DIY~Tea Cup Birdfeeder

February 17, 2017
I feel certain that many of you might just be bird-lovers, birdwatchers, perhaps even photographers of specialized bird species.
Well, personally I enjoy watching a variety of birds that soar, nest and tweet in our backyard. From the majestic beauty of the red tail hawk as he sits on the branch of an oak tree or the brilliant crimson red of the cardinal flying from limb to limb. So when we were given the challenge of what to do with a Tea Cup I knew immediately that I wanted to use my tea cup to enhance the quality of life for my bird friends.
So, today six of us tea cup friends and our lovely organizer Carole from Garden Up Green are sharing with you some creative ways to up-cycle our teacups.
Links to all will be included at the end of this post.
Once this idea popped into my head, I was so anxious to get it made and get it hung on a Tree branch.
I almost felt like the birds were just waiting for me to hurry up and get it made.
The great thing about this project is it is FAST and easy too, so your bird friends won't have to wait long either.

Supplies For Tea Cup Bird-feeder

1. Tea Cup & Saucer
2. Jute
3. Crazy Glue, epoxy glue or e6000 glue
4. Scissors
5. Heart Grapevine Wreath
6. Bird Seed


Directions for Diy Tea Cup Bird-feeder

1. Crazy glue tea cup to saucer.
2. Crazy glue tea cup to heart grapevine wreath.
3. Decorate wreath with jute.
4. Tie handle of tea cup to grapevine wreath.
5. Leave enough extra jute at top of wreath to tie bird feeder on to a tree branch.
6. Hang your bird feeder.
7. Fill with bird seed.

I am happy to say that the wee birds have been rather pleased with their new bird feeder and they are so cute sitting on the saucer!


That pretty much sums it all up!

Happy Friday and we hope you will enjoy these projects as much as we all did!
Thank you for joining us all today.


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  1. Hi Jemma, I love the added heart! We have so many birds in our yard a cute feeder like this would be perfect, xo

  2. Hi Jemma,
    I have long admired these tea cup bird feeders and your take on it with the heart grapevine wreath is fresh and new. I'm sure you will have a lot of new feathered friends coming to visit too.

  3. This is cute, love sharing goodness with the birds and very clever how you attached the cup to the vine. I have this batch of Red cardinals that often come into the backyard. There is about 20 and yesterday they were swarming my favorite pasture.

    Carole @ Garden Up Green

  4. This is beyond adorable! Would make good use of the slightly cracked teacup I have. I never knew watching the birds would be so fun but it's something I really enjoy! Have you seen a painted bunting yet? They are crazy beautiful.

  5. That's a really cute idea. I have one but it is not tilted like yours...really sweet idea! o Daina

  6. Pretty darned adorable and super easy and well written instructions! I love it!

  7. I've got a small grapevine heart wreath from our son and daughter-in-law's wedding last year. I knew it would come in handy again!
    I love this easy project and since we already have the attention of birds in our yard with a feeder I made last summer from a ceiling fan light fixture, a second buffet would probably be a great idea. Thanks for sharing. Now for a trip back to the thrift store... :)

  8. Very sweet idea using the tea cups. I love to feed our birds and sit and watch them. Have a lovely weekend Jemma. Xo

  9. Hi Jemma,
    I just love this. I always make some kind of bird feeder for my guests at Easter. I think I am going to do this for each of them. Thanks for the great idea.
    Happy Friday.

  10. This is so cute, Jemma! You have some lucky birds. :)

  11. Well, isn't that the most darling thing? I love it and I am sure your birds will too. Off to pin!

  12. Your tea cup feeder is beautiful. I love blue and white. You could sell these! I would love to buy one already done!

  13. Jemma,
    I love the blue and white polka dot tea cup/saucer. Do you have any problems with squirrels gobbling up all the bird seed, leaving none for the birds?


  14. Oh my but I have to pass this along to a friend who has just redone her gardens. She is crazy about tea and gives tea parties all the time. She will absolutely love your idea.

  15. These are positively darling, Jemma. Can't wait til Spring. Have a wonderful weekend.

  16. That is too cute! I love the pattern on your teacup and saucer and love the look of this bird feeder! That is such a great idea!! Love and hugs!

  17. Hi Jemma...what a cute idea. I have alot of tea cups and saucers, after all, I used to hostess tea parties years ago...for showers, for friends, just for fun. Now, all I need is a tree close to my window to hang a bird feeder and watch the birds! LOL!!!

  18. Oh Jemma, this is really a cute idea. Your blue and white polka dot tea cup is so pretty hanging from the heart-shaped wreath. It must be so nice seeing the birds sitting on the saucer enjoying the seed. I have soft spot for the birds, especially the ones that stick around in this cold harsh winter waiting for the sun to shine again. What a sweet project, Jemma.

    love, ~Sheri

  19. Very sweet! I have made these as gifts and then I received one for myself from my daughter. Mine are hung on a branch by a vintage necklace but I like the wreath idea too!

  20. Precious friend and fellow lover of God's creatures, HELLO! NOW YOU GOT ME WANTING to go to my nearest thrift store to pick up a tea cup and saucer! Now tell me, have you seen any squirrels around this? Oh the joy to watch the birds eat!!!!! I love your idea; a neighbor down the street and a master gardener, she put out a tea cup on a metal rod in her front garden. She too gets many sweet birds, and now I have to figure out where to put one so my resident squirrels don't disturb! Oh Jemma, what a joy. You are ushering us into spring!

  21. Your teacup bird feeder turned out soooo cute, Jemma! My late Beloved made me one that he had to drill through the teacup and saucer and put on a metal post. I definitely could make one like yours by myself. Thanks for sharing! ❤️

  22. It's always lovely to watch the birds feed ...
    Love what you've done here, especially set within the heart too, great idea.

    All the best Jan

  23. Lucky birds! Your feeder is adorable.

  24. What a sweet feeder! I am interested in using some of my old tea cups and saucers in the garden, so I am happy to have another idea.

  25. So simple & adorable! I love this!!

  26. Jemma, What a sweet idea!! I have a perfect spot to try this! Gotta go pick up a few cups and saucers! Good Will, here I come!!


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