

  8. Oooooo, this looks so Yummy, Jemma. Do you know that spaghetti is one of my very favorite foods? And I never thought of adding squash to the spaghetti. This dish looks so good, and how wonderful that you are using the yellow squash from your garden. That rooster is so delightful sitting in your kitchen. It looks perfect for summer. : )

    Have a beautiful weekend, Jemma.

    love, ~Sheri

    1. answer your question, I looooove hot sauce on eggs, so I don't think it's just a southern thing cause I live in California. It just gives the eggs more of a Spanish kind of taste, so Yummy.

  9. This looks absolutely delicious, Jemma! I love olives and using fresh yellow squash sounds delicious in pasta. I'll pass on using it in eggs though. ;-) Just for the record, me and my family love hot sauce on scrambled eggs...and we live in northern IL!

  10. Good for you for being resourceful with your bounty Jemma. It would certainly be a shame to let all those veggies go to waste after all the effort you put into your amazing garden.

    I sometimes add hot sauce to eggs, but overall I'm in the minority here in the northeast. I think eggs tend to be rather bland on their own and need a little help. ;)


  11. Your garden sounds so impressive!! I love squash in all their varieties and your recipe looks delicious!!
    I hate to admit this but I like my eggs scrambled and dry haha, with buttered toast of course.

  12. Thanks for the inspiration. I need to try more recipes. You have given me an idea to use my basil in a recipe. The plate of thyme and basil looked so inviting. Your pasta dish looks delicious and what a great presentation.


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