DIY French Table Runner

June 10, 2017
I am having fun with fabric this Summer and saving money too, I even brought out my sewing machine and threaded my bobbin, it scared me.
Seriously I am totally intimidated by a sewing machine.
Oh I know for you savvy seamstresses this sounds easy peasy, but to me it sounds a trifle well... gulp, nerve racking.
I am really working on overcoming my fear of the sound of the buzzing sewing machine as it gobbles up the fabric and spews out a finely sewn seam...that is just pure magic.
Today I am sharing my very affordable French Table Runner with you and also with a group of Ladies who have taken the same challenge of sharing crafts and thrifty finds for all around ten bucks.
You will find their links at the bottom of this post.
Without any further delays let us go right into the project that I am sharing with you.
This is a three part series on a DIY project that includes designing and making coordinating table decorations.
fabric-sewing-tutorial-easy-project-At Home With Jemma
This entire three part project began with 3 yards of contrasting fabric and I was able to make vases, table runner and plates using this yardage.
Are you wondering how to make plates out of fabric...I'll be sharing that tip next week!
I would say the cost of this French table runner was about $2.00.
You know a table runner just dresses up a table so nicely and why on earth would we buy one when we can make one.
sewing-making-saving-money-creating-At Home With Jemma
If sewing isn't your thing, trust me I understand!  How about making a no-sew table runner?
Just follow this link.
Create-DIY-Simple-Table-Runner-Handmade-At Home With Jemma
I found my inspiration for this project from nature, gardening and my farming roots.
The older I become the more connected I feel to my rural roots and this is influencing all facets of my creativity.
Shopping just doesn't do much for me anymore, I'd rather create it than buy it!

The French Table Runner Project:

The standard size of table runners vary from 10 to 15 inches wide and 36 to 108 inches long so feel free to adjust the dimensions to your liking.
Materials You Will Need For Table Runner:

*Pinking Shears
*Sewing Scissors
*Sewing Machine
*Needle & Thread
*Iron & Ironing Board

fabric-french-polka dots- At Home With Jemma

How To Make A French Design Table Runner:
( I have also provided a link below to a great tutorial)

1. Determine the size of your table runner
2. Mark your French design fabric to determined finished width and length plus 1 inch.
Pattern the polka dot fabric to the same length and a width of the finished width plus 3 inches. Cut out your panels.
3.With the right sides facing, lay your fabric panels so that one long edge of the French design fabric is flush with one long edge of the polka dot fabric. Sew a row of straight stitches down the side about 1/2 inch away from raw edge.
4. Line up the opposite long edges of the fabric panels so that they are flush and sew a row of stitches down that side as well.
5. Turn the runner right side out. Lay out the runner so that the French design fabric panel is centered with a polka dot border on both sides.
6. Top stitch the polka dot border where it meets the design, along both long sides of the runner.
7. Create a 1/2 inch hem on short end of the runner.
8. Fold the corners of the short ends of the border to form a triangle. Sew a row of stitches across the bottom of the triangle to secure.
9. Iron and enjoy!
I followed this Tutorial and I think you'd enjoy it too. Great photos included.
Tutorial-sewing-fabric-table runner-At Home With Jemma
I found this fabric at Hobby Lobby and it was 30 % off.
I tell you I am all about finding the sweet things in life at a discount.
dining-table-decorating-budget-At Home With Jemma
Wishing you all a super weekend and here are the rest of the participants for 10 on the tenth!


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  1. Jemma, at fabric is GORGEOUS!! Me wanty :).

    I've been sewing up a storm lately too. Must be something in the air? Oh wait, I think it's the rainy weather actually! lol

    I know what you mean about being intimidated. I feel that way too, especially with my serger. I swear, that thing will be the death of me yet!


  2. Hello darling Jemma!!! I finally made it over after a day of housekeeping, gardening, then relaxing!

    I think you did a great job, and preparing a bobbin is NOT EASY!!!!! I'm with ya, sista!

    Lovely arrangement with your runner and all the flowers. Keep on going my sweet. Ya never know what else you'll be able to sew. My mother sewed all my Barbie's clothing, MY clothes and even made my father a few shirts. How in the world did our moms do it?

    Wishing you another creative day. I'm going to ATTEMPT to hand sew a chandelier chain cover. That should be harmless and easy, I HOPE! teeheee

  3. Jemma,
    I've been sewing too. Mostly baby stuff for my niece. I love this material,so pretty! You did a wonderful job. It is a true talent at buying co-ordinating materials. I'm not kidding. Thanks for the instructions, I may just get inspired and try to make one myself!

  4. Very pretty fabric! It looks professionally are a seamstress and don't even know it! My sewing machine has been naughty so it is stuck on the floor of my catch-all room. I will have to check the link for a no-sew runner!

  5. Oooooh, I love the way this turned out. Don't get me started on my sewing machine. Once I get past threading the bobbin, it's usually all good. Lord help me if it runs out while I'm sewing.

    Have a great weekend.

  6. I cannot sew. I can do a straight line on the sewing machine but that is about it. Jemma this is really pretty and came out so nice. Happy Weekend.

  7. I've been wanting to break out my machine for awhile & see if it still works! It's been waiting patiently for some attention for a long time! A runner might be the perfect solution to ease me back into sewing! I find it scary too! But, I can never find runners as awesome as the ones in my head! Guess I'll be fabric shopping soon....Happy Saturday!❤️

  8. Jemma, this is so cute! A table runner is good practice, I would imagine. My granny and I used to sew all the time in the summers. Now I can't thread a bobbin either. Why is that so intimidating?

  9. Your French runner is darling. Loving the way you dressed the table. I used to sew a little, however in my later years, I seem to have forgotten how to use my
    I gave my old machine to. My daughter and had bought a new one. I could never figure the new one out. Happy Saturday. Xo

  10. Good for you. Sewing is such a money saver. Once you've got it threaded, you have done the hardest part.
    Adorable runner.

  11. Jemma, great tutorial. I've been sewing since college, following in my mom's footsteps. You shouldn't be scared. Most sewing projects are just sewing a straight line. Your French inspired table runner is really pretty. I love the combination of the floral with the polka dot.

  12. It looks fantastic. Love the vibrant fabric. I haven't sewn in ages. Might need to bust out that machine soon.

  13. I, too, had been intimidated by the sewing machine. But I decided to get over it when I realized how inexpensive it really is to make your own runners, napkins, etc. Looking forward to seeing what you did with plated. I'm glad you told where you got the fabric that you used!

  14. So pretty Jemma! I love the mix of patterns. Sewing makes me so nervous, but I sure love the results! :)

  15. Jemma, I absolutely LOVE this fabric, and your table runner is wonderful. So many pretty colors for summer. I used to sew small things as well, but don't really sew any more. I learned from my mom, who was a great seamstress. The 'Paris' written on this fabric is sweet, and the birds and flowers and Eiffel add a special touch. It looks so nice on your table with the soft pink flowers. You did a fantastic job. So glad you are learning to sew, Jemma. Isn't Hobby Lobby the best? I go there often, and even if I don't come home with anything, it's so fun to shop there.

    love, ~Sheri

  16. Joyce,
    Very pretty!! See sewing isn't that scary now , is it?

  17. Jemma,
    Your table runner is a perfect for your table. Sounds like many of us are at the same stage with sewing... used to sew often, but not so much anymore. I bought a new machine about 8 years ago and it has never worked correctly. It will not wind thread onto the bobbin. I've taken it into the shop, thought the problem was fixed, worked for one or two projects, then stopped threading bobbins again. UGH!


  18. Jemma
    This is beautiful! Wow! I love the fabric that you used! I understand being intimidated but you tackled this project and what a lovely creation! I look forward to seeing more of your work. I love this table runner! Xo

  19. Very pretty runner, Jemma. Love the fabric pattern with a Paris theme and the colors.
    I'm not patient enough to sew and I admire your perseverance and creativity.
    I like your table styling, too. Very eye catching.

  20. Jemma, that's fabulous. I love the fabric. At times like this I wish I sewed. Not that I need another passion that involves equipment and supplies, but if I saw that one in a shop I'd snap it up in a heartbeat. Terrific combo of fabrics and so beautifully made. The table looks so inviting! (And you know I love Paris, so what's not to love here!)

  21. Oh my, love that Frenchie fabric and your choices for the contrast fabrics! Looking forward to seeing the other things you are making!


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