Rosy Red Stenciled Flower Pots

January 30, 2017
Today I am sharing with you a super easy tutorial on how to make your own Rosy Red Stenciled Flower pots.


I found a darling little package of stencils and went to work jazzing up these mini rosy red flower pots that I had tucked away in one of my craft boxes.
Total cost of this project was around $18.00 if you were purchasing everything. 
However I already had most of my supplies.


I began this project by taking these three rather plain-Jane flower pots who seemed to have no purpose and not much personality and transformed them into some real cuties that are dressing up some various spots of our home.
With it being Winter and all, I have been having a real hankering for adding just a touch of color to our home. 

Supplies For This Project~

  •  3 Ceramic pots (2.8 inches) ~ approximate cost $1.00 each
  • Momenta stencil ~ Cost $2.99
  • Adhesive pearl sticker ~ Cost $1.50
  • Gold Trim Adhesive border ~ Cost $1.50
  • Foam Stencil Dabber Set ~ Cost $3.99
  • Folk Art Sky Blue (465) Acrylic Paint ~ Cost $1.49
  • Styrofoam Floral block (1.8 x 7.8) ~ Cost $1.99
  • Floral Stems (2 bunches)~ Cost $4.99


How To Make Rosy Red Stenciled Flower Pots~

Step 1. Cut florist foam into squares that will fit into bottom of ceramic pots
Use twin stick tape to secure florist foam.

Step 2. Put acrylic paint on paper plate, then place stencil on flower pots, you can tape the stencil in place.


Step 3. Using foam stencil dabber, dip dabbler into paint and then blot repeatedly on paper plate until dabber is nearly dry in appearance.
Stenciling is truly a "dry," brush technique.

Step 4. For this project I used a technique called stippling, which is simply tapping or dabbing against the stencil opening. Repeat this process on each side of the flower pot.


Step 5.  Once paint is dry add self stick trim around the top edge of the flower pot. If needed cut to fit.


Step 6. Add Pearl stickers.
Step 7. Cut flowers and stem to desired height and and stick into florist foam that is inside of the flower pot.


I am really enjoying these little rosy red flower pots and they are a perfect size for so many spots in our home.

Thank you so much for joining me today! 

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  1. Hi Jemma,
    What a cute little vine stencil. It looks perfect on your pretty pots.

  2. These are positively darling, Jemma. Have a wonderful week.

  3. I love these little pops of red that are just perfect for the dreary days of winter. Fantastic job!

  4. So cute, Jemma. Your pots have personality plus.

  5. Red is my favorite color and I need some signs of spring in my house. I love this idea and will try something similar!

  6. Very cute Jemma. Happy New Week.

  7. Well I just absolutely love the red pot all dolled up. The whole vignette is so sweet. :)

  8. Cute as can be Jemma. Love the pretty red and what lovely tutorial. I hope you have a fabulous week. XO

  9. I love red, it's the base of our kitchen something about that color just wakes me up. You're project is awesome and I love how you turned some retired pieces into something new. Awesome tray too!!

    Carole @ Garden Up Green

  10. These are so cute. I love the red, its so happy and bright.

  11. I love how clever you make the vases pop with the pearls, that a great idea, the little stencil is adorable.

  12. Very cute! You know I love the red.

  13. Hello Jemma! I am usually not a "red" person, but any time aqua is added to the equation, my admiration for red goes up! What a great color combination to await spring! Hello lovely good to see you again!

  14. super cute! love the red right about now as I dream of spring!

  15. These look great and I love the bright red colour ...

    All the best Jan

  16. They are darling. I used to spend so much more time crafting. My Granny always had us crafting something when we visited with she and my Pop. Need to get back to it.

  17. What a great way to add a punch of color! Love the sweet little vine stencil. I'm so ready for Spring to be here and be done with this halfway Winter. :)

  18. Jemma, I've never really thought about these colors together, but I just found some felt envelopes in these colors and it's starting to grow on me. You can see them on my next post. These red flower pots are sweet, and I like the aqua flowers you placed in them. They look great in your kitchen. I like the little pearl stickers. How creative these are for Valentine's Day. And I'm definitely a lover of RED. :)


  19. These are just beautiful! Thank you for sharing, sweet friend. :)

  20. Adorable...and red!! ❤️ I am a huge fan of stencils, these look great!!

  21. Such darling little love buckets! I adore the colors you paired.

  22. What fun little pots! Great job!!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  23. They really turned out cute! You always come up with clever ideas to make something even nicer! Enjoy your weekend! Hope you have something fun planned! Hugs!


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